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A Better Golf Swing Using Simple Improvements

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There’s nothing like the expectation of standing on the tee feeling confident that you’re going to make a nice, smooth golf swing that produces a great drive down the middle of the fairway. Being able to watch the golf ball sail through the air as it splits the fairway is worth everything and anything!

That’s what we want every time we step on the tee. It’s what I want, it’s what Tiger wants, it’s what Annika wants – and I’m sure it is what you want.

And I believe the answer of how you’ll be able to hit that golf shot more consistently – goes back to the following four details: 1. your skill level; 2. the use of a PLAN on the golf course; 3. having a Driver that’s fitted to your golf swing; 4. and quite possibly the most important … having the ability to forget about the checklist of mechanics in your golf swing while standing over the golf ball and just letting it go naturally.

The million dollar question is – how can we do it more often?

And all it takes is the smallest of improvements in any of those four facets – and you’ll see improvement with your tee shots.

Now saying that – I expect the comments of: 1. “That’s easier said than done”; 2. “What does a PLAN matter if I don’t know where I’m going to hit the golf ball”; 3. “How am I supposed to know what Driver I should have”; 4. “Well, I’m not that good – so I need to think about my swing mechanics during my swing if I want to hit the golf ball”.

All seem to be valid responses at first glance – however, if you let those responses get in the way – you’re pretty much blocking yourself of having any chance to see improvement.

1. If you needed to improve your skill level, what can you do? The obvious answer is to learn what you need to improve in your golf swing from a successful Instructor that has helped many Golfers (of your skill level) improve. Then practice those improvements under the watchful eye of that Instructor. If you want to know why that last sentence is so important – click here to read last week’s Golf Improvement Weekly about The 30 Minute Golf Lesson.

2. If you don’t have a PLAN for the golf course – develop one by understanding what your ball flight tendencies are. This PLAN should be developed by first knowing that a huge aspect of your PLAN is that it’ll help you to be prepared for your bad shots. Because the 2nd most important reason for having a PLAN is that it allows you to make sure that bad shots don’t put you in bad places. Once you have developed your PLAN … put it into action ASAP.

3. Having a Driver that’s fitted to your golf swing is something that’s alien to most Golfers. As most Golfers just go to a golf store and buy a Driver because of the brand name. They then select the actual Driver they purchase based on whether the shaft says Ladies, Regular, Firm or Stiff. Yet, a Regular shaft from one company is usually a different flex than a Regular shaft from another company. Thus, most Golfers have a Driver that’s completely wrong for their golf swing.

4. And what may be the most important of all – learning how to give yourself permission to allow yourself to let the swing go. Thinking of your swing mechanics while on the tee is the proverbial “kiss of death”. To improve in this area – you should adopt the habit of only thinking of swing mechanics on the practice tee and only when you need to work on some corrections.

Now, if you started to make the smallest improvement in just one of those four categories – you’ll see pretty good improvements in your Driver. If you made a small improvement in two of those categories – you’ll see bigger improvements in your tee shots. And the amount of improvement will become even greater if you made small improvements in all 4 of the above.

However, I have to implore you not to discount the positives of learning how to stand over the golf ball without the need to think about your golf swing. To be able to learn how to only think about your “Pace of Swing” and the target – means to literally get the Monkey out of your head. And this might be the best thing to happen to any Golfer!

All of the above examples require only the smallest of improvements. The bigger the improvements you make – the bigger and better your tee shots will become. On-the-other-hand, one of the biggest flaws I see with the common Golfer is that they feel they need to make major changes in their golf swing in order to see any improvement.

Don’t get stuck in that trap!

I know Golfers that have been stuck in that way of thinking for years – and haven’t improved their tee shots for longer than they can remember.

Do you know anyone like that?

Improvement can be easy if you go about it in a simple way. Yet, improvement is difficult if you go about it like most Golfers do.

The Monkey tries to make big changes in their golf swing at one time and often ends up not improving

The Player knows that working on small, simple concepts will lead to big, consistent improvements

What strategy have you employed?

Go ahead, be a Player!


Marc Solomon – Your Instructor For Life

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