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The Fragmented Swing Of The Frustrated Golfer

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One of our Instructors and I were talking the other night about the increased frustration we’ve seen in Golfers over their inconsistency. We were comparing how much more confused Golfers are about their swings nowadays compared to just 8 years ago.

Yes, Golfers have probably always gotten frustrated since the beginnings of the game. But we’re seeing more people than ever who are at their wit’s end and ready to give up.

What’s causing this?

We believe that much of the issue is an overload of information that’s easily available. All a Golfer that’s been accused of swaying needs to do is go to youtube and search: “how not to sway”.

Because when you do so … you can find 100’s of videos telling you how to fix your swing.

Yet, almost every video is telling you something different.

So what invariably happens is that the Golfer begins trying too many techniques in their golf swing. And many of these techniques are counteracting each other and causing more issues.

So basically, you’re building your swing in a piecemeal manner that’s creating fragmented movements that are unable to work together to produce smoothness or consistency.

For example: you have a Golfer that’s told he’s swaying. So he searches on youtube “how to stop swaying”. The video tells him he needs to keep his head more still in his backswing.

But, while trying to keep more still … he finds he’s losing power and hitting the ball shorter. So he searches youtube for “how to get more distance”. In the video it says he needs to turn more in the back swing.

But once he starts turning more … he again gets accused of swaying. So he watches another video about “how to stop swaying, but get more distance” that says you need to widen your swing arc by keeping your arms more extended in your back swing. But the more he tries to straighten his arms … the more tension he creates … which then means he’s hitting the ball even shorter.

So he searches on youtube for “how not to sway, get more distance, while creating a wider arc”. The video says he needs to hold the lag longer as he moves into impact. But as he holds his wrists from snapping through the ball at impact … he starts hitting the the golf ball even shorter and more to the right.

This Golfer is trying to solve a problem, but getting too many answers. The “supposed fix” (of not moving the body) is causing the Golfer to lose distance. And the fix for more power is casuing the early release. And then the fix for the early release (holding the lag) creates even more problems (no power and hitting to the right). Etc, etc.

Thus, the Golfer now searches for videos about “how to get more power and not hit to the right”. Where you’ll probably run across a video that teaches you to “rotate your forearms through impact” … which will cause even more inconsistency because you’re now trying to cram at least 5 fragmented techniques into a movement that takes less than 2 seconds.

Thus, you’re moving farther and farther away from a consistent golf swing.

Yet, these Golfers believe they’re doing the correct thing by watching these videos. But in reality … they’re making their golf swing more complicated and moving farther away from enjoying the game.

What’s the solution?

Stop watching videos and building a piecemeal, fragmented golf swing … or you’ll soon be searching for “how to sell your golf clubs on the internet”.

Go ahead, Be a Player!


Marc Solomon – Your Instructor For Life

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