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Is Your Golf Swing More Physical Or Mental?

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Are you frank about your swing skills?
Or do your expectations of how you should play … often exceed how you play?

Playing golf while expectations are higher than skill … can work temporarily … as you may play up to expectations for maybe 5 out of the 18 holes

Yet, what’s happening on the other 13 holes?

As your expectations of how you hit the ball aren’t met … your swing inconsistency surfaces … regardless of how much effort you put into swinging better

Your golf swing is a combination of physical and mental … yet, Golfers have been hypnotized to believe it’s all physical. It’s NOT

Learning to combine the physical and mental … is the only way you’ll ever play up to your expectations … and this applies to all levels of Golfers

Your swing isn’t close to being 100% physical … trying to improve by solely working on your swing mechanics is fruitless and frustrating

Discover your best golf at Golf Made Simple … by learning to combine your physical and mental swing … you’ll find your best swing

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