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From PGA Professional Marc Solomon

Your Answers Determine Your Scores

By answering the questions below, you can find out what type of Golfer you represent:

If you had to hit a wedge from 50 yards to a green surrounded by water – would you rather have that area:

40 yards wide and only 10 yards in depth (front to back)
40 yards in depth and only 10 yards wide

If you chose the 40 yard wide green … it says that you may be overly concerned with direction and should be more focused on distance control.

For example – there aren’t many Golfers in the world that could consistently land and stop a golf ball on an area 10 yards in depth. Imagine how many times you would land short or fly over? And the times you did land in that area – how many times would you have enough backspin to stop the ball from bouncing over the back edge?

Test yourself – set-up four poles (or cones) 50 yards away so that there’s only 10 yards between the front and back. Hit 10 balls and see how many you can land and stop between the poles. Then change the configuration so that it is 10 yards wide and 40 yards deep.

Which configuration are you able to stop more balls on? I wager you’ll have more success on the narrower, but longer target.

But, if you’re like 7 out of 8 Golfers that do not break 90, you’re more concerned with being too far left or right and not focused enough on your clubhead control.

The Player knows that if he/she has the proper control of their club head in their swing – they most likely hit a solid shot (which also means their direction will be pretty good). Whereas satisfactory direction doesn’t guarantee proper distance control.

Would you rather:
Make your best golf swing from 155 yards to the hole – producing a shot that goes directly towards the flag, but flies over the back of the green
Hit a half topped, line drive, ugly looking shot from 155 yards that lands 35 yards short of the green, and rolls to within 12 feet of the hole

Would you rather:
Hit 14 perfect Drives that carry 250 yards down the fairway. Yet all 14 Drives take terrible bounces that knock the ball into the trees. Which leaves you only the option of chipping out to the fairway without advancing the ball 1 yard closer to the hole
Hit 14 Drives that slice 15 yards and are 60 yards shorter, but each Drive stops on or close to the fairway — leaving you with a perfect angle to the green

Would you rather:
Hit all 18 greens in regulation and 3 putt each hole for Bogey
Miss all 18 greens in regulation where you hit one wedge shot and two putts to make Bogey on the first 17 holes, and then hit one wedge shot and one putt to make Par on the 18th hole

Would you rather:
Be told you have an excellent swing, yet not break 90
Be known as having an average swing that never scores higher than 89

Would you rather:
Be a Monkey
Be a Player

The Monkey will pick the first answer in each question above because they’re only looking for the Perfect Shot/Swing even though it could be negatively effecting their game

The Player will pick the second answer in each question because they don’t mind being called “Lucky” aslong as they consistently have lower scores

Go ahead, Be a Player!


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