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From PGA Professional Marc Solomon

Power, Consistency, Happiness

A common statement we hear from many frustrated Golfers is that they have been told they are using too much of their right side in their golf swing. However, working to take your right side out of your golf swing will hamper you efforts of creating more consistency and power.

For these Golfers, it isn’t that your right side is doing too much … the problem lies with your left side not doing enough. Or in other words — it may appears as if your right side is doing too much only because your left side isn’t doing enough.

Thus, the problem isn’t your right side … it’s your left side.

Though to a less skilled Instructor that doesn’t understand “cause and effect” … it often appears to them that your right side is doing too much. So they tell you to stop using your right side.

And as most right-handers are significantly less coordinated with their left side … they are forced to create compensations with their right side … swing after swing.

Here’s an example to see how much more talented your right side might be compared to your left side: crumple a piece of paper into a ball. Now, with your left hand, throw the paper as far across the room as you can.

Now do it with your right hand. Which hand threw it farther and which hand felt more coordinated with the rest of your body?

What the example above is showing you is that you probably have more strength and coordination with your right side. Not just your right hand, but the whole right side of your body working together to make a throwing motion. When you tried to throw with your left hand, you probably didn’t throw as well.

Now, how does this relate to your golf swing?

You probably use your left side in your golf swing with as much coordination as you used when throwing the paper. This example supports that the issue in your golf swing is that your left side isn’t as talented as your right side.

I guarantee that the winner of this past week’s PGA Tour event uses more right side in his swing than you do. Yet, you might be trying to take your right side out of the golf swing.

But the Tour Player is able to do that because he is also using his left side more than you are. Thus, using his left side allows to him to create power and consistency by really firing through the ball with his right side.

You’ll gain more power and accuracy in your golf swing when both sides of your body are working together to produce an efficient and connected golf swing.

The Monkey is trying to become consistent by not using their strong side

The Player finds their weakness and make it stronger
Go ahead, Be a Player!


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