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Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

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Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

1. Butch Harmon Schools of Golf
2. Dave Pelz Scoring Game School
3. Golf Made Simple Golf Schools

Better Backswing For Consistent Golf Swing

The primary area that Golfers sabatoge any potential of a good shot is in their backswing. This part of your golf swing sets up the body to allow it to move through the golf ball to produce a good golf shot.

However, when your backswing isn’t fundamentally correct … you’ll start making compensations as soon as you start your forward swing – producing inconsistency.

Unfortunately for you, most golf lessons are based on trying to fix issues you have in your forward swing. Things like: coming over the top; casting; staying on your back foot; picking up your head; being unable to follow-through; not swinging with enough power; etc.

Yet, all these issues can’t be fixed until you find the root cause of these bad habits. These are not just swing issues that pop-up. These are issues caused by something that you’re not doing in your backswing … that is causing you to compensate with these problems.

So basically, anytime you have a lesson that is 100% focused on your forward swing … it’s pretty much a band-aid lesson that won’t have much positive effect on your golf swing after you leave the lesson. Because if your backswing isn’t moving correctly … you’ll just go right back to these other compensations.

Now of course, there will be people that think I’m writing nonsense because they have been working on fixing their “over the top … outside to in swing” for years. And that’s what every Pro and everyone of their golf friends has told them is wrong with their swing. Yet, if that was the real reason for your inconsistency … wouldn’t you have fixed it by now?

We have seen it over and over and over with the Golfers that come to see us. They are constantly working on their forward swing without much improvement. Yet, when they start to improve their backswing … the issues in their forward swing start to slowly disappear. And they start hitting the best shots of their life with less effort.

Though, it is often difficult for many Golfers to create a better backswing because of the tightness in their back. Thus, when these Golfers try to make a bigger backswing that involves more of their shoulders and core … they hit terrible shots.

This can be attributed to your body not allowing you to move effectively enough on your backswing. Which means that if you do try to use more body (and less arms) … you start to create unwanted compensations such as: swaying too much; over turning your hips so that your weight actually moves to your front foot; excessive tilting of the shoulders; bending of the left arm; regripping of the club at the top of the swing; standing up (losing your posture); etc.

And then these compensations cause you to create even more compensations on your forward swing. As it’s the only way to overcome the bad positioning of your body caused by your lack of flexibility to make a good backswing.

Thus, you’re now an inconsistent, frustrated Golfer that’s perplexed why you can’t consistently hit good shots.

Maybe you know someone like this?

So, in our effort to continually help Golfers to enjoy playing golf … as opposed to regretting it … we have created another video on how to increase your flexibility. This drill will begin to loosen your upper back and allow you to start making a better backswing — instantly. Seriously … you’ll instantly (within the first 2 minutes) start to feel a release in your upper back that corresponds with being able to make a more physically correct backswing.

As opposed to creating compensations (because of your tightness) that will lead to even more compensations on your forward swing.

And remember — “Compensations Equal Inconsistency”.

The more compensations you create … the more inconsistency you experience. You can use this drill to start eliminating the compensations you’re most likely creating in your backswing … plus, this will help you to start to get rid of the compensations in your forward swing.

Click here to see our new video –

The Monkey will continue to search for tips to cure their ills

The Player understands their golf swing is often limited to what their body will allow

Go ahead, be a Player!


Marc Solomon – Your Instructor For Life


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