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Golf Fitness Videos

The Importance Of A Great Backswing

One of the primary areas that Golfers ruin any potential of a good shot is in their backswing – as this part of your golf swing sets up your body to allow it to move through the golf ball on the forward swing to produce a golf shot.

Unfortunately, most golf lessons are based on trying to fix issues you have in your forward swing. Things like stopping from coming over the top, casting, staying on your back foot, picking up your head, being unable to following through, not swinging with enough power, etc.

Yet, these issues can not be fixed until you find the root cause of these bad habits. The root cause of these issues can often be attributed to your body not allowing you to move effectively enough on your backswing. Thus … making it necessary for you to create aggravating compensations in your forward swing.

Using the drill in the video below … you’ll instantly start to feel a release in your upper back that corresponds with being able to make a more physically correct backswing. Thus … you’ll take the first (and necessary) step to improving many of your current swing faults.

Fixing Improve Strength & Flexibility

You can improve the consistency of your golf swing … as well as increase your distance … when you improve strength and flexibility.

Being less flexible in one area of your body could be causing you to “come over the top”, “get stuck on your right side” or “cast the club”

Are You An Armsy Swinger?

Many inconsistent Golfers describe themselves as “armsy swingers”. Learn what this means and how to correct it in this video.

Creating Explosive Power In Your Golf Swing

How can you create explosive power in your golf swing? It starts with teaching your body how to be explosive. Learn how in this video.

Getting Your Left Side Working With Your Right Side For Consistency

A consistent golf swing is dependent on both sides of your body working together. Yet, most Golfers have dominant side and a non-dominate side working against each other. Watch this video to get both sides of your body working together.


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