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Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

1. Butch Harmon Schools of Golf
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3. Golf Made Simple Golf Schools

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Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

1. Butch Harmon Schools of Golf
2. Dave Pelz Scoring Game School
3. Golf Made Simple Golf Schools

Golf Lessons & Golf Grips?

We recently had a Golfer come to see us that was in a state of confusion about their golf game. And it seems that some of the prior golf lessons that he had, had brought him to the point that he was close to quitting golf. This Golfer had taken lessons every year for the last 4 years (obviously not with GMS) with the hope of improving and had yet improved. “I’ve been to 4 different Instructors and have been told to hold the golf club 4 different ways. Apparently, each Instructor I went to didn’t hold the previous Instructor’s lesson in high regards.”

Doesn’t that often seem to be the case – almost every Golfer that goes to see an Instructor basically hears how their previous Instructor has told you all the wrong things. The story often goes down like this – “You’re taking the club too much inside on your backswing.” “Oh, I was doing that because my last Instructor told me I was taking it too far outside on my backswing and needed to come more inside.” “No way, I don’t know what they are talking about – you’re way too inside. I can’t believe they told you that!”

And what happens is that the Golfer that is just trying to hit the golf ball a little better gets caught up in hearing about how bad their last Instructor was. And now you’re stuck between trying to do what your last Instructor told you to do (the thing you’ve been practicing your butt off doing for the last 6 months) vs. doing something that this new Instructor insists you need to do (which in fact sounds like the polar opposite of what your previous Instructor said). So in a nutshell: what many Golfers experience while taking a golf lesson – isn’t the love and joy you were hoping to achieve with your golf swing. And that’s unfortunate.

It’s no wonder most Golfers get worse after a 30 minute golf lesson.

Now, why is it that whenever you go for a golf lesson, almost every Instructor has a different grip they like to see on all the Golfers they work with? Yet, while most Instructors are saying that the grip is the most important aspect of the golf swing – how can that be the case when there are so many different grips being used on the PGA Tour? And when I say this, I don’t just mean whether they have an interlocking grip or overlapping grip or a ten finger grip – I also mean that some have their left hand more on top of the grip, some more on the side, and many have their left hand somewhere in between.

Yet, your latest in a line of Instructors seems to think that you need to turn your left hand a few degrees to the right – “Your left hand is too weak. It needs to be more on top of the club. You need a stronger grip” “Ok, but my last Instructor said that my left hand was too strong and that it needed to be more on the side of the grip.” “No, it can’t be on the side – nobody has their left hand on the side!” “Well, he showed me a picture of Ben Hogan’s grip and said it needs to be weak and on the side like Hogan’s. Why was Hogan able to hit the golf ball so well with his left hand like that?”

It’s unfortunate that this has to happen – 1. because now you’re in an awkward position (do I change again or stay with what I have – I want to improve, but grip changes always set me back a few months). 2. although Golf Instructor after Golf Instructor says that the grip is the most important part of the golf swing – how can it be that important to have my hands set in this exact spot if so many of the Tour Pros have their hands in different spots and yet are successful. 3. you can bet everything you have in the bank that the grip this Instructor is teaching you is the same exact grip that Instructor uses him/herself. But does that make it right for you?

Yes, you do need to have a hold of the golf club which will allow you to have control over the golf club and club face. Yes, you need to worry about whether you’re holding it too tight or too loose (too tight can lead to tension and too loose can lead to losing control of the golf club). However, 7.999 out of every 8 Golfers that come to see us has a grip that’s fine and doesn’t need any changing at all. The number of Golfers that we have seen that have been through grip changes because an Instructor has told them to change – is embarrassing!

It’s like one of the Testimonials you’ll see in this Golf Improvement Weekly that’s from a Golfer that has come to see us twice. The First time she came to see us – she made significant improvement in her game. Yet, because she had another Instructor that she was working with back home before seeing GMS – she went back to that Instructor hoping to continue the improvement she made with GMS. Well, what do you think happened after seeing that other Instructor?

She got worse. Much worse. She was told that everything that GMS did (the stuff that helped her improve) wasn’t the right way to do it. And that Instructor tried to switch her golf swing back to his method. Why did see listen to this Instructor after improving so much with GMS? Lord only knows. Though she did and her game got worse. However, because she did see so much improvement with GMS the first time – she came back the next year to see us again. And now after going through the GMS Program again – she’s playing better than ever. Go ahead and read what she had to say. It’s not the first time we’ve heard a story like this.

The point is – too many Golf Instructors have egos that are too big. And unfortunately Golfers like you get caught up in the battle of who’s a better Instructor – “this is the correct way; that other Instructor was telling you all the wrong things.” So if anyone is going to get a Golf Lesson – maybe the first question you should ask the Golf Instructor is: “What percentage of Golfers that come to see you need a grip change?” Or “what percentage of Golfers that you see need to adjust their backswing?” Or better yet – ask them “will I have to get worse before I get better?”

Because if they give you a number that’s more than 10% for either of the first two questions or yes to the third question – walk away and don’t look back. Oh, and by the way; just as a FYI; if they use the word “most” instead of giving you a number – that means more than 10%.

If they answer with a number that’s more than 10%, you probably have an Instructor that has a swing method that’s based on everybody swinging the same way. It’s amazing how many Instructors we have run across that say each person should have there own individual golf swing – yet this same Instructor ends up teaching everybody the same swing. So if their answer is more than 10% – that probably means they have a picture of a golf swing in their head that they want everyone to look like when they swing.

If they say that you need to get worse before you get better – that just says that they’re not a talented enough Instructor to see what the Strengths in your golf swing are and what the Weaknesses in your golf swing are. And then be able to use your Strengths to improve your Weaknesses. Because a talented Instructor will be able to work with your Strengths to help you improve – without you having to get worse at all.

Yet, all a less talented Instructor can sense is that since you have never taken a lesson from them before – that you’re not using their swing method yet. So you’ll need to change your golf swing to conform to their swing method. And based on their experience of how many Golfers they have seen that have struggled trying to learn their swing method – they know that you’re going to get worse.

It all goes back to using a Results Based Approach versus using a Theories and Assumptions Based Approach.

The Monkey is stuck using Theories and Assumptions

The Player improves using Results
Go ahead, be a Player!


Marc Solomon – Your Instructor For Life

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