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Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

1. Butch Harmon Schools of Golf
2. Dave Pelz Scoring Game School
3. Golf Made Simple Golf Schools

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Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

1. Butch Harmon Schools of Golf
2. Dave Pelz Scoring Game School
3. Golf Made Simple Golf Schools

Easier Said than Done” or “Easier Done than Said

In golf these days there’s a lot of “Easier said than Done” claims being made (if you know what I mean). And it can be confusing when you’re constantly being flooded with advice on how to improve your scores. So you need to determine which products are going to help you and which are a waste of your valuable time and even worse – which are going to “mess you up.”

The $1,000,000 Question is – Why aren’t you playing golf as well as you feel you should be? Maybe it’s because the advice that’s been given to you is from the “Easier Said than Done” approach of Golf Instruction. Golf isn’t an easy game and many people will try anything to improve their scores, so you get caught up with all the “Easier Said than Done” Golf Instruction. And your game starts going in the wrong direction down a “one way street” of disappointing scores.

Do you want to know what I believe is the best way for you to constantly improve your game? I believe that improving your golf game and playing the golf you want to play can be – “Easier Done than Said”. Yes – I mean to say “Easier Done than Said.” Improving your game and your confidence on the golf course can be accomplished without having to reinvent yourself. You just need to know where to look and then where to focus your attention. In other words – have a PLAN for improvement.

Many times golfers see a golf tip and say “I need to try that.” And then you see another and say “This is what I need to do for my game!” Then you see yet another tip that you “need to try tomorrow” and pretty soon you’re now collecting “tips” like some people collect stamps. And then your game starts to slowly fall apart, so you start taking different golf lessons from different people and your game doesn’t get any better. And then you ask yourself – “Why can’t I get better? Am I ever going to improve or should I just live with the fact that this is as good as I’m going to get.”

So my question to you is – “What are you looking for when you say you want to improve your Golf Game?” Are you looking for another “Easier Said than Done“ claim – Or are you wanting improvement that is based on Proven Results!

“Have you heard any ‘Easier Said than Done’ Golf Instruction lately while watching television?” It’s like the claims – “Come see us and we’ll help you to hit the ball longer and straighter” – “We’ll help you to make more putts” – “We’ll help you to improve your swing” – “We’ve developed a new golf swing that automatically hit’s the ball perfect every time” This is all bad stuff you need to avoid because it’s all “Easier Said than Done” stuff.

So what is Golf Improvement that’s “Easier Done than Said”? It’s saying that if you have a PLAN for improving, you will improve! It means that you have a RESULTS based PLAN to improve your game. It means – “Give me the facts about improving my game – I’m tired of listening to all this fluff that says just come see us and you’ll automatically improve your game.”

The “Easier Said than Done” approach that most golfers take (and get frustrated with as they don‘t improve) – says that you need to hit 1000’s of golf balls to improve and if you don’t improve, you need to take more lessons and hit more golf balls. And even after hitting those 1000’s of extra golf balls, it doesn’t guarantee that after all those hours of practice, that you’re going to get better. “Easier Said than Done” is the approach that I see many of the businesses in the Golf Instruction Industry preaching to you in the hopes that they can get your attention. They’re playing with the emotions of 1000’s of golfers that would do anything to play better. “I’ll do anything! I just want to play better!” Have you ever said that before?

“Easier Done than Said” means improving is more readily accomplished if you have a PLAN. What type of PLAN? Well, if you’re a 95-golfer that wants to break 90 consistently, you might use the following example as the basis for your PLAN: “I average 95 for 18-holes. I want to take 10-strokes off my game and I know I’m capable of doing it. Where do I start?”

You start by knowing what the 85-Golfers does to be able to get that score on a consistent basis. And then you try to play like an 85-Golfer. What unfortunately happens is the 95-Golfer thinks they need to play like the 75-Golfer and because their skill isn’t that of the 75-Golfer, they make bad decisions and try to play shots they aren’t capable of playing on a consistent basis. So the 95-Golfer continually ends up with a couple of 7’s and 8’s on their scorecard – that cancel out the Pars you worked so hard to get.

Then because you can’t seem to get out of your usual range of scores in the 90’s, the 95-Golfer starts to use the “Easier Said than Done” approach to Golf Instruction, by saying – “All I need to do is rework my swing, I’ll get my swing videotaped and the Pro will tell me what’s wrong with it, then I’ll go to the range, hit 1000’s of golf balls and practice my new swing. Then I’ll be able to hit more Fairways, hit the ball farther and I’ll shoot my 85.” And you know what this approach is, it‘s “Easier Said than Done”. Or in other words – “It’s Continual Frustration”.

The Golfer that will “break-out” of their usual scoring range and transform themselves into a 85-Golfer uses the “Easier Done than Said” approach of having a PLAN and by saying – “Golf Made Simple has done research and found that the 85-golfer hits 6-fairways a round, that’s only 2-more fairways than I (the 95-Golfer) currently hit. So if I hit my Driver just as good as the 85-golfer, and I hit 2-more fairways a round, it isn’t going to automatically improve my score 10-strokes. Though being in the fairway 2-more times during a round can help me improve 2-strokes – which is a start.”

“Also, Golf Made Simple has found that the 85-golfer has 35-putts during a round of golf, that’s only 4-putts less than I (the 95-golfer) average per round. So if I improve my putting by only 4-strokes and I improve my Driving to just get 2 more balls in the fairway – I’m over halfway to my goal of 85. I’ve now improved 6-strokes and I’m breaking 90 on a consistent basis!”

And because you now have started to develop your PLAN, you’re on your way to becoming a consistent 85-Golfer and instead of just beating golf balls on the range “hoping to hit everyone straight!” – You now know that with every swing you take, you’re scores are going to improve.

So you see – There is a reason why “92% of Golfers scoring between 90 and 100, improved 6 to 11 strokes” with Golf Made Simple. That’s because we have a PLAN for you! We do research on how golfers improve and why they don‘t improve. And the research says that when you have a PLAN for improving, you will improve – and that’s “Easier Done than Said!”

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