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Stop Swinging Too Hard With Your Driver!

There’s nothing more satisfying than walking off the 18th green knowing that you hit your Driver well all day. So to have that happen more often … when hitting your Driver – should you try to: A) Swing with more effort than you swing your pitching wedge B) Swing with less effort than you swing your pitching wedge C)

‘The Solution – What Moves Your Golf Swing?’ (video) Golf Improvement Weekly

This week … we’re going to start speaking about and demonstrating the ‘Cause’ of the issues creating frustration in your golf swing. In prior weeks … we’ve spoken about the ‘Effects’ that most Golfers are struggling to correct in their golf swing. How much have you focused on your Center of Gravity when practicing and/or playing?

Are You Coming Over The Top In Your Golf Swing? (video) – Golf Improvement Weekly

‘Over The Top, Outside In, Casting … Why Can’t I Stop?’ The over-taught golf swing often creates problems … rather than solving them. One of these swing issues is often mis-diagnosed as a ‘Cause’ … when in fact, it’s an ‘Effect’. “If I could fix my over the top swing …I could hit the ball better!” Yet,

Driver Distance Equates To Easier Second Shots

As most Golf Professionals are pushing “you need to improve your short game to improve your scores” … we are pushing – “find the weakest part of your game and improve it so that you can lower your scores.” And in reality – the weakest part of most Golfers game is their Driver. Yes, there

In Golf, Distance Is Important!

What can you do to hit the golf ball farther? The common issue many Golfers have is that they try to swing either their hands, arms, upper body, hips or legs harder, yet all this does for most Golfers is cause you to hit inconsistent golf shots. The urge to hit the golf ball farther

Hit The Golf Ball Longer and Straighter – Golf Tips

The funny thing about the Golf Magazines that you read is that they give you all these tips – and because you trust all these great Instructors that have been built up by the golf media to be Guru’s – you try all their swing tips. Because if that tip worked for Ernie Els –

How Are Your 200 Yard Golf Shots?

How many times do you expect to hit your golf ball onto the green from over 200 yards away? Well, before you read anymore, please say your answer aloud so that you’re committed to your answer throughout this article. It will come in handy as we go forward! Now, before we talk about the number

How To Hit the Golf Ball Farther

Hitting the golf ball farther should be a priority of yours. If you look at the top Golfers in the world – the majority of them hit the golf ball a good distance. The problem is that many Golfers continually hit bad golf shots because of their quest to hit the golf ball farther. For

Create More Distance In Your Golf Swing

What’s the secret to getting more distance with your golf swing? How can a PGA or LPGA Tour Player hit the golf ball so far … yet make it look so effortless? What is their secret to more distance?

Maximum, Repeatable Distance

What’s one of the major causes for Golfers hitting inconsistent tee shots? You all pretty much know the answer … it’s when you’re swinging too hard. But even though you’re constantly telling yourself to “swing easy” … we continually have bouts of swinging too hard.

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