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Understanding Your ‘Swing Feel’ Will Improve Your Consistency!

Your golf swing can be finicky – one hole it can feel as if you’re ready to play Professionally … and the next hole you feel like you’ve never picked up a golf club before.

Where does it go? And more importantly … “How Do I Get It Back?!”

We’ve found that Happy Golfers are able to Feel the movements in their golf swing … better than Frustrated Golfers are able to. That doesn’t mean that they’re thinking about the different parts of their swing. It just means they have a higher sense of knowing when something is slightly off.

Whereas a Frustrated Golfer usually doesn’t sense their swing is off until they hit the golf ball … the Happy Golfer can Feel (sense) that something is off before they set-up to hit the golf ball. As well as understand how to use a drill so that they regain their swing in a minimal amount of time.

‘Go ahead, Be a Happy Golfer!’


Marc Solomon, PGA – Your Instructor For Life

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