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From PGA Professional Marc Solomon

Your Success Playing Golf Depends On …

Your success playing golf depends on 4 key factors: how you hit the golf ball, how you putt the golf ball, how you PLAN each hole, as well as how you handle your emotions throughout the 18 holes.

I will tell you that the average Golfer spends a minimum of 70% of their energy/thought on hitting the golf ball better, 20% of their thought on putting, 9% on their PLAN … but probably not even 1% on controlling the emotions you go through in 18 holes of golf.

Yes, of course hitting the golf ball better should be our main priority. The better you hit the golf ball … the better the opportunity you have a making good score.

This is obvious and needs to practiced.

However, I wish I had a dollar for every Golfer that had a swing and putting stroke that was good enough to consistently get into the 80’s … however, was being held back because they had nothing that resembled a PLAN on the golf course that was based on “Strengths and Weaknesses”.

Thus, even though they have the ability to break 90 … they never do because they have no PLAN to overcome the inevitable bad shots we all hit. And because of these bad shots, that were intertwined with some very good shots, they will play their 18 holes on an emotional roller coaster where the frustration of a bad shot will always win over the joy of a good shot.

“Why can’t I play this game?” “Why do I stink so bad?” “I can not believe I am making this so difficult.”

Which, I am sure you would agree, is not the best swing thought over your next golf shot!

Because for some people … all it takes is one bad shot for them to “start leaking oil”. Meaning after that one bad shot – it’s not that they are playing their worst right away. They slowly become more and more down on themselves and their game over the next few holes.

So that round of golf that started with so much hope after being only 1 over par after 4 holes becomes 2 over after 5 holes; 4 over after 6 holes; 6 over after 7; 9 over after 8 and 10 over after 9.

And as someone is surely saying “but Marc, if you’re hitting bad shots … how can you PLAN?” Well, that is the point of having a PLAN. Using a PLAN is not just about hitting good shots … having a PLAN is about your bad shots. Using it to limit the holes that involve a bad shot to a Bogey at the very worst. As opposed to a Double, Triple or Blow-up hole.

The Golfer that struggles to break their personal goal, usually struggles because a “Blow-up Hole” gets in the way. The Golfer usually doesn’t have trouble breaking their “Goal” because they make too many Bogies. The have trouble because they make too many “Big Numbers”.

Now, I am not saying to play for Bogey … not at all. This is to say that by having a PLAN … you will have a better opportunity to limit your worst holes to Bogey as well as increase your opportunities for Pars and Birdies.

Thus, by limiting your worst holes to Bogey … you will be in better control of your emotions throughout the 18 holes.

Your golf swing, putting stroke, PLAN, as well as emotions are more dependent on each than you may think.

If you learn to PLAN (for your game), you will be in better control of your emotions … thus you will have more consistency throughout your round with your golf swing and putting stroke.

Which basically means that two Golfers with similar talent in their swings could have different scores. Thus, that is why you might be “stuck” at 95 while your friend consistently shoots 85.

The Monkey blames 100% of their inconsistency on their golf swing

The Player knows that with a PLAN … they can make the most of what their swing will allow for

Go ahead, Be a Player!


Marc Solomon – Your Instructor For Life

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