Who Is Your GMS Instructor?

Who Is Your GMS Instructor

All our Golf Made Simple Instructors are currently in the PGA’s Professional Golf Management program, graduated a 4 year PGA Professional Golf Management Program at a university, or have graduated from the Golf Academy of America’s 16 month training program … and teach exclusively for Golf Made Simple.

In addition to this aforementioned training, all our Golf Instructors have also completed our own 5 week Instructor Training Program held at our corporate headquarters in Palm Desert, California. Our Instructor Training Program is an intensive agenda consisting of training from our Director of Instructors for 8 hours a day, 6 days a week for 5 weeks.

Our Instructors do not lead a Golf Made Simple School until they finish the 5 Week GMS Golf Instructor Training Program! This ensures consistency and quality in the instruction that Golfers coming to see us will receive.

Our Instructors are the ‘face of our company’ … they determine your experience with GMS … so we make sure they’re the best prepared Instructor/Coach you’ve experienced!

Our Beliefs Of What A GMS Instructor Represents:

  1. Your Instructor is Your Coach: We will help you develop your PLAN during your Instruction each day to help you improve your golf game. Then each afternoon, you will go out for 6 holes of On-course Instruction where your Instructor will keep you focused on your PLAN. This will allow you to take your improved golf swing back home.
  2. Your Golf Made Simple Instructor Will NOT Try To Change Your Golf Swing: We work with your swing to help you develop more consistency. We understand that it is almost impossible, and certainly useless, to try to change your golf swing. We want to work with you to help you make your golf swing better!
  3. Your Golf Made Simple Instructor Believes That You Should Be Constantly Improving: We do not agree with the old saying of “you’ll get worse before you get better!” Our Instructors know that you can improve without having to get frustrated. So rest assured, you will see signs of improvement within 15 minutes of starting on Day One. Your Golf Made Simple trainer offers golf swing instruction that ensures you are constantly improving!
  4. Your Golf Made Simple Instructor Is Your Friend: We will be there to congratulate you on your great shots, and to provide support, encouragement and improvements after the “not-so-great” shots!
  5. Your Golf Made Simple Instructor Is Your Instructor For Life: We want you to continually impress others with your improved golf swing when you get back home. We also understand that there will be inevitable “bumps in the road” you will need help with. We trust that you will find our Instructor For Life program to be an incredibly valuable benefit to the continued success of your golf game once you arrive back home.
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