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‘How Much Do You Need To Open Your Club In the Sand Trap?’

This Week’s Video – Opening Your Clubface Too Much Could Be Trapping You!

If you’re having trouble in the sand bunker … could you be trying to do too many tasks such as opening your club face and your stance, as well as stressing over hitting the absolute proper amount of sand at a precise measurement before the golf ball?

What if I told you that getting out of the sand isn’t as tough as some Golfers make it? And while it’s not always easy to get out in one shot … are you making it tougher than necessary?

This week’s video will give an introduction to show you how the sand bunker isn’t as difficult as many Golfers make it. And that some techniques being taught … are making the sand tougher than necessary!

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Your Play Zone Creates Your Swing

Your Play Zone Creates Your Swing

There are three different Golfers that play on the course. Which one are you?:

  1. The Player that works as hard as necessary to hit the ball their best so they can score their best
  2. The Golfer that wants to play well enough to score respectively so that they can go out and confidently play with other Golfers
  3. The Person that really doesn’t care how they play … they just want to walk, talk and try to hit the ball well enough not to slow up the other Golfers

Regardless of whether you’re Golfer 1, 2, or 3 … the key is you know which group you belong to. Because if you want to achieve your goal of enjoying your time on the golf course … you need to understand your motive for playing.

The problem arises when Golfer 2 starts to take the personality of Golfer 1 (score!, score!, score!). Because now you’re getting out of your comfort zone as far as how intense you become on the course, as well as how critical you are of yourself each shot.

This getting out of your Play (Comfort) Zone also happens when Golfer 2 starts to fall into the traits of Golfer 3. Because in order to find the perfect balance between fun and good scores … you also need to concentrate enough to make a PLAN before each shot.

Now, this isn’t limited to Golfer 2 … similar scenarios apply for Golfer 1 and 3 when they move away from their Play Zone.

For Golfer 2, a round of golf can be a rollercoaster, with you feeling good playing holes 1, 2 and 3 — before slowly moving into the intense traits of Golfer 1 for holes 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

So by the time you get to the 9th tee … you’re playing so poorly that you can’t even smile. Which means you’re now morphing into an unmotivated Golfer 3 for holes 9, 10, 11, and 12 — until you make a heroic putt on the 12th green to somehow salvage Par after not smelling a good score since hole #3.

While now feeling great on the 13th tee because you somehow regained hope (back to being Golfer 2) – you continue playing well on holes 13, 14, and 15 … until falling back into Golfer 1 for 16 and 17. Which causes you to become too frustrated to care … as you play 18 with the attributes of Golfer 3.

Thus, you played a round with 6 good holes and 12 holes divided between mediocre and frustrating results.

Whether you’re Golfer 1, 2, or 3 is up to you. But, regardless of what type of Golfer you are … to enjoy yourself … you need to know your Play (Comfort) Zone. Because everything becomes easy when you do! Your swing feels smooth, the golf ball does what you expect it to do … Life Is Good!

Though, when you move away from your personality … things start to become more difficult. As your swing doesn’t feel as smooth or as in sync as it was when you were in your Zone. And regardless of how much you breakdown your swing mechanics … you won’t see any improvement that round until you get back into your Play Zone.

What happened? Why’d you lose your swing?

Yes, good mechanics in your golf swing are necessary. And inconsistent swing habits will cause bad shots. However, those inconsistent habits are more easily controlled and fixed when you stay in your Play Zone.

The Player has fun on the golf course because they stay with their PLAN

The Monkey doesn’t have a PLAN … so he/she floats between moments of brilliance and frustration more often

Go ahead, be a Player!


Marc Solomon – Your Instructor For Life

How You Practice Determines Your Success

How You Practice Determines Your Success

Do you ever think about your practice on the driving range? Or do you just go out and hit ball after ball … hoping that something will eventually click?

If that’s how you practice your golf swing off the course … that’s most likely your strategy while on the golf course. Swinging at the ball thinking that something will click and produce a great shot.

With the hardest part of this process being able to repeat that one good swing with another one, and another, and another for what you hope is 46 consecutive good shots!

That’s like the person that says “I’m not going to work to make money … I’m just going to play the lottery each week until I win.”

Although you’ll most likely hit more good shots in a round of golf than the number of times you win the lottery … it still won’t produce enough satisfactory results to please you.

Hitting good shots isn’t a game of chance … it’s about aquiring skill through smartly designed practice sessions.

How Do The Best Coaches Do It?

If you watch football … you know that Alabama just won another College Football Championship — their 5th time in 9 years. So the question that could be asked that relates to your golf game is — ‘how are the coaches of that program able to have their players playing at such a high level … so consistently?’

The word I’ve heard is ‘competition’. They make each player compete at practice … every practice!

Do you feel like you’re competing for a chance to play when you practice your golf game? Or are you like the majority of Golfers out there hitting balls … hoping you find something?

When I speak about getting into a competitive attitude when practicing … you’re not competing for a spot to play against 4 other talented players at your position. However, adopting a Practice PLAN helps to put a competitive spirit into your practice.


Because it’s amazing what we can do when we push ourselves to do better. Yet, out of the Golfers going to hit golf balls … a big chunk of these Golfers aren’t improving or are getting worse.

Imagine if the Alabama football team was practicing and the team wasn’t getting better. Would their coach, Nick Saban, continue to practice the same way, practice after practice? “Alright team, we’ve lost a couple games in a row … let’s continue practicing the same way we’ve been practicing!”

How about you? If you’re not happy with how you’re hitting the golf ball … what do you do?

Do you go out without much of a PLAN besides just hitting range balls? Do you continue to work on the same specific thing in your swing? Do you work on something completely different? And most importantly … using these methods … did you see improvement or continued frustration?

With all the information literally at our finger tips … it’s easy for a Golfer to get distracted as far as what to work on in your swing. It’s so easy to watch a video on Youtube and then think – “yes, that’s me. That’s what I’m doing wrong!”

When in fact, it may have nothing to do with what the error in your swing is. And more to do with you being a Golfer that’s desperate for a solution.

Yet, the consistency you have will always come back to whether you have a Practice PLAN … or if you’re just hitting balls hoping something will suddenly click.

The Player understands how to read the flight of their ball and relate it to their Feel … thus, they can create a personalized Practice PLAN

The Monkey hits range balls hoping to one day hit the Golfer Lottery

Go ahead, be a Player!


Marc Solomon – Your Instructor For Life

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