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Parallel Hands Drill (Power & Consistency In Your Golf Swing) Part 2

To become connected in your golf swing to create power and consistency … you need to understand the Feel of your golf swing. This goes beyond trying to turn your shoulders, hips and shifting your weight. We highly recommend you watch Part 1 of this Drill – – before watching this video (Part 2)

A Golf Swing Drill For Getting Your Arms & Body In Sync – Part 1

Is you golf swing inconsistent because it’s difficult to consistently coordinate the different parts of your golf swing? Would your golf swing become more consistent if you could have your hips, arms, shoulders and weight working together? If so … use this drill (Parallel Hands) to discover how to feel your golf swing … so

‘The Solution – What Moves Your Golf Swing?’ (video) Golf Improvement Weekly

This week … we’re going to start speaking about and demonstrating the ‘Cause’ of the issues creating frustration in your golf swing. In prior weeks … we’ve spoken about the ‘Effects’ that most Golfers are struggling to correct in their golf swing. How much have you focused on your Center of Gravity when practicing and/or playing?

Are You Coming Over The Top In Your Golf Swing? (video) – Golf Improvement Weekly

‘Over The Top, Outside In, Casting … Why Can’t I Stop?’ The over-taught golf swing often creates problems … rather than solving them. One of these swing issues is often mis-diagnosed as a ‘Cause’ … when in fact, it’s an ‘Effect’. “If I could fix my over the top swing …I could hit the ball better!” Yet,

Is it OK to Bend My Left Arm? (video) – Golf Improvement Weekly

‘My Arm Is Bending … I Need To Keep It Straight!’ You’ve heard it a million times … and you’ve felt it happen more times than you want to admit! “You need to keep your left arm straight … you need to stop chicken winging it on your follow-through!” It seems like it should be such an

How To Naturally Finish Your Golf Swing

If you had to describe the most important swing technique you need to do … what would it be? Thoughts such as: swing slow; head still; turn; release; stay down; and follow-through … seem to be amongst the most frequent we hear each day. Yet, the most popular is undoubtedly … “finish the swing”. As

How To Fix A Leaky Golf Swing

Not being able to hit the ball well on the golf course is like being seasick 100 miles out in the ocean … as you have 4+ hours of agony ahead of you before getting off that rocky boat onto solid ground. Now, getting off that swaying boat to a steady golf swing isn’t always

Are You Full Of Swing Tips

Believe me – when it comes to golf tips … we may not have heard it all, but we sure have heard a lot. Holy moly, we hear the same swing tips over and over from Golfers coming to see us when we ask them “what have you been working on in your swing?” From

A Difficult Golf Swing Isn’t Necessary

The golf swing can be as difficult as you want to make it or as simple as you want to make it … but it will never be easy. However, the Golfer that makes it simple will be able to repeat their non-difficult swing much more easily than the Golfer that complicates it.

Your Backswing Determines Your Forward Swing

As most Golfers that hit inconsistent shots are trying to get a better understanding of why they don’t see consistency … even when talking about their bad shots. Why does one shot go right and the next goes left? “If I’m doing the same thing wrong … shouldn’t my bad shots be similar?” To give

Are Your Hips Causing Your Golf Swing Issues?

As the “Golf Tip” has become the “go to” source of instruction for most Golfers trying to improve … it rarely works to give more than temporary relief to what most likely is a bigger swing issue. Or in other words … “swing tips” work as well as using aspirin to cure cancer. Yet, frustrated

More Compensations In Your Golf Swing

What are you currently working on in your golf swing? Many Golfers answer: “I’m trying to bring the club back more to the inside.” What are you focusing on to be able to do that consistently? “I have to have my hands and right elbow come closer to my body … instead of away from

The 8 Commandments To Better Golf

1. I will never go to the driving range to work on my golf swing without a Practice PLAN based on using a specific drill after every 6 shots. Golfers often have ineffective practice habits when they go to the driving range. Remember, the hitting of the golf ball shouldn’t be considered practice. Practicing a

Better Golf Through Mechanics Or Smoothness

There’s a fine line between focusing too much on one or the other. When a Golfer is too focused on his/her mechanics … the smoothness of your swing suffers. When you’re too focused on a smooth golf swing – your swing mechanics suffer. So the question becomes: which is more important for you to see

Is Your Golf Swing Fixable?

The golf swing is a series of “Causes and Effects” that determine whether you hit a good shot or not. When you hit a good shot – it’s because you either have a perfect golf swing … or you have a swing flaw, but you were able to align your compensations to produce a good

This Will Probably Upset A Few Golfers

To play golf well … you need to be aggressive in how you swing. However, because the typical Golfer is thinking about too many things every shot … they have no aggressiveness whatsoever. Yet, as many people will say that they’re already “overly aggressive” because they swing too hard – the “too hard” comment may

Should You Try To Hit Down On The Golf Ball?

One of the most frustrating aspects of playing golf is when you hit one good shot … then follow it up with a poor shot that you hit the ground before the golf ball. This inconsistency is often caused when a Golfer is trying to get under the ball with their golf club to help

Finding One Golf Swing That Works

Here’s a test for you: when on the golf course, do you ever have days where you hit your irons well … but have a bad day hitting your Driver? Or you hit your Driver well … but all of sudden you forget how to hit your fairway woods? If you answered yes to either

Swing Techniques – Does More Advanced Mean More Better?

It seems that the more a Golfer struggles … the more he/she starts looking for more advanced techniques to solve their problems. Yet, the more advanced the technique you attempt to implement … the worse your swing gets … because “more advanced” also means more difficult. In order for a Golfer to see improvement …

The Fragmented Swing Of The Frustrated Golfer

One of our Instructors and I were talking the other night about the increased frustration we’ve seen in Golfers over their inconsistency. We were comparing how much more confused Golfers are about their swings nowadays compared to just 8 years ago. Yes, Golfers have probably always gotten frustrated since the beginnings of the game. But

Too Much Right side Or Not Enough Left side In Your Swing

Often times we hear right-handed Golfers say they hit bad shots because they’re using too much of their right side in their golf swing. Left-handed Golfers – just reverse everything I’m saying. However, the issue isn’t with your right side doing too much … the problem lies with your left side not being able to

Three Simple Thoughts For Your Golf Swing

We have found that to improve your golf swing so that you’re hitting better shots and scoring better on the golf course – Golfers need to improve the ‘tangibles’ in their golf swing … as well as the ‘intangibles’. A ‘tangible’ would be your golf swing mechanics. The ‘intangibles’ are the little things that the

What Is The Primary Swing Fault In Your Golf Swing?

Are you on a quest to hit the golf ball better than ever? As far as I’m concerned – there’s nothing wrong with having the passion, desire and drive to make golf more enjoyable. Because not hitting the golf ball well on the golf course is as pleasurable as being seasick on a boat 100

What’s Your Golf Course Back Up PLAN

Do we need further proof of how frustrating the game of golf can be than looking at the #1 Golfer in the world walking off the golf course in the middle of his round? This just shows that when you’re not on your game … you’re not on your game. And that it doesn’t matter

Golf Has Been Good To Me!

Golf is truly an International Game. Let me give you this example: In the 90-days, from this past Monday, October 4th till the beginning of December we’ll have had golfers come to see us from Japan, Switzerland, Mexico, Malta, Australia, India, Canada, Nigeria and of course the United States. Showing – It doesn’t matter what

How Many Golf Instructors Does It Take?

How may Golf Instructors does it take to screw in a light bulb? If it’s the same amount that it took for me to get my golf swing consistent enough to think about becoming a PGA Professional – it’s a lot more than 1 and little less than 100. In order to screw in the

“How Many Swing Faults Do You Have?”

Are you on the quest to hit the golf ball better than you ever have before? To some, this is what golf is all about. And as far as I’m concerned – there’s nothing wrong with having the passion, desire and drive to make golf more enjoyable. Because frankly, not hitting the golf ball well

I’ve Found The Secret To Golf

What’s the Secret? Is it something in your grip? Could it be that you need to see 3 knuckles instead of 2 knuckles? Could it be to start your swing with a little more wrist hinge so that you can set the club with more ease? How about thinking of the acronym HASH as you

Are You Playing For Score?

“Play For Your PLAN, don’t plan for your score.” If you can live by this simple sentence on the golf course, you can succeed in playing well. If you turn it around to say – “Play for your score, don’t plan for your PLAN” – you’re pretty much going to be a frustrated golfer. Or

This Is My Worst

How bad do you want it? It seems that the more you sit inside and the less you’re out playing golf – the more excited and optimistic about your golf game you become. Isn’t that odd? Odd, why odd? Because you might not believe this, but there are people out there that get upset on

Do You Remember?

Do you remember this from January 4, 2004? It was one of our most popular and I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading it again because I’ll wager a good sum of cash that it applies to your golf game! So Close, Yet So Far Away. That’s my game – I’m so close to breaking through, but

Have Fun Playing Golf! What makes golf fun for you?

Nothing! Nothing about golf is fun. I really don’t like the game at all. It’s too dang frustrating for me to play because I can’t seem to be consistent enough to enjoy myself out on the golf course. I mean, how can you have fun when all you do is slice the ball into the

How To Score On The Golf Course

How To Score! What’s happening on the golf course around the greens? It’s getting scary out there! When I go out on the golf course I see golfers walking up to play their short game shots with 4-different clubs in their hands and then having a brain meltdown trying to decide which club to use.

Play Golf Like Vince Lombardi

Here’s an analogy for you and your golf game- It’s Football season here in America or as our European, Asian, African, South American, Australian, Mexican and Canadian friends say – it’s American Football season. And one things strikes me every year at about this time – why can’t the Arizona Cardinals ever breakthrough to the

How Easy Do You Make Your Golf Swing?

What are 9 of the most popular golf swing thoughts that many Golfers have before hitting a golf ball? Keep my head still Left arm straight (right arm for left handed Golfer) Shift my weight Eye on the golf ball Turn my shoulders Don’t sway Make sure to swing easy Clear my hips on the

How To Draw The Golf Ball

My understanding of the game of golf is that you’re trying to get the ball into the hole in the least number of strokes possible. Whether it’s for your own personal satisfaction or if you’re in a golf tournament – you’re a winner if you have taken the least amount of strokes. How you play

How To Break Your Magic Number (And Shoot Your Best Golf Score Ever!)

Breaking through your Magic Number can be one of the hardest, most nerve raking events a Golfer experiences on the golf course. What’s a Magic Number? Your Magic Number is a score that you want to beat for the first time. And many times it drives Golfers crazy when they can’t get past it. Which

Do You ‘Buckle’ On The Golf Course?

As much as you, I, Tiger and Andrew Buckle want to believe that we have the ability to hit better golf shots every golf swing we take … reality says it’s not going to happen that way as much as we’d like it to. That dang reality is always getting in the way of a

Who’s Your Caddie?

Come on, tell me – Who’s Your Caddie? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a Golfer tell me that they played better when they’ve had a chance to play 18 holes with a Caddie. Why is this? And how can you incorporate these same strategies and techniques into your game all the

Top 3 Reasons Your Golf Game Isn’t Improving

#1 You don’t practice enough Do you need to practice your golf swing in order to improve? This is an often asked, yet excellent question. So to give you an answer, I’d like to use an analogy to make a point about improving your golf swing. If you decided at 40 years old that you

Is Your Golf Game In Season or Off Season

The Answer is – not the middle of July. The Question – When should you be practicing to get better so you play your best Golf in July? For many Golfers, the next few months are the time you should be working on your golf game to improve. Unfortunately, many Golfers in the US, Canada

Has Your Golf Swing Been Built Using Compensations?

Last week we finished Part 1 by saying that we’ll continue with the Mantra of the Golf Instructor – “when all else fails – teach Compensation #8”. Which unfortunately is something you’re most likely trying to do on every golf swing. If you missed Part 1 and would like to catch-up and see how we

The Golden Rules Of The Golf Swing

What movement in sport has more to-do’s, along with more not-to-do’s than the golf swing? In the golf swing we have the Golden Rules like: we need to “shift our weight” – yet not “sway”. In the golf swing we need to “cock our wrists” – yet not “flip our wrists”. In the golf swing

What’s The Toughest Task In Golf?

What’s the most difficult task to accomplish in golf? And please don’t say winning the Masters. So to rephrase this – What’s the most difficult task to accomplish for the mortal golfer? Well, this is just my opinion, but until proven otherwise I’m sticking with it – Shooting Your Age! What’s Shooting Your Age? It’s

The Weakest Part Of My Game

Why do all great Players say that the weakest part of their game is their short game and the vast majority of Monkey’s say that the weakest part of their game is their long game? Or let me explain it this way – Do you know how many times I’ve seen a golfer have more

The Joy of Shopping for Golf Clubs

I guess in this day and age of multiple choices for everything we want to buy – shopping for golf clubs is not any different than shopping for a computer – though if you have a sense of humor it can be the most fun you’ll ever have.

The Search Continues For The Perfect Golf Swing

So the search continues. The search for the perfect swing. “I want it, I want it, and I need it! Help me find it!” Hey, everybody’s looking for it and to date nobody has found it. So if you want to have fun on the golf course or maybe I should say – if you

Is Your Golf Swing In Shape For Winter!

One of the best times for a Golfer to practice their golf game is in the winter. Yes, when most people are putting their clubs away … the Golfer that will be playing the best in the Spring will be the Golfer preparing by working on their body. Because your body is the engine of

What Is Your Yard Per Pound Ratio?

Let’s hear it for Mark Wilson, the winner of the PGA Tour event a couple of weeks ago in Phoenix, Arizona. Here’s a guy that is 5’8” tall and weighs 145 pounds (1.52 meters and 65.7 kg) … yet he was bombing his Driver 301 yards (275 meters) in the 3rd round of the tournament!

Golf Is The Hardest Game In The World

It’s The Hardest Game In The World Golf has got to be the hardest game I have ever played! Have you ever heard that one before? That’s classic Monkey Talk! I believe that Golf is not a hard game to play. It may be a hard game to shoot Par, but it’s not a hard

When is it all going to come together?

When am I going to start hitting the ball good? The definition of a Golfer – a person that goes out on the weekend to have some fun. The reality of the Golfer – “Why am I so inconsistent every time I come out here?” Borrowing the name of a movie that came out a

Can I Ask You a Golf Question?

Can I ask you a question? Do you want to hit the golf ball good? Do you want to hear people say to you – “Oh, you hit that ball good!”? Now I must ask you – Does my poor English bother you? Or did you not even notice that I should’ve asked – “May

Choke On the Golf Course

How many times have you been on the verge of playing your best round ever only to “Choke” on the last couple of holes? What happened? Why’d you do it? This is kind of a loaded question because we’ve all done it. Everybody “Chokes”. Now the funny thing is that I’ll most likely get an

Finally, The 3rd Difference Between Golfers

So if you’ve been reading along the last couple of weeks, you’re probably waiting for the 3rd difference between the 2-golfers. If you’re 1 of the 117 or so new subscribers to Golf Improvement Weekly – let me fill you in on what’s been happening here: I know these 2-golfers that are going in almost

So Why Such A Difference?

So last week we were trying to figure out why a Golfer I know that has been playing for 15 years has been a 21 handicap for 13 of those years and another golfer I know has been playing for 3 1/2 and this past October got down to an 11 handicap. And the kicker

The Disappearing Golf Swing!

Have you ever played a round of golf where you were hitting the golf ball well and then all of a sudden you lost your golf swing? We call that the Disappearing Golf Swing. We often hear comments from frustrated Golfers that are just coming to see us such as: “I just lost my golf

Who’s On The First Tee?

Why is it that on the fist tee you can always tell who’s a Player and who’s struggling with inconsistency. I mean even before this golfer swings to hit the golf ball – you can tell how good a shot they’re going to make. The Player just has this look about him/her – they reek

So Close, Yet So Far Away

That is my game – I am so close to breaking through, but I just can not. I know what it is that I need to do, but for some reason I can’t put it all together at the same time. What is holding you back from getting it all together at the same time

See It, Feel It, Do It!

What’s happening on the golf course around the greens? It’s getting scary out there! When I go out on the golf course I see golfers walking up to play their short game shots with 4-different clubs in their hands and then having a brain melt-down trying to decide which club to use. You ever see

Short Term Memory Loss on The Golf Course

Have you ever been playing great golf where you were “even par” through 4-holes of golf, and then your buddy or playing partner slices their drive into the water. No big deal, right? Well, it shouldn’t be except that your golfing partner decides this golf ball is more valuable than his house and spends 10-minutes

Find Your Balance

Why You Should – Go For It! There was a study recently done by a well respected Insurance Company that could relate to your golf game. In this study, the Insurance Company visited 10-different Senior Citizen centers around the country, wanting to know what people nearing their final phase, thought about how they lived their

Easier Said than Done” or “Easier Done than Said

In golf these days there’s a lot of “Easier said than Done” claims being made (if you know what I mean). And it can be confusing when you’re constantly being flooded with advice on how to improve your scores. So you need to determine which products are going to help you and which are a

Your Golf Swing On Vacation

It’s getting to be the time of the year when many Golfers get ‘the itch’. It’s been 2 or 3 months of cold, gray weather that’s not conducive to playing golf – so you get ‘the itch’ for sunshine, warmth and green grass. Your golf group then makes plans for Arizona or Florida to play

Make An Impact With Your Golf Swing

The last word any Golfer wants to say on the golf course is four letters long and starts with an “F” … as in “FORE!” Because this most likely means you hit a bad shot towards another Golfer. Listen, there is nothing to be embarrassed about when hitting these shots … we all hit them.

Let’s Talk About Your Golf Swing

We always talk to Golfers that come to see us and ask them “what are you currently working on in your golf swing?” After a brief pause we often get an answer that goes something like this: “I’m working on trying to take the club more on an inside path on the way back. To

Desperate Golfers Often Search For Problem Solving Golf Tips

There are several actions a struggling Golfer can try in their attempt to find their golf swing … or as we like to say: “Getting out of your Bad Streak and moving into Improvement Mode.” Unfortunately for these Golfers … many of the techniques they use prolong the Bad Streak or sink them even deeper.

The Never’s (Negative Tendencies) Of Your Golf Game

I will never go to the driving range to work on my golf swing without a Practice PLAN based on using specific drills and/or practice techniques after every 5 or 6 shots. Golfers often have the worst practice habits when they go to the driving range. I cringe to call what most Golfers do as

Golf Tips For Your Golf Swing

“Are You A Harmless Fiddler Of The Golf Swing or A Compulsive Hoarder Of Golf Tips?” Actually, the above is a trick title for this article because there’s no such thing as a “Harmless Fiddler”. The seemingly innocent act of fiddling with your golf swing has caused many Golfers to say “I have lost my

Be Careful What You Say On The Golf Course

“I am so inconsistent” – Inconsistency is caused by not understanding the Strengths and Weaknesses of your own personal golf swing. Trust me … you probably have heard everything you need to hear about the grip, turning your shoulders, turning your hips, swing path, swing plane, left arm straight, etc, etc, etc.

Top 3 Reasons Your Golf Swing Doesn’t Improve

Do you need to practice your golf swing in order to improve? How much should you practice? What should you be practicing? Of the Golfers that stay inconsistent, regardless of what they do to improve … we have found that they fall into one of the below three categories: #1 You don’t practice enough

Does Your Golf Swing Hold-up On The Golf Course?

Have you ever taken a golf lesson or were given a swing tip by a friend that helped you hit the golf ball better for a short time? For example: you were told to keep your left arm straight in your swing and then all of a sudden you started to hit the golf ball

Are You An Unsecure Golfer?

The building of a golf swing that will allow a Golfer to improve their consistency should be done one step at a time. Unfortunately many Golfers are not willing to accept the one step at a time process – they’re only satisfied when everything “clicks at the same time”. Yet trying to do too much

Your Best Summer of Golf Ever!

Do you want to have your best summer of Golf ever? Then repeat after me – say it out loud so it means more than just it saying to yourself: “Going ahead from this day forward – I solemnly swear to work on my golf game with the specific goal of improvement. Not a minute

Golf Lessons & Golf Grips?

We recently had a Golfer come to see us that was in a state of confusion about their golf game. And it seems that some of the prior golf lessons that he had, had brought him to the point that he was close to quitting golf. This Golfer had taken lessons every year for the

How To Play With Slow Golfers

More than a few Golfers have written to me asking if I could write an article on “how to keep my poise and play golf with very slow Golfers”. This seems to be an issue that affects a lot of Golfers and your ability to keep your rhythm going on the golf course. Let me

How To Play Your Worst Golf All The Time

Have you ever heard someone on the golf course exclaim – ‘This is the worst I’ve ever hit the golf ball!’ or ‘this is the worst I’ve ever played, I’ve never hit the golf ball this bad!’

Top 5 Things You Need To Do To Play Your Best Golf

One – You need to breathe on the golf course. “Breathe? I always breathe, if I didn’t breathe, I’d be dead!” Well, there’s a difference between the breathing that many flustered people have in stressful situations and the breathing that keeps the Player calm, cool and collected.

Come on, tell me – Who’s Your Caddie?

Come on, tell me – Who’s Your Caddie? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a Golfer tell me that they played better when they’ve had a chance to play 18 holes with a Caddie. Why is this? And how can you incorporate these same strategies and techniques into your game all the

Golfers Are Funny – And I Don’t Mean The Good Kind Of Funny

‘I’m going to try to the Stack and Tilt. I’ve tried the 8 Step Swing, The X Factor, Slow and Low, Square to Square, along with every other new swing that has come out. ‘I’ve tried video analysis, I’ve tried the new Matt System, I’ve tried Golf Tec, I’ve even tried getting down on my

On The Golf Course – Winners and Whiners

I’ve noticed two types of Golfers on the golf course – Winners and Whiners. Now there’s not much difference between the words if you look fast – the only difference is the ‘h’ in Whiner and an extra ‘n’ in Winner. What does the ‘h’ stand for?

How Straight Is Straight?

How straight is straight? How straight can you hit your golf ball off the tee with your Driver? How straight should you hit it? Is there anyone in the world who can hit the ball perfectly straight? The constant cry of the Golfer is that they want to hit the golf ball straighter. For the

Golf On Television May Be Hurting Your Golf Swing

Watching golf on TV is fun especially if there’s a great match on television. When a golf match gets down to the last few holes with a few Players around the lead, you get to see many fantastic shots. But, because most of the time these Players in contention are in the “Zone” or as

Your Golf Swing – Five Years From Today

Five years from now, will your golf swing be better than it is today? The answer to that question may lie in the answer of this next question. Is you golf swing much better now that it was five years ago? My hope is that you can say – “Yes, my golf swing is much

Maybe Tiger Should Try The Tilt And Stack?

Regardless of whether you’re thinking about your golf game or Tiger Woods’ golf game – it’s all about realistic expectations. So since Tiger is a hot topic right now – let’s talk some Tiger. There’s so much babble out there about “What’s wrong with Tiger? Why didn’t he win at the Masters or the Players

Are You A Compulsive Hoarder Of Golf Tips?

“Are You A Harmless Fiddler Of The Golf Swing or A Compulsive Hoarder Of Golf Tips?” Actually, the above is a trick title for this article because there’s no such thing as a “Harmless Fiddler”. The seemingly innocent act of fiddling with your golf swing has caused more people to say “I have lost my

How Many Holes Out Of 18 Do You Try To Make Par?

If you’re like every Golfer trying to break 90 consistently, you’re trying to make Par on all 18 holes. And the fact is you shouldn’t try to make Par on any hole. Now I absolutely know that someone is now saying – “Marc, what do you want me to do? Play for bogey on every

That’s What Friends And Golf Buddies Are For

Here’s the scenario – You’re playing the best golf of your life after 4 holes of golf. Then on the 5th hole you hit a Drive that you’re not 100% happy with, though it’s still in play and you accept it as being OK and it doesn’t bother you too much. But apparently it bothers

Have You Ever Heard These Golf Quotes

Quotes that make me cringe on the golf course- I picked up my head – (It doesn’t happen) You need to swing slow to hit the ball far (OK, then why does Tiger hit the ball farther than you – because he swings slower?)

Has Your Golf Swing Been Built On Compensations?

Every Golfer that has ever swung a golf club has at least one compensation in their golf swing. Though, to be more blunt and honest – most Golfers have a lot more than just one compensation – they have what we call Compensation Overload.

How To Continue Your Improvement

Do you know somebody who’s not practicing with the same attention to their Drills – somebody who has slowly crept back into the Monkey Syndrome of hitting golf ball after golf ball on the range trying to find something consistent? As we get towards the end of August an interesting thing starts to happen to

How Bad Are Bad Shots?

How many bad shots can you expect to hit during a round of golf? How many bad shots can you hit and still play your best round of golf ever? Have you ever thought about this? Is it one, two, ten, twenty, fifty? It all really depends on what level of Golfer you are, but

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