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Are You Coming Over The Top In Your Golf Swing? (video) – Golf Improvement Weekly

‘Over The Top, Outside In, Casting … Why Can’t I Stop?’ The over-taught golf swing often creates problems … rather than solving them. One of these swing issues is often mis-diagnosed as a ‘Cause’ … when in fact, it’s an ‘Effect’. “If I could fix my over the top swing …I could hit the ball better!” Yet,

What You Can Learn From Rory McIlroy

This past week Rory Mcllroy was talking about his strategy (PLAN) for playing in this week’s US Open: “I’m probably not going to go at a pin all week and hit it at the middle of the green every time. You have to keep the big numbers off the card.”

Tiger Woods vs. Rocco Mediate

What Can You Learn From This Classic Golf Match? Wow! Was that a fantastic golf match or what? Tiger and Rocco – Player e Player for 19 holes. That’s about as good as it can get. But, I’m sure you’ve had your fill of hearing and talking about the match. Enough about them already –

What You Can Learn From Tiger’s Fall

The leadership on the PGA Tour has changed from Tiger Woods to Vijay Singh. Wow! Considering how dominate Tiger was for 4-years – nobody would’ve thought Tiger would lose his #1 ranking at this stage of his career. “What can you learn from this event?”

How To Win Like Jim Furyk

Are you still working on “The Tour Putting Square”? Did you try it once or twice and have given up? Or maybe you’re not interested in improving your scores and haven’t even tried it. Or worse – maybe you’ve taken a Monkey attitude by saying – “Well Marc, I really need to practice my Driver

On The Golf Course With Tiger Woods

Now, I know you’re excited about Tiger Woods. But, let’s all calm down, take a deep breath and repeat after me – ‘Tiger is a Player. He holds the title of The Best Player On The Planet. And although I’ll never hit the golf ball like Tiger, I can at least watch how he’s in

Tiger Is Back!

Tiger has just unseated Michael Jordan as the World’s most popular sports star. Now that’s an amazing task and I may be wrong, but I don’t believe any Golfer has ever been number 1 before. Maybe Arnold Palmer, but I doubt that since at his height of popularity he would’ve been up against Mickey Mantle.

Tiger – Tiger – Tiger

There’s that word again – perfection. Though as good, or should I say great, or maybe invincible as Tiger is – he’s far from perfect! Nobody in this game is perfect. Yet, we still hear every week Golfers that write to us or tell us how inconsistent they are. And again, we need to know

A Master’s PLAN

The Masters is a good place to find ideas you can use to improve your golf game. The golf course plays tough; you have a grouping of the best Players in the world gathered together and they’re playing under more pressure than probably any other golf tournament! One of the great aspects of watching the

How to Become as Consistent as a PGA Tour Player

How can you become more consistent with your Golf Swing? What do you need to do to become more consistent? In order to become consistent – watch consistent people! And there’s nobody more consistent on the golf course than the Players on the PGA Tour!

Improve Your Golf By Watching John Daly

Can you improve your golf game by watching John Daly? Yes, you absolutely can. You just have to know what to look for. As much fun as it used to be to watch John Daly hit a golf ball – it’s sad to see him now. It doesn’t look as if he’s having a fun

What Can Your Learn From A PGA Tour Player?

Stats are a great way for you to understand what your expectations should be on the golf course. And believe it or not, many Golfers expectations of what the range of scores that they should be scoring is far off. For example: once a Golfer scores a 95 for the first time, they usually expect

Is Your Golf Swing As Consistent As Tiger Woods’ Swing?

Continuing from last week’s Golf Improvement Weekly about the length of your drives ….. Tiger Woods only hits a drive over 300 yards 24% of the time. Or in other words – only once in four drives. So if his drives over 300 yards can be considered his best drives – then 3 out of

Who Has A Better Golf Swing – Phil Mickelson Or Joe Durant?

Who would you rather play golf like – Phil Mickelson or Joe Durant? Now Joe Durant is a fine Player or he wouldn’t be on the PGA Tour – though I’m sure that Joe Durant wishes he could play like Mickelson. So unless you’re Joe Durant’s mother, I’m assuming you’d pick Mickelson.

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