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From PGA Professional Marc Solomon

Too Much Right side Or Not Enough Left side In Your Swing

Often times we hear right-handed Golfers say they hit bad shots because they’re using too much of their right side in their golf swing. Left-handed Golfers – just reverse everything I’m saying.

However, the issue isn’t with your right side doing too much … the problem lies with your left side not being able to do enough.

As most right-handers are stronger and more coordinated with their right side … your left side will end up moving slower in your golf swing. Thus, your right side has to do extra work to move your uncoordinated left side out of the way so that you can hit the ball correctly.

Unfortunately, when this happens, the Golfer feels as if their right side is doing too much.

Here’s an example to see how much more talented your right side might be compared to your left side: crumple a piece of paper into a ball. Stand-up and throw the paper as far across the room as you can with your left hand. Now throw using your right hand.

Which hand threw it farther and which hand felt more coordinated with the rest of your body? With your right hand … you probably correctly stepped with your left foot in the throwing motion … this is coordination. When you threw with your left hand … did you step correctly with your right foot? Most people don’t.

That shows how much more coordinated you are with your dominate side.

Now, how does this relate to your golf swing?

You probably use your left side in your golf swing with as much coordination as you used when throwing the paper with your left hand.

I guarantee that any player on the PGA or LPGA Tour uses more right side in his/her swing than you do in yours. Yet, many Golfers are trying (or were told) to take your right side out of the golf swing because it’s hurting your swing.

The important point to remember is that the Tour Player is probably using his/her left side and right side more equally than you do. Whereas your golf swing might be broken down to having your right side being 80% of your golf swing and your left side being 20% of your golf swing. The Tour Player probably is a lot closer to 50% right side and 50% left side.

Yet, they’re not 50/50 because they’re trying to slow down their right side. They’re 50/50 because they’ve learned how to improve their left side. Because the faster (and more coordinated) they can move their left side … the more efficiently they can swing through the ball with their right side.

You’ll gain power and accuracy in your golf swing when both sides of your body are working together to produce an efficient and connected golf swing. So instead of taking your right side out of the golf swing – get your left side involved.

To condense everything above: having one side of your body not doing as much as the other side of your body is one of the leading causes of compensations in your golf swing. So remember – if ‘Compensations equal Inconsistency’ … then the less you need to compensate for a weaker, less coordinated left side – the more consistent you will become!

The Monkey is practicing to take away their Strength (their right side)

The Player finds their Weakness (their left side) and improves it

Go ahead, Be a Player!


Marc Solomon – Your Instructor For Life

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