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The Golf Made Simple Story

Who Is GMS?

GMS was created in 1999 from one Pro’s frustration with his own golf swing, and the inability to improve … even though he took lessons, practiced, took more lessons, and practiced again and again … yet, he got worse and worse!

As a young person trying to qualify for his PGA card … Marc Solomon was continually frustrated with not being able to pass the PGA Playing Ability Test. And the more lessons he took … the worse, more confused, and increasingly frustrated he became with his own golf game.

He then realized that all the bad golf tips that were taught to him … were the same bad golf tips he was teaching Golfers. “People were paying me money to help them improve their golf swing … yet, I was teaching them the same bad golf tips that made my golf swing worse!”

For example:

Why do Golfers constantly talk about keeping their head still – when the top Professional Golfers (with exceptional flexibility) aren’t able to keep their head still?

Why do Golfers tighten up to keep their left arm straight – even though the best Players in the world don’t try to keep their arms rigid?

Why do Golfers believe the ‘Follow through’ is so vital to a good shot – even though the ball has been hit already – meaning how your club moves after hitting the golf ball has no control over a golf ball already in flight?

By learning how to communicate the ‘Feel’ of the golf swing … regular people can use muscle memory to learn their golf swing. Once feeling the ‘Feel’ of your personal golf swing … you’re better able to repeat more consistently.

As opposed to most Professionals that unfortunately limit their teaching to only words, demonstration & video … which may give a small understanding of the golf swing, however it doesn’t allow a Golfer to ‘Feel’ their swing. And without the time or desire to hitting golf balls for 40 hours each week … that style of Instruction doesn’t translate into success for a Golfer. Whereas, when an Instructor can teach a Golfer how to ‘Feel’ their swing … Muscle Memory Can Be Used To Improve Your Golf Swing!

Only a high level Instructor has the skill to use ‘Feel’ to help the Golfer improve their swing!

Thus, we started teaching using techniques that allow people to learn their personal swing … as opposed to the traditional teaching methods that force you to swing like Tiger Woods, or another PGA or LPGA Tour Pro.

GMS specialized techniques have helped people from around the world to improve their swing & happiness on the golf course … and this positive word-of-mouth (Golfer to Golfer) has lead us to grow from one facility in St. Augustine, Florida to 13+ locations in the US & Spain

Today, with our main office in Palm Desert, California … we continue to improve our techniques & methods in helping regular people discover their personal golf swing … which allows you to think less while standing over the golf ball … so that you have more fun on the course!

With GMS, each morning you’ll work on your golf swing at the golf course practice facility, and each afternoon you’ll learn to make the transition of bringing your improved golf swing onto the golf course with your Instructor for our On-Course Instruction!

The expertise of a Golf Made Simple Professional is to work with you to find your best golf swing; you learn the golf swing that works for you, as opposed to fiddling with multiple, ineffective swings that bring frustration.

The History Of Golf Made Simple, Inc

1999 – Incorporated in Palm Coast, Florida

2002 – opened new location at South Hampton Golf Club (St Augustine, Florida)

2003 – opened 2nd location at North Hampton Golf Club (Amelia Island, Florida)

2005 – opened first West Coast location at Rancho San Marco Golf (Santa Barbara, California)

2006 – Barona Golf Resort (San Diego, California)

2007 – Heron Bay Golf (Boca Raton, Florida), Golf Club of La Quinta (La Quinta, California), Trilogy Golf (Phoenix), WhiteHawk Ranch Golf (Lake Tahoe)

2008 – Southern Hills Golf (Tampa, Florida), Almenara Golf Resort (Sotogrande, Spain)

2009 – Lansdowne Resort (Virginia), Green Valley Ranch Golf (Denver)

2010 – Innisbrook Resort (Tampa), SilverRock Golf (La Quinta)

2011 – Hammock Beach Resort (Palm Coast, Florida)

2012 – Grand Geneva Resort (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin)

2013 – Tapatio Resort (Phoenix)

2014 – Centennial Golf (Carmel, New York)

2015 – Falcon’s Fire Golf (Orlando)

2016 – GMS Office moved to California

2017 – Indian Wells Golf Resort (Indian Wells, California), Geneva National Resort (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin)

2018 – Ak-Chin Southern Dunes Golf (Phoenix)

2019 – Seaview Resort (Atlantic City, New Jersey)

2020 – Atalaya Golf (Marbella, Spain)


What A GMS Instructor Represents:

Your Golf Made Simple Instructor is Your Coach:
We’re here to develop your Golf PLAN for Improvement & Fun. We will guide Golfers to understand their golf swing. Then we help you to sustain those improvements through Implementing Your PLAN and On-course Instruction. It’s a long walk from Driving Range to the #1 Tee … that’s why we teach you how to transfer your swing to the golf course!

Your Golf Made Simple Instructor Isn’t Trying To Re-invent Your Golf Swing:
You can only swing the way your individual body allows. There isn’t one golf swing – and your swing doesn’t need to be re-invented into someone else’s. Working with your swing to develop more consistency doesn’t require a swing overhaul. It’s nearly impossible, and usually frustrating trying to change your golf swing. A Golfer can improve without starting over from scratch!

Your Golf Made Simple Instructor Believes That You Should Be Constantly Improving:
The infamous words of lesser skilled Instructors are often “you have to get worse before you can get better!” If you’re getting worse … it’s because the new swing tips are based on the Instructor trying to re-invent your swing! We believe that you should see & feel improvements within a day.

Your Golf Made Simple Instructor Is Your Friend:
An honest assessment from an Instructor to a Golfer is critical. And while there needs to be congratulations after great shots, there also needs to be encouragement after “not-so-great” shots!

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