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Why Henry Hates Golf’ Part IV: Finale

So we left off last week’s Why Henry Hates Golf speaking about how to get the golf ball up in the air. The common fallacy in golf is that you need to get underneath the golf ball to get it up in the air. And if you try to get underneath the golf ball – you’re probably going to either hit behind the golf ball (meaning the ground before the ball – which is never good to do, unless you’re in a sand bunker next to the green) or you’re going to avoid hitting the ground by compensating in some way that you’ll end up hitting the top of the golf ball.

How do I know that most Golfers are trying to get underneath the golf ball?

Because that’s what they tell me they’re trying to do. Either I ask the Golfer – “Where on the golf ball do you need to hit with your club to make it go up in the air?” And the answer 7 out of 8 times is “underneath it”. Or I hear the Golfer on the golf course say – “I didn’t get underneath that one!” after they hit a topped shot that is skidding down the fairway.

Though many Golfers have heard the phrase – “You need to hit down on the golf ball” -which can be true to a certain extent. Meaning – if you hit straight down on the top of the golf ball, would it go up? No, of course not! It would go straight down into the ground!

You know how the Professionals do it?

They hit the golf ball first, and then they hit the ground. And I’m sure many Golfers have heard that and have even tried to do that. Though, many of the Golfers that have tried to do this have unfortunately failed to get the results they desired. So after a few unsuccessful attempts, we give it up and go back to what we’ve been trying to do before – “I need to get better at getting underneath the Golf Ball.”

Why is it so hard to do?

Well, I believe that it’s more of not understanding the concept of what makes the golf ball go up in the air, rather than a lack of skill by the Golfer. And it’s understandable that many Golfers don’t understand what makes the golf ball go up since all we hear from most of the Golf Media Sources is about the Swing Plane or how to turn your shoulders for more power or How to Hit a Stinger Shot Like Tiger. Those points might have some value to somebody – well they probably have a lot of value to the person coming up with these gimmicks.

But are they helping you?

To understand the concept of what makes the golf ball go up in the air – you first need to block out all the other Golf Noise you’re bombarded with – turn-off all The Monkey Talk. Then when you have a clear mind, you can start to understand how hitting the back of the golf ball with your club as it moves down and forward helps to create the force that will make the golf ball go up.

The combination of the Loft (the angle of your clubface), the force of your club moving down and forward, the grooves on your club and the backspin – this combination of factors is what makes the golf ball go up in the air.

“Okay Marc, I understand that concept – how do I do it?”

To make sure you hit the golf ball first, before the ground – you shouldn’t have to think about hitting the golf ball first. It’s not like you’re saying to yourself – “OK, I need to guide my golf club into the back of the golf ball as I swing down.” If that’s what you’re thinking, then you’re probably stinking!

Being able to hit the golf ball first so that the golf ball goes up in the air can be accomplished if you’re able to control your center of gravity. Your center of gravity controls the direction of your golf club. And you golf club controls the direction of your golf ball.

The Monkey is more interested in the Secrets of the Pro’s

The Player is more interested in the Basics of Golf

Go ahead, be a Player!


Marc Solomon – Your Instructor For Life

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