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Are You Practicing Your Core?

Can you improve your swing by working on it 100% of the time? Can you improve your swing even more by working on your swing 50% of the time and working on your body 50% of the time? There’s no doubt you’d find a lot more consistency splitting your time between practicing your swing and working on your body – than if you just worked on your swing 100% of the time!

Many Golfers are trying to improve their swings by reading tips submitted to the golf magazines by the PGA and LPGA Tour Pros. But these tips are fruitless for 7 out of every 8 Golfers because only 1 Golfer out of 8 has the physical capabilities of a Tiger, Annika, Vijay Singh or any of the Top Players you hear tips from.

These Players bodies are fine tuned machines. They’ve been training their bodies to do the things they speak about for as long as they’ve been playing golf. But, if your body isn’t in as good a physical shape as Tiger – how can you expect to do the things he suggests. 7 out of 8 Golfers can try to do what Tiger says to do – but you won’t be able do it well because you’re not strong or flexible enough.

And when I say strong – I’m not talking about how much you can bench press. That kind of strength is almost useless in the golf swing and could possibly be a negative. What I mean by strength is Core Strength! What I mean is the coordination of your muscles to fire together to produce effortless power that will contribute to you having a smooth controlled swing. What I’m talking about is letting your muscles help you produce a long, beautiful, consistent ball flight.

The Monkey wants to improve their golf game and will spend an hour or two at the local driving range beating ball after ball, but they won’t spend 30 seconds doing 10 push-ups. Will 10 push-ups help you hit the golf ball better? Well, why don’t you try it for yourself? When’s the last time you did 10 push-ups? What are you scared of? Are you afraid you might hit the golf ball better?

Why do you think Tiger does Pilates? Why does Annika do about 1000 sit-ups a day? Sure it’s their job to play better golf all the time. But if you’re going to invest 5 hours each week to golf – why wouldn’t you add 3 minutes a day to do 10 push-ups and 20 sit-ups? Don’t you want to play your best golf during those 5 hours? And don’t you agree that becoming a little stronger would help your golf swing?

You don’t need to be athletically talented to have fun playing Golf. Though if you want to improve – you should do something athletic! When’s the last time you did 20 sit-ups? Will 20 sit-ups help you hit the golf ball better? Well, why don’t you try it for yourself?

There’s always been the argument whether Golf is an athletic sport. Is the golf swing an athletic maneuver? My belief is that if you’re using the muscles in your body to make your club move upwards of 65 mph – then you’re doing something athletic. Let me put it this way – Go do 20 sit-ups and then hit a golf ball and tell me you don’t feel your abdomen working. Many people don’t feel these muscles because their muscles are asleep. You haven’t used them for so long – they don’t even know to participate in your golf swing. And that maybe one reason your back is aching so much. Instead of your Core providing the power and control – you’re using your lower back – ouch!

Is Tiger an athlete? How about Annika? How about Jack Nicklaus? Or Jim Furyk? How about you?

Listen, I’m no Jack Lalanne. Though, I do know that you won’t improve the control you have over the club without getting stronger. Do you think if your forearms were a little stronger that you’d be in more control of your club face during your swing? Do you think 10 push-ups will help your forearms get stronger?

Ok, if 10 is too much, start with 5. Weak forearms? Then start with 10 push-ups off your knees.

The Monkey practices their swing by hitting balls 100% of their practice time

The Player practices their swing by making their Core stronger

The Player will click here to watch Vijay Singh work-out and then maybe start their own Core Training Program!

Go Ahead, Be A Player!


Marc Solomon -Your Instructor For Life

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