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Often times we hear Golfers say they have a problem of using too much of their right side in their golf swing. Left-handed Golfers – just reverse everything I’m saying.

As many Golfers have been told they use too much right side in their golf swing … I believe this is something that needs to be addressed. Because trying to take your right side out of your swing will further damage your efforts of becoming more consistent.

Unfortunately many Golfers have been misinformed that the culprit is too much right side … the issue isn’t with your right side … the problem lies with your left side not doing enough.

As most right-handers are significantly stronger and more coordinated with their right side vs. their left side … both sides of your body are fighting during your swing. And because your left side moves slower than your right side – you have the feeling that your right side is doing too much or overtaking the left side.

Yet the issue isn’t that your right side is too fast … it is that your left side is too slow. Which often gives the Golfer the feeling that their right side is doing too much.

Here’s an example to see how much more talented your right side might be compared to your left side: crumple a piece of paper into a ball. Now, with your left hand, throw the paper as far across the room as you can.

Now do it with your right hand. Which hand threw it farther and which hand felt more coordinated with the rest of your body?

What the example above is showing you is that you probably have more strength and coordination with your right side. Not just your right hand, but the whole right side of your body working together to make a throwing motion. When you tried to throw with your left hand, if you’re like most people, you probably didn’t throw as well and had to think about how to move your body before throwing.

Now, how does this relate to your golf swing?

You probably use your left side in your golf swing with as much coordination as you used it to throw the paper. Which supports that the issue in your golf swing probably isn’t that you use too much right side – it’s that you probably do not use enough left side.

I guarantee that the winner of this past week’s PGA Tour event uses more right side in his swing than you do. Yet, you’re trying to take your right side out of the golf swing? So how is it possible that he’s using his right side more than you are … yet you’re being told to use less right side.

The important point, and what you probably should’ve been told to work on is that the Tour Player is probably using his left side and right side more equally than you do. Whereas your golf swing might be broken down to having your right side being 80% of your golf swing and your left side being 20% of your golf swing. The Tour Player probably is a lot closer to 50% right side and 50% left side.

You’ll gain power and accuracy in your golf swing when both sides of your body are working together to produce an efficient and connected golf swing. So what you should be working on – instead of taking your right side out of the golf swing – is getting your left side involved.

To reiterate all that is written above – having one side of your body not doing as much as the other side of your body is one of the leading causes of compensations in your golf swing. And – ‘Compensations equal Inconsistency’. The more you compensate – the more inconsistent you are. The less you need to compensate for a weaker, less coordinated left side – the more consistent you will become!

The Monkey is practicing to take away their Strengths

The Player finds their Weaknesses and improves them

Go ahead, be a Player!


Marc Solomon

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