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From PGA Professional Marc Solomon

It’s Your Decision To End Blow-up Holes

Would you agree or disagree that the PGA Tour Player has a better golf swing, is better at reading the golf course based on their strengths and weaknesses, as well as being more in control of their emotions from getting too low during a round than the average Golfer?

One reason (of many) they’re better equipped is they have the luxury of listening to the advice of their caddie to help them make decisions on the golf course. Who’s advice are you listening to on the golf course?

As most Golfers do not play with a caddie at their side to give the voice of reason, they rarely have the following conversation: “Bob, it’s about 200 yards to carry that stream of water in front of the green. And I do know you have the ability to hit some good shots with your 3 wood. However, I’m not convinced you could hit a shot where the ball stays straight and in the air for over 200 yards … more than 5 times out of 10 attempts.”

Without that voice of reason, most Golfers would take their 3 wood and “roll the dice”. And at least 50% of the time … you’ll end up with a blow-up hole that scars your scorecard. As well as starting a downward spiral over the next few holes.

Do you know anyone like that?

Did you just suddenly lose your golf swing on that one 3 wood shot? Or could this be caused by not “caddying” yourself around the golf course? To play consistent golf, you need to be a complete Player. And to be a complete Player … you also need to be a non-biased caddie to yourself on the golf course.

If you had a good caddie, he/she would’ve looked at alternative shots and worked to convince you to use those alternative plans. And you would’ve probably survived by making a par or at worst a bogey … as opposed to the 8 that blemish’s your scorecard.

And subsequently playing the next 3 holes in double bogey, double bogey, triple bogey.

The scary aspect is that most Golfers can’t fathom how many bad decisions they’re making every round of golf. The PLAN most Golfers are making on the golf course has nothing to do with playing to their strengths and away from their weaknesses. Your decisions are being influenced by watching other Golfers … rather than by your own skills and flaws.

To back that bold statement up – when we’re on the golf course each afternoon for our 9 holes of On-course Instruction, we always ask our Golfers before each shot: “What’s your PLAN here?”

The answers often leave us speechless with the shots our Golfers want to play even after our advice on a smarter, alternative PLAN. “Do you realize your chances of getting on that green are at best 3 times out of 10. Which means you’re ending in a Danger Zone … at least 7 times out of 10.”

Thus, you’re over 2 times more likely to end up with a Blow-up Hole!

For example: with a Golfer that can hit their 3 wood over 200 yards in the air and straight 5 times out of 10 on the driving range … would their percentage of good shots increase or decrease on the golf course with water in front of them or trees to the right or a deep sand bunker abutting the green?

In golf, it’s much easier to work yourself into a bad streak vs. getting yourself into a good streak. These bad decisions that you don’t even know that you’re making are causing you to negatively affect your golf swing and your ability to become consistent.

Someone might say: “how can one bad decision lead me to making multiple bad golf swings?” Well, it’s natural after hitting a bad shot to want to make up for it on your next golf swing … which is just putting more pressure on yourself. Thus contributing to another bad shot … which puts even more pressure on your next golf swing. Etc., etc., etc.

Now multiply that scenario by 18 holes! How can you possibly expect to become more consistent when your anxiety is building every hole?

The Monkey is going to blame their golf swing and run home to read Golf Digest

The Player caddies himself/herself to a better golf game

Go ahead, learn your game and become a Player!


Marc Solomon – Your Instructor For Life


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