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Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

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Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

1. Butch Harmon Schools of Golf
2. Dave Pelz Scoring Game School
3. Golf Made Simple Golf Schools

How To Make A Consistent Golf Swing With Your Driver

The Driver is the name of the game and requires a consistent golf swing to be successful. There’s nothing more satisfying than walking off the 18th green knowing that you hit your Driver well all day. In fact, there are times that I play golf just because I want the adrenaline rush that accompanies hitting great drives on the golf course.

To put it bluntly – you need to hit your Driver well to have fun on the golf course. Yes, you can hit your Driver well and still not score well on the golf course. Though, it’s very difficult to score well if you’re hitting your Driver poor – tee shot after tee shot.

So saying that – let’s talk about your Driver and how you can start experiencing the euphoria of great drives. Let’s start out with a little quiz:

When hitting your Driver – should you try to:

A) Swing harder than you swing your pitching wedge

B) Swing easier than you swing your pitching wedge

C) Swing with the same amount of effort as you swing your pitching wedge

Answer C

So, if your Driver is holding you back – it could be caused by the effort you’re putting into swinging your golf club. We often have many Golfers coming to see us either swinging way too hard with their Driver or (and this may surprise many of you) we see almost as many Golfers swinging way too easy with their Driver.

We see the greatest improvement from our Golfers when they learn and understand that if they put the same amount of effort into swinging your Driver as you do with your pitching wedge – that you’ll see incredible improvement in a short time.

Why is this?

Well, let’s start with the swinging too hard problem that many face tee shot after tee shot. Listen, everybody at one time or the other has been accused (or self-accused) of swinging too hard at the golf ball with your Driver. “Oh, dang it – I just tried to kill that golf ball!”

I’m sure Tiger has done the same – so you’re in good company.

It’s frustrating that you know that you shouldn’t swing so hard at the golf ball, yet time after time, slice after slice – we continue to do it! Believe me, there isn’t any way to guarantee that you’ll never swing too hard ever again. Though, there are proven ways to make sure you swing smoother most of the time – or at least 9 out of 10 times.

Though, what about the swinging too easy issue you might be experiencing? There’s a lot more of these type’s of Golfers out there than you may have thought. You actually maybe doing this and not even know it because many times Golfers are swinging too easy – yet it appears to others that you’re swinging too hard.

I guess a simpler way of saying it is these Golfers decelerate their swings when swinging their Driver. Which may come as a shock to many because deceleration is often pegged to other clubs such as wedges (around the green) and putting strokes. Many Golfers can’t imagine that they’re decelerating with their Driver – yet many of you are.

The question that is often asked when this subject is brought up is – “Why would anyone decelerate their Driver?” And the best answer I can give you is that it’s probably because you’ve been accused of swinging too hard too many times. And we all know – it’s been pounded into our heads – that swinging too hard with your Driver is one of the ‘7 Deadly Sins’ we can commit on the golf course. What’s another ‘Deadly Sin’ on the golf course – ‘Thou shall not use your ball retriever to fish for more golf balls after you found yours!’ Once you find it, drop it, hit it and move along. Amen.

So the affect of constantly being told that you’re swinging too hard is that you end up standing over the golf ball wanting to hit a good tee shot, while at the same time you’re convincing yourself to “swing nice ‘n slow, swing nice ‘n slow, swing nice ‘n slow”. It’s almost like you’re trying to hypnotize yourself.

And using the philosophy of – if you hear the same thing over and over, you’ll start believing it – you start to be more and more cautious about swinging too hard.

So to give you a better picture/understanding of what I’m speaking about: There are two ways to decelerate – you could be decelerating your body so that your arms are out racing your body to the golf ball (thus becoming disconnected) or you could be decelerating your arms and having your body out race your arms to the golf ball (also becoming disconnected). Either way – you’re becoming disconnected and causing yourself to lose control of your club, your club face and thus … your golf ball.

Either way – it’ll appear to others that are watching you (and to yourself) that you’re swinging too hard because you lost control. Yet, is it that you’re swinging too hard? Or is it that since your arms are out racing your body (which had decelerated) – it just appears as if your arms are swinging too hard.

Think of it this way – if you’re body didn’t decelerate and was moving along with your arms – you’d hit a great shot and it would appear as if you had made a smooth, fluid, easy golf swing. Yet, because your body slowed down – it makes it appear as if you were swinging your arms too fast. When in reality, your arms were moving at the proper pace.

And the same is true vise versa: if your arms slow down and your body continues to move as it should – others will be telling you that you’re swinging too hard and that “you’re getting way too far ahead of the ball”.

Yet, in reality, all that’s happening is that your arms were decelerating. And because you looked so discombobulated – it appears as if you were swinging harder than you should.

Do you want to become more consistent with your Driver? Learn to control your Pace of Swing. GMS uses more than a few Drills to help Golfers to become more consistent with their Driver. The Golfers that continue to practice these Drills see tremendous improvement off the tee with their Driver. Tremendous Improvement!

Now, I obviously can’t get into great detail here in this format – so I’ll go through a few fairly quickly. The first is almost always mentioned in the Testimonials we receive and display on our website and in Golf Improvement Weekly – simply “Tick Tock”. The Golfers that are serious about “Tick Tock” – improve dramatically. The Golfers that aren’t committed about it still improve – though maybe not as much as the ones that are serious about it. So simply – get serious and stay committed to your “Tick Tock”.

The second is the Half Swing Driver Drill. I can’t think of a better way to warm-up than Half Swing Drivers. The control that you achieve over your Driver using the Half Swing Driver Drill when it’s a part of the 29 Ball Warm-up is incredible. In fact, I know one Golfer that has improved dramatically that says that he attributes the 29 Ball Warm-up to being one of the main reasons he was so much more consistent in 2008 than ever before. And he maybe the world’s biggest advocate for the Half Swing Driver Drill!

The third is the Alternating Clubs Drill. What we have found is that Golfer’s that are constantly practicing with their lower number clubs and then gradually moving up to their longer clubs and eventually to their Driver – get into the habit of swinging each club harder and harder. And then after they discover they’re swinging their Driver too hard – they move into the decelerating debacle I mentioned above.

The Alternating Clubs Drill allows the Golfer to feel as if every club is being swung with the same amount of effort. It’s amazing how this Drill allows a Golfer to swing the club more controlled in a short period of time. And because of this, its fun to watch our Golfers smile again as they walk up to the 1st tee in anticipation of hitting a good Driver as opposed to glum and hesitant about hitting another you know what.

And it’s even more fun watching that same Golfer hit a fantastic Driver, and then walk off the tee feeling great about their golf game, their golf swing and their Driver – as opposed to you know what.

Saying that – It’s amazing to me that with the success that Golfers see with the GMS program – that people choose others methods. When other programs are struggling so badly that they are constantly lowering prices to get customers because they never have any returnees – GMS had a record 2008. And that record can be attributed to the hundreds of returning Golfers and the friends they brought back with them.

And there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a Golfer that comes back to see us and who says something along the lines of – “I had so much fun playing Golf this past year and I attribute it all to GMS, the Drills and the PLAN you gave me.”

So if you come to see us in what remains of 2008 or in 2009 – we’re continuing our commitment to helping Golfers continually improve their golf games. You can trust that in addition to all the GMS Drills (some mentioned above), we’re still leading the Golf Instruction Industry in developing and improving our program so that our Golfers continue to improve at the fastest rate in the business.

Our belief at GMS is – ‘When you succeed in Golf – we succeed in Golf!’ Therefore we want to see you play your best golf ever!

Many Golfers swing too hard, then swing too easy, then swing too hard, then …

The Player finds consistency with their Driver by swinging all clubs the same

Go ahead, be a Player!


Marc Solomon – Your Instructor For Life

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