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The Secret Of Straight Golf Shots

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A secret to hitting straighter shots … your clubface must be pointing towards your target when the club makes contact with the ball

Each degree your clubface isn’t on target is the approximate degrees the ball will start it’s flight … off your intended direction

In addition … how your clubface rotates as the ball is impacted … determines how your ball curves in the air … by the amount of spin being created in this process

Direction of clubface at impact is the initial direction

Rotation of clubface determines the spin … (slice, hook, fade, draw)

These are the two main dictums determining the direction your ball flies … and where it ends up

Other factors such as swing path … also play a part … yet, not to the same degree as clubface

75% to 85% of the ball’s direction is determined by clubface at impact

Only 15% to 25% of the ball’s direction is based on the swing path of your club

Often times … people who teach golf … try to fix your swing path before working on your clubface

We believe this is backwards

Swing path is more easily corrected once you gain better feel of how your clubface dictates the ball’s direction and accuracy 

For example: if your ball slices right … the pro often instructs ’you need to swing more in to out’ … meaning swinging more to the right

Yet, your intelligence tells you to fix the slice by swinging more left … “why would I swing more to the right?!”

Thus people with slices … never lose this habit when working on swing path

It’s our suggestion at GMS … 

– First learn how to control your clubface … before trying to learning a swing path 

– Once you gain control of your clubface … swing path often self corrects

To help Golfers see and feel the club swing through the ball straighter (square to target line) at impact … we use the Parallel Hands drill

Improvement using the 80/20 rule … yet most Golfers are taught to work on the 20 (swing path)

At GMS … we first prefer to work on the clubface … which determines 80% of your enjoyment or agony

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