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From PGA Professional Marc Solomon

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Swing Training Videos

Stop Trying To Kill The Ball

Do you ever find yourself trying to kill the golf ball? We see over 1,000 Golfers every year that have a self-described problem of “I start trying to kill the golf ball … and I don’t know how to get myself to slow down.”

Fixing Your Toe-Up Club Positioning

Many Golfers have sabotaged their golf swing by trying to get the toe of their club pointing up as they make their backswing. This “Toe-up” position will actually make you more inconsistent in your golf swing. Which is in contrast to what many Golfers have been told during golf lessons. Yet, this myth is actually making it more difficult for you to become consistent.

We have found that this lack of consistency from golf swing to golf swing is often caused by a Golfer trying to get the toe of their club pointing up at hip high on their backswing. Although this “position” in the golf swing is often promoted by many Golf Professionals and golf magazines … it is actually a bad position to get into as it is causing you to rarely see consistency for more than a few shots at a time.

Stop Over-Thinking Your Swing

Most Golfers are thinking about too much and thus they often make inconsistent golf swings. Should you be thinking about your shoulders, wrist hinge and keeping your head down on every shot? That is what most Golfers are taught … but should you be thinking of all three on every shot?

Better Bunker Shots

Most Golfers struggle to consistently get out of the sand bunker in one shot. Yet, it doesn’t need to be that difficult. It is so simple … you could use a bunker rake to get the golf ball out of the sand trap in one swing.


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