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Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

1. Butch Harmon Schools of Golf
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3. Golf Made Simple Golf Schools

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Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

1. Butch Harmon Schools of Golf
2. Dave Pelz Scoring Game School
3. Golf Made Simple Golf Schools

Practicing Correctly At The Range For A Consistent Golf Swing

Every Golfer has the ability to make improvements each time they go to the golf course.

But unfortunately, the style of practice for the majority of Golfers doesn’t allow for this as their practice comes down to simply searching for a swing that produces a great shot – then trying to repeat it. But if the next one isn’t equally as great – you are off to find something else.

One shot doesn’t signify you made a great swing. It could just be all your compensations aligning for that one swing. However, that does not mean you have found a sustainable golf swing.

The chances of repeating that great swing 7 out of 10 times is often a hopeless task.

However, if you look at creating improvement as not being based on one great shot. But the task of increasing the amount of swings in which you hold consistency before reverting back to bad habits – yes, you can continually improve every time you go to the golf course.

For example: in your first week of using this concept, you’re able to make two good golf swings in a row before reverting back to a bad golf swing … your goal should now be to make three good golf swings in a row. Thus, your practice session would be based on creating consistency … not just once in a while great shots.

When your goal on every swing is solely to sustain consistency longer – you are now taking your practice sessions to a new level. Your experience at the range changes from hitting golf balls … to becoming a focused practice session.

Your mind starts taking the idea of understanding your golf swing to a new place that allows you to feel and sense things in your swing that you have never felt before. Or perhaps felt, but never understood why it was happening. You start to feel the sequencing of your swing – meaning you feel how each movement effects the next movement.

This process improves your understanding of “Cause and Effect” so that you better understand your golf swing … not the golf swing you read about in a golf magazine … it helps you to understand your golf swing.

Personally, as a Golfer, every time I go to the range to practice, I learn more about “my golf swing” … and I’m a Pro that knows “the golf swing”. Yet, I am still learning about my golf swing. Each time I go out, I try to sustain my consistency longer and longer.

And because of this – my mind becomes clear and uncluttered … free of swing thoughts. I begin to feel that I am not in a rush to hit the next ball. I spend more time practicing, and less time hitting. Thus, I get more out of my practice session than the average Golfer.

Why is it that the best Players in the world are constantly improving year after year – yet the average handicap is higher now than it was in 1972?

My brain and body are allowed to clearly focus on how one movement moves into the next … without overthinking. I feel as if I improve my golf swing each time I go to practice. And my game shows it on the golf course.

But the majority of Golfers don’t do it this way – they are more focused on working on things they have read or videos they have watched. Yet, this style of learning can be classified as swing tips based on the swings of other Golfers – not necessarily what is happening in your golf swing.

That is why these Golfers often get worse as many of these swing tips are just additional compensations disguised as fundamentals. Or you can say – manipulations that will create even more frustrating compensations … as opposed to fixing the root cause.

This is why you ride the roller coaster of up and down – but seemingly always ending where you started. Translation – most Golfer rarely improve their consistency.

Learning to practice correctly allows you to clear your mind, thus allowing you to prolong your consistent swings and lessen your bad swings

Monkeys practice like blind mice

The Player’s practice session allows them to clear their mind to increase how long they can sustain a consistent swing

Go ahead, Be a Player!


Marc Solomon – Your Instructor For Life

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