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Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

1. Butch Harmon Schools of Golf
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3. Golf Made Simple Golf Schools

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Go Ahead ... Be A Player

Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

1. Butch Harmon Schools of Golf
2. Dave Pelz Scoring Game School
3. Golf Made Simple Golf Schools

Your Golf Swing With Your Driver

What is the secret to hitting your Driver? Or in other words – Why is it that some Golfers can calmly grip their Driver while standing next to the golf ball, set-up and make a great golf swing? While others have no confidence as soon as they get their Driver in their hands … as they start to develop a twitch with just the thought of having to hit their Driver on a narrow Par 5.

So is there a secret or golf tip that allows some Golfers to enjoy their Driver? We have found that secrets and golf tips have as much worth as a 2 week old losing lottery ticket. There’s no reason to even look at it as it’s probably worthless. However, when the Golfer first hears a new tip … you have as much hope and dreams as you do just after you buy the lottery ticket.

“This is the tip, the secret that is going to bring my golf swing together” equals “This lottery ticket is my ticket to fame and fortune … when I win, the first thing I will buy is a …”

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming – but a lottery ticket has a 1 in 170,000,000 chance of winning … and unfortunately the same odds hold true for that golf tip you saw in Golf Digest last month! A winning golf swing is earned by working on proven techniques that build upon each other. Just as you start building a house with a good foundation and work your way up to the top – that house wasn’t started until an architect (and an engineer) created a building plan.

Yet, unfortunately – most Golf Instruction doesn’t start with a PLAN. It starts with you hitting golf balls and the golf pro just improvising from there. And that is why most Golfers aren’t satisfied with their improvement after most of their golf lessons!

If you work with an Instructor that has a PLAN – you will improve. If you work with an Instructor that is improvising – you’d have better odds playing the Mega-Millions Lottery! What’s the percentage of lessons that are improvised? My professional estimate is … over 99%. How do I base my estimate? Because the Golfers that we have surveyed about their prior golf lessons (pre-GMS) – what do you think is the percentage that rated their lessons as – “has helped my game”? The answer is pretty close to the same as your chances of winning the lottery.

So where do you start your PLAN for a better golf swing?

We believe that one of the first major steps in becoming a great driver of the golf ball is for you to understand your Pace of Swing. We too often see Golfers either swinging too hard at the golf ball … or we see Golfers that are so “snake bitten” by swinging too hard, that they actually decelerate with their Driver as they swing towards the golf ball.

The above (of trying to hit one golf ball too hard – then hitting the next one too easy) often happens because of the following scenario:

You take out your Driver because it’s a Par 5 and you feel that you have to hit a long distance because “par 5’s are long”. However, because you might’ve tried to use a little too much power … it results in a bad shot into the trees on the right.

The next hole (after making an 8 on the par 5), you stand up on the tee thinking “I need to swing easier on this one – I need to stop trying to kill the ball”. So you swing the club back at a normal speed … but you catch yourself just before starting your downswing and consciously slow down your golf swing so you don’t swing as hard. Thus, resulting in a shot where your body becomes disconnected with your arms (as you try to slow down), causing you to hit the golf ball high, to the right and very short.

Swing too hard on one hole – and then hitting a weak shot to the right on the next. Hmmm, do you know any Golfers that have that tendency?

Now, even more importantly, what do you do when you get to the next tee? Will you go back to swinging too hard or go back to swinging too easy?

We have found that in order for someone to become more consistent with their Driver … they first need to become more consistent with their Pace of Swing. Because the timing of your golf swing is directly linked to your Pace of Swing. So if your Pace of Swing is changing every swing … your timing is changing every swing.

And if you’re timing is changing – then it is impossible to coordinate your golf swing so that your clubface is hitting the golf ball the same on every swing. Swinging a little harder on one swing will cause your golf club to approach the golf ball on one swing path/angle, as well as effect how your clubface impacts the golf ball. Swinging too easy on another swing – completely changes the swing path/angle, as well as the clubface.

Which explains your inconsistency with your Driver! On one golf swing the club is approaching the golf ball one way. On the next swing it’s approaching another. And the next golf swing … it’s approaching the golf ball another way. A golf tip from Golf Digest or the Golf Channel isn’t going to help you correct this inconsistency!

The only way to fix your inconsistency is to have a PLAN. Golf Lessons that improvise will see one or two golf swings that work … but the results will not last because those lessons are basically tips or band-aids. You need a PLAN to build your swing if you want to become more consistent!

Now, here’s a powerful statement that I believe you should heed: Most Golfers that try to smooth out their golf swing only become more “herky jerky” … less smooth.

This is because smooth is often misinterpreted to mean a slower swing … swinging smooth is nothing more than another impotent golf tip. Many Golfers that are trying to swing smooth, do so by trying to slow down their back swing. But they soon find out that the slower they start their backswing … the harder they have to make their forward swing. Because if you’re going slow on the way back and then you continue to swing slow on the way forward … the golf ball will not go very far when you hit it.

So this Golfer starts developing an even more inconsistent golf swing. Because now their golf swing becomes: sssllllloooowwwww fast. Swinging back sssllllloooowwwww – swinging forward fast. Thus, you see a lot of Golfers lunging at the golf ball or staying too far back and throwing their hands at the golf ball. Whatever your compensation is on that golf swing … your chances of a good golf shot are of equal worth as that 2 week old lottery ticket you found while cleaning out your desk drawer.

At GMS, we believe that the easiest club to hit should be your Driver. Why? Because first – you have the best lie you’ll ever have. The ball is teed up above the ground … plus, you have the choice of how high. You could put it 1 inch above the ground or 3 inches above the ground, and anywhere in between.

The ground you’re standing on is the most level stance you’ll have on the golf course. Plus, you can place the tee in the ground anywhere between the tee markers.

Then add to the fact that you have the golf club with the biggest clubface to hit the golf ball with. It should be the easiest club to hit.

However, I’m sure there are many Golfers that struggle with their Driver that will argue or debate with us about the Driver being the easiest club to hit. And I understand why you feel that way if you have had bad experiences with your Driver.

In addition, there are also Golfers that are thinking that they have taken many golf lessons to improve their Driver and could never make the results stick. Well, you should just put that done to bad golf lessons that were improvised … as opposed to the Instructor having a proven PLAN.

Don’t think that just because you can’t hit your Driver well, that it means it’s difficult. It shouldn’t be difficult … and we have the Testimonials from 1,000’s of Golfers saying that GMS has the PLAN for you to improve!

The Monkey depends on their lottery ticket subscription (Golf Digest) for tips and secrets

The Player just keeps improving week after week as they continually work their PLAN

Go ahead, come to GMS and learn to become a Player

Marc Solomon – Your Instructor For Life

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