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Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

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3. Golf Made Simple Golf Schools

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Go Ahead ... Be A Player

Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

1. Butch Harmon Schools of Golf
2. Dave Pelz Scoring Game School
3. Golf Made Simple Golf Schools

Is Your Golf Swing As Consistent As Tiger Woods’ Swing?

Continuing from last week’s Golf Improvement Weekly about the length of your drives ….. Tiger Woods only hits a drive over 300 yards 24% of the time. Or in other words – only once in four drives. So if his drives over 300 yards can be considered his best drives – then 3 out of every 4 drives the ‘Best Player On The Planet’ hits would have to be classified as either average or below average for Tiger.

Yet, if the 85, 95, 105 or 115 Golfer doesn’t hit their best drive at least 3 out of every 4 drives – you’re disappointed. If Tiger is hitting his best drives only 24% of the time – what percentage of time can you expect to hit your best drives?

Well, to help you answer this question, I’ve come up with a complex mathematical formula (or if I wanted to sound smart – an algorithm) to give both you and Tiger a Consistency Rating to see if your Expectations match Reality – Let’s take the years you’ve been playing golf, add that to the number of days each week you’re on the golf course (playing in front of millions of people and/or playing regular rounds of golf), add that number to the hours each week you’re on the practice range, then multiply that by the number of PGA Tour Events you’ve won.

So Tiger’s Consistency Rating would be: 30 (years of playing golf) + 6 (days a week playing on the golf course) + 24 (hours of practice each week) x 63 (PGA Tour wins) = 3,780 (Consistency Rating).

Now it’s your turn. Take your time and add it up. You probably won’t need a calculator like I needed while figuring out Tiger’s rating.

Though, based on what my 9th grade math teacher Mr. McNamara taught me – any number times zero equals zero. So since you haven’t won a PGA Tour Event – you can’t even compare your game to Tiger’s. But, even if we blur the lines of Reality a little and give you 1 PGA Tour win – would it make that much of difference?

Tiger plays a completely different game than you and I play!

And although situated in the gap between the Consistency Rating of you and Tiger there are 720 Players playing on the PGA, LPGA, Nationwide and Senior Tour. Along with thousands of Golfers playing on the smaller Tour’s (trying to make the big tour), 24,000 PGA Professionals (like myself) and thousands upon thousands of low single digit Players that could probably give you 9 shots a side and still squash you like a grape – there still are many Golfers that have Expectations that they should hit their best drive at a higher rate than not just all these ten’s of thousand’s of Players above, but also more consistently than the Best Player On The Planet’s current rate of 24% of the time!

Tiger’s ‘only’ hitting his best Drives 24% of the time. So in order for you to start playing to your PLAN and your potential on the golf course – it needs to be time to stop thinking you can hit your best Drive a higher percentage of the time than Tiger does.

Once you can move away from ‘Unrealistic Expectations’ and embrace ‘Reality’ to accept that as a 95 Golfer that your average drive maybe 210 yards (85 Golfer – 240 yards; 105 Golfer – 180 yards) – your golf swing, ball-striking and scores will improve. The Golfer with ‘Unrealistic Expectations’ will never be happy with the progress they’re making and will continually start to “Fiddle” with your swing in the middle of every round trying to hit that 250 yard drive that in Reality should ‘only’ happen 12% of the time.

Though, if you’re not happy or disagree that you should hit your best shot ‘only’ 12% of the time? Let me ask you – if Tiger is hitting his best drives only 24% of the time – do you think you should be able to hit yours the same percentage of time as Tiger? Do you believe that your golf swing is as consistent as Tiger’s? Or think about it this way – do you believe that you should hit your best shot once out of every 6 Drives which equates to 17% of the time? If so, then you must believe that Tiger is only 29% more consistent than you.

How much more consistent is Tiger than you?

Can this be determined? I’m not sure – I’m definitely not smart enough to figure something like that out. But, I don’t believe that I’d be going out on a limb if I said that Tiger is at least 100% more consistent than you or me. And if that’s the case – it puts you at hitting your best drives at 12% of the time. Once out of every 8 drives.

And considering that during an 18 hole round, you most likely are using your Driver on 14 holes – it says that you should ‘only’ hit one or two great drives a round. And just as importantly, it means that need to accept 11 or 12 average to below average drives per round.

Yet, I’ve seen Golfers on the golf course complain when every other drive isn’t their best drive. And because of these ‘Unrealistic Expectations’ – your game gets worse and worse every shot – sometimes to the point of such disappointment, that you just don’t enjoy golf anymore.

Are you expecting too much from yourself on the golf course. Do you have ‘Unrealistic Expectations’ on the golf course that’s causing you to always ‘Fiddle’ with your golf swing because you’re not hitting your golf ball the best you can on every shot? And before you automatically say – “No that’s not me!” – you might want to think about it. Because I can’t tell you how many Golfers we see each year that don’t have a ‘Realistic PLAN’ and are making it harder and harder for themselves to improve because of it!

The Monkey gets disappointed and starts to ‘Fiddle’ with their swing if they don’t hit their best drive 50% of the time

The Player understands that the ‘Best Player On The Planet’ (Tiger Woods), only hits his best shot once out of every 4 Drives

Go ahead, Be a Player!


Marc Solomon

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