Who’s Your GMS Instructor?

Named The 3rd Best Golf School in America by Men’s Journal Magazine

1. Butch Harmon Schools of Golf
2. Dave Pelz Scoring Game School
3. Golf Made Simple

Who's Your GMS Instructor?

A GMS Instructor: understands that your 3 days together are about your golf game. To help you improve, as well as have more fun on the golf course by hitting the ball better

A GMS Instructor enjoys helping others … and actually gets positive energy from seeing you improve. It’s not about how well he/she hits the golf ball. It’s about helping you to enjoy the sensation of a well hit golf shot more often!

A GMS Instructor is a Coach that understands the principles of the golf swing. And how these principles relate to each individual: skill, experience, desire, goals, flexibility, strength. While many of the swing principles apply to all … how these principles are taught and implemented isn’t the same for everyone

A GMS Instructor know’s how to read the flight of the golf ball to better understand your golf swing

A GMS Instructor understands why it’s necessary to watch your ball flight before trying to diagnose your swing. As deciphering what’s happening with the ball’s flight shows what you’re doing at the impact of hitting the golf ball … to create that flight

A GMS Instructor then starts the process of improving your golf swing by using our ‘Cause & Effect Principles’ while working with the ball flight information

A GMS Instructor understands that most Golfers feel the ‘Effect’ … and then try to correct it … yet, these Golfers aren’t able to consistently fix it. For example: picking up your head is an ‘Effect’ of something happening prior to your head raising. Though, most Golfers believe it’s the ‘Cause’ of a bad shot. Thus, they’re rarely able to ‘stop picking up’. This is because many Golfer incorrectly try to correct the ‘Effect’ without first finding the ‘Cause’

A GMS Instructor understands that he/she must continue digging to find the root ‘Cause’ … because an ‘Effect’ can’t be fixed if the ‘Cause’ hasn’t first been corrected

A GMS Instructor also needs to be an effective communicator … as most people don’t use golf instruction terms throughout their normal day. An Instructor speaking like this to a Golfer that scores above 79 … doesn’t help that Golfer:

“Mr Smith, that ball flared off your club face because it was wide open. In addition … you have a closed stance that’s blocking your hips from opening. So you’re swinging outside-in creating 4,200 rpms of side spin. This next swing, see if you can drop your right elbow a little more into the slot so you stay properly on plane and release from the inside out without flipping”

A GMS Instructor understands that once you can ‘Feel’ the true ‘Cause’ of the error in your swing … you’re better able to ‘Feel’ & repeat the correction

A GMS Instructor trains you to make corrections yourself. So that when you’re playing on the golf course and hit a ‘bad streak’ of shots … you can repair your swing in just a few swings

A GMS Instructor knows that for you to be able to self correct … you need to understand how to use practice time effectively … as opposed to turning into the Golfer that’s searching for a swing by standing over a pile of golf balls hitting one after another

A GMS Instructor knows that hitting golf balls on the practice/driving range is only half the story. We need to help Golfers bring their swing to the golf course – as anxiety builds with the pressure of having only one shot, wanting a good score, the heightened nerves of other people watching, more bad shots, lost golf balls, not wanting to slow other Golfers, etc … often negatively affecting your ability to swing as smoothly on the course as you did on the range!

A GMS Instructor shows you how to use a PLAN on the golf course  – so that you’re focused on your shot without overthinking your golf swing

Your GMS Instructor:

Is in the PGA of America and/or has played competitively

Is a full-time Golf Made Simple employee (as opposed to a 1099 Freelance Pro)

Loves the game of golf

Completed the GMS On-site Instructor Training Program – 8 hours a day, 6 days a week for 5 weeks of training before teaching with Golf Made Simple (on top of their teaching education prior to joining GMS


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