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Is My Golf Swing More Mental Or Physical?!

Whether Golf is more ‘Mental or Physical’ has been debated for as long as I’ve been around the game … and started well before I stepped on this planet.

Is one more important than the other … or is it a balance that creates a consistent golf swing?

When one’s mind isn’t clear … it’s difficult to sync up the physical movements in your golf swing. So, perhaps … your golf swing starts in your mind … yet, the limitations of your body (physical) sends signals back to the brain saying whether it can or can’t do what you’re asking for. With the brain then coming up with a ‘McGyver’ type of compensation to make up for your physical limitations.

Thus, a lack of consistency! As it takes incredible skill to be repeatedly consistent while managing multiple compensations in your golf swing.

This week’s video will introduce you to the Anxiety Scale … and how understanding the scale can help you to better balance the Mental and Physical to play a more consistent game on the golf course.

‘How Much Do You Need To Open Your Club In the Sand Trap?’

This Week’s Video – Opening Your Clubface Too Much Could Be Trapping You!

If you’re having trouble in the sand bunker … could you be trying to do too many tasks such as opening your club face and your stance, as well as stressing over hitting the absolute proper amount of sand at a precise measurement before the golf ball?

What if I told you that getting out of the sand isn’t as tough as some Golfers make it? And while it’s not always easy to get out in one shot … are you making it tougher than necessary?

This week’s video will give an introduction to show you how the sand bunker isn’t as difficult as many Golfers make it. And that some techniques being taught … are making the sand tougher than necessary!

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‘Getting Through The Golf Ball For More Distance Can Be Improved With One Simple Move!’

Watch This Week’s Video – Flare It Out & Air It Out!

If you’re having trouble getting through the golf ball … does that mean you need to force your hips and shoulders to turn?

What if I told you that something as simple as turning your foot could improve your shoulder and hip turn … resulting in a smoother swing? The PGA Tour Pros do it … do you?

This week’s video will show you how simple it can be to improve your turn, follow-through, and finish!

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Are You Coming Over The Top In Your Golf Swing? (video) – Golf Improvement Weekly

‘Over The Top, Outside In, Casting … Why Can’t I Stop?’

The over-taught golf swing often creates problems … rather than solving them. One of these swing issues is often mis-diagnosed as a ‘Cause’ … when in fact, it’s an ‘Effect’.
“If I could fix my over the top swing …I could hit the ball better!”
Yet, the more things you try to incorporate into your golf swing … the more bouts of inconsistency you need to battle against.

Tiger Woods vs. Rocco Mediate

What Can You Learn From This Classic Golf Match?

Wow! Was that a fantastic golf match or what? Tiger and Rocco – Player e Player for 19 holes. That’s about as good as it can get.

But, I’m sure you’ve had your fill of hearing and talking about the match. Enough about them already – let’s get to your golf game. What could you take away from the US Open to help your golf game – and I’m not talking about one of Johnny Miller’s tips.
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How To Win Like Jim Furyk

Are you still working on “The Tour Putting Square”? Did you try it once or twice and have given up? Or maybe you’re not interested in improving your scores and haven’t even tried it.

Or worse – maybe you’ve taken a Monkey attitude by saying – “Well Marc, I really need to practice my Driver before I work on my putting.” And I agree, if you’re always in the trees – then you need to straighten out your Driver. Though how many times in the last 2 months have you made bogey, double bogey or worse from the fairway?
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Tiger – Tiger – Tiger

There’s that word again – perfection. Though as good, or should I say great, or maybe invincible as Tiger is – he’s far from perfect! Nobody in this game is perfect. Yet, we still hear every week Golfers that write to us or tell us how inconsistent they are. And again, we need to know what are the standards for consistency and inconsistency. So when you say – ‘I’m too inconsistent’ – what are you basing this on? What standard of excellence are you comparing your desire to hit the ball well in your quest to break 90 or 100?
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A Master’s PLAN

The Masters is a good place to find ideas you can use to improve your golf game. The golf course plays tough; you have a grouping of the best Players in the world gathered together and they’re playing under more pressure than probably any other golf tournament!

One of the great aspects of watching the Masters on television is the number of cameras in the best possible positions – not just to see where the Players hit their balls, but you get to see them PLAN their shots.
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Congratulations to Brian Vranesh. Who’s Brian Vranesh? He’s Mr. 81 on the PGA Tour this year!

Congratulations to Brian Vranesh. Who’s Brian Vranesh? He’s Mr. 81 on the PGA Tour this year!

What’s Mr. 81? He’s the first Player on the PGA Tour this year to score above 80. Now this isn’t to make fun of or ridicule Vranesh – this is just to show that even people who play golf for a living can have a “bad” round. Yet a “bad” score for Mr. Vranesh might actually be a great round for you. As GMS is a big believer in using a Result Based Approach to help Golfers improve – and the results of our Golfers show GMS works – we’re going to use Vranesh’s “bad” 81 to help you score a “great” 81.
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Improve Your Golf By Watching John Daly

Can you improve your golf game by watching John Daly? Yes, you absolutely can. You just have to know what to look for.

As much fun as it used to be to watch John Daly hit a golf ball – it’s sad to see him now. It doesn’t look as if he’s having a fun time on the golf course – well, I guess the same can be said of most Golfers that are struggling. If you only were able to see Daly during his prime on television when he – ‘Gripped it and Ripped it’, you missed something special because there was nothing like seeing him live and standing next to him as he hit a golf ball. It was incredible!
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What Can Your Learn From A PGA Tour Player?

Stats are a great way for you to understand what your expectations should be on the golf course. And believe it or not, many Golfers expectations of what the range of scores that they should be scoring is far off. For example: once a Golfer scores a 95 for the first time, they usually expect to score from 95 to 100 in their next 10 rounds. And when this doesn’t happen, there’s a sense of that you’re not improving and possibly getting worse.
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Is Your Golf Swing As Consistent As Tiger Woods’ Swing?

Continuing from last week’s Golf Improvement Weekly about the length of your drives ….. Tiger Woods only hits a drive over 300 yards 24% of the time. Or in other words – only once in four drives. So if his drives over 300 yards can be considered his best drives – then 3 out of every 4 drives the ‘Best Player On The Planet’ hits would have to be classified as either average or below average for Tiger.
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US Open – Pebble Beach – Tiger Woods –The Last Time The US Open Was In Pebble Beach – History Was Made

The Last Time The US Open Was In Pebble Beach -History Was Made! Who Will Make History In 2010?

As the US Open Golf Tournament returns this coming weekend, it should provide for interesting theater as there are a few big, boldfaced names involved: US Open – Pebble Beach – Tiger Woods. Three subjects – each alone is powerful enough to pique even the most casual golf fans interest. Yet, considering the history of those three names, when used together – there aren’t many things that have the potential of being more exciting.
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