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Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

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Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

1. Butch Harmon Schools of Golf
2. Dave Pelz Scoring Game School
3. Golf Made Simple Golf Schools

How To Fix A Leaky Golf Swing

Not being able to hit the ball well on the golf course is like being seasick 100 miles out in the ocean … as you have 4+ hours of agony ahead of you before getting off that rocky boat onto solid ground.

Now, getting off that swaying boat to a steady golf swing isn’t always as difficult as Golfers make it.

We have found that Golfers who feel that they have multiple swing issues – often have just one Primary Swing Fault that leads them to creating Multiple Compensations. So the answer to improving starts with finding the one issue in your golf swing that’s causing you to become inconsistent.

As opposed to working on three or four small issues like keeping your head down, left arm straight, coming over the top and following through.

Because, if diagnosed correctly by a superior Golf Instructor – all those swing issues will be eliminated when the Primary Swing Fault is fixed. And to reiterate … those 4 issues above are never Primary Swing Faults … they are Compensations that can only be eliminated when the main issue is corrected.

An analogy to how you should think about fixing your golf swing would be the same as if the shower on the 2nd floor of your home had a small leak and the water got under the tile. The longer that leak is left unfixed … the more problems that will be created in other areas of your house (swing).

Eventually, the ceiling of the living room directly below the shower would start dripping. And as that ceiling starts to saturate, the water would then drip into your kitchen. If the primary leak is still left untreated, the water would start dripping into your dining room.

So now you have water leaking into three rooms (multiple swing compensations created by one Primary Swing Fault).

What’s the first thing you need to work on?

Unfortunately, many Golfers and Instructors, would first fix the ceiling in each room to attempt to stop the dripping. Just as they try to fix a moving head, a bent left arm, an outside to in swing and not following through.

While the smart move would be to first find the primary leak. Because when that primary problem is fixed … it’s amazing how the other leaks would magically go away. Yes, you might have to do a little ceiling work – however, it’s a lot easier when the primary leak is fixed.

It’s truly the same with your golf swing.

Find the Primary Swing Fault, fix it, and then the other swing compensations will slowly dry-up and disappear. However, from what we see with many Golfers that come to our program – Golfers are trying to fix all the easy to find leaks in their golf swing instead of the primary leak.

The frustrated Golfer spends more time trying to repair their swing … rather than actually improving their swing.

Meaning, instead of permanently fixing the Primary Swing Fault that is causing all the compensations … most Golfers are spending their practice time working on tips to fix the compensations. Why? Because the Primary Swing Fault is not as easy to find as the compensations. Just as it’s easier to see where each ceiling is dripping versus digging a little deeper to find where the initial leak is coming from … the same is true in your golf swing.

For example: it’s easy to see that you picked up your head … any Monkey can see when that happens. Though, what’s important is finding out the Primary Swing Fault that is causing you to pick up your head.

That should be the question rather than another half hour lesson that amounts to nothing more than – “I see your problem, you have water dripping from your ceiling”.

Whereas most Golfers are relegated to spending all their time trying to fix the patchwork they have created in their swing … they never have time to work on improvement – they’re too focused on repairs.

Spend more time digging deeper to find the source of your swing problems as that will allow you to have more time dedicated to improving your golf swing.

The Monkey is spending their time fixing the drips in their swing … which causes even more problems

The Player knows that by fixing their Primary Swing Fault … they eliminate all the drips

Go ahead, become a Player!


Marc Solomon – Your Instructor For Life

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