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From PGA Professional Marc Solomon

You’re Probably Not Playing Your Best Golf If You …

Before you read each statement below, please repeat the phrase – “You’re probably not playing your best golf if you”:

….. go to warm-up at the driving range with just your Driver before playing. Could you ever imagine Rory warming up for a round at the Masters by just hitting his Driver?

….. go to warm-up before playing and start by hitting to a target more than 100 yards away. The number one factor to hitting the golf ball solid is “Centerness Of Hit”. If you start hitting to a target more than 100 yards away, you’re not working on controlling your golf swing, you’re just swinging and hoping!

You’re probably not playing your best golf if you:

….. think you’re a good putter because you hardly ever 3 putt. If you’re averaging 36 putts per round or more, you’ll most likely not break 90. If you have 36 putts, you will have to get to all 18 greens in 53 shots or less. Less than 3 shots a hole including all penalties. This may be difficult for someone with an inconsistent Driver.

….. get so charged up about reading the tips in the golf magazines that you can’t wait to get to the driving range to practice 3 or 4 of them. Sometimes all at the same time. Because these Golfers usually end their practice session by saying – “I think I’m getting worse!”

You’re probably not playing your best golf if you:

….. are always trying to “work” the ball – play fades and draws on just about every shot – yet, you don’t break 80, 9 out of 10 times you play. Become consistent at one ball flight before you try to be consistent at 2 ball flights.

….. say to yourself or your playing partners – “This is the worst I have ever hit the golf ball.” Because this is often announced after only just 2 holes and these same Golfers say this just about every round they play. Thus, you’re in a negative state of mind with 16 more holes to play.

You’re probably not playing your best golf if you:

….. hit your first putt 10 feet past the hole, then leave your next putt 2 feet short of the hole and complain that “these greens are so inconsistent!”

….. once heard a Golf Professional say that the only way you should play a shot around the green is to get the ball rolling as soon as possible and you now refuse to try anything else. Luckily for Phil Mickelson, he must’ve skipped that class.

We don’t blame a Golfer if you have done any of the above. These habits are what you have learned by observing and listening to other Golfers.

It’s only natural to think that what you see most often is what you should be doing – “Monkey See, Monkey Do!” But you’ll continue to “not play your best golf” if you continue to do all these things that have contributed to the frustration and inconsistency in your golf game.

The Monkey thinks “that is what I see everyone else doing … so I will do the same”

The Player understands that most Golfers are not happy with their consistency … so he/she learns a better way

Go ahead, Be a Player!


Marc Solomon – Your Instructor For Life

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