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‘The Solution – What Moves Your Golf Swing?’ (video) Golf Improvement Weekly

This week … we’re going to start speaking about and demonstrating the ‘Cause’ of the issues creating frustration in your golf swing. In prior weeks … we’ve spoken about the ‘Effects’ that most Golfers are struggling to correct in their golf swing. How much have you focused on your Center of Gravity when practicing and/or playing?

Are You Coming Over The Top In Your Golf Swing? (video) – Golf Improvement Weekly

‘Over The Top, Outside In, Casting … Why Can’t I Stop?’ The over-taught golf swing often creates problems … rather than solving them. One of these swing issues is often mis-diagnosed as a ‘Cause’ … when in fact, it’s an ‘Effect’. “If I could fix my over the top swing …I could hit the ball better!” Yet,

Is it OK to Bend My Left Arm? (video) – Golf Improvement Weekly

‘My Arm Is Bending … I Need To Keep It Straight!’ You’ve heard it a million times … and you’ve felt it happen more times than you want to admit! “You need to keep your left arm straight … you need to stop chicken winging it on your follow-through!” It seems like it should be such an

Your Play Zone Creates Your Swing

Your Play Zone Creates Your Swing There are three different Golfers that play on the course. Which one are you?: The Player that works as hard as necessary to hit the ball their best so they can score their best The Golfer that wants to play well enough to score respectively so that they can

How You Practice Determines Your Success

How You Practice Determines Your Success Do you ever think about your practice on the driving range? Or do you just go out and hit ball after ball … hoping that something will eventually click? If that’s how you practice your golf swing off the course … that’s most likely your strategy while on the

What’s Consistency In Your Golf Swing?

What is consistency in your golf swing? If you hit 7 out of 10 shots well … would that be good enough? Or would you need to hit 10 out of 10 shots in order to call yourself consistent? Though, before you can determine whether your shot was up to your standards … you first

Why Do You Sometimes Lose Your Golf Swing?

“The Disappearing Golf Swing!” Have you ever played a round of golf where you were hitting the golf ball well and then all of a sudden you lost your golf swing? We call that the Disappearing Golf Swing. We often hear comments from frustrated Golfers that are just coming to see us such as: “I

The Definition Of Inconsistency

As most Golfers make the same swing mistakes over and over – they’re often left wondering why they never improve. We have found that there are a few simple traits that consistent Players possess that all Golfers should be striving to achieve.

Better Backswing For Consistent Golf Swing

The primary area that Golfers sabatoge any potential of a good shot is in their backswing. This part of your golf swing sets up the body to allow it to move through the golf ball to produce a good golf shot. However, when your backswing isn’t fundamentally correct … you’ll start making compensations as soon

Regaining Consistency Isn’t Difficult

“A Desperate Golfer that searches for problem solving golf tips often becomes a chronically Frustrated Golfer!” There are several actions a struggling Golfer can try in their attempt to find consistency … unfortunately for these Golfers … many of the techniques they try actually prolong the frustration.

Consistent On The Range – Inconsistent On The Golf Course?

Have you ever hit 3 or 4 perfect shots in a row on the driving range that makes you wonder … “why can’t I do this on the golf course?” The mystery of why you can’t carry consistency from the range to the course has baffled many Golfers. And as there has been golf psychology

Feel A Consistent Swing

“My golf swing is so inconsistent” said the Golfer. “I can hit a good shot, but then my next swing … although it feels exactly the same … is a totally different shot. Yet, I can’t tell you what I did differently in my swing.”

Consistency With Your Driver

The common issue many Golfers have is that when they want to hit the golf ball farther … they usually hit a worse than average shot. As the result is often a shot that is short, or flies into the trees, weeds, or water. Why is it that when you try to swing harder …

To Be Consistent First Requires You To Understand Consistency

What is consistency in your golf swing? Is hitting 7 out of 10 shots well – good enough? Or is being able to hit 10 out of 10 the only mark of consistency? We also need to understand what you consider to be a good shot. Because an average shot by a Player that scores

Multiple Golf Swings Equal Inconsistency

Many frustrated Golfers have a different golf swing for each of these shots: a chipping swing, a pitching swing, another swing for wedges, a mid iron swing, a long iron swing, a hybrid swing, a fairway wood swing, and of course … a Driver swing. Thus, the frustrated Golfer needs to organize at least eight

Power, Consistency, Happiness

A common statement we hear from many frustrated Golfers is that they have been told they are using too much of their right side in their golf swing. However, working to take your right side out of your golf swing will hamper you efforts of creating more consistency and power. For these Golfers, it isn’t

Do Your Struggle To Make Your Best Golf Swing Consistently?

As many Golfers struggle to play golf to the level they feel they should play – I understand your frustration. Golf can be frustrating for all levels of Golfers … from the newcomer trying to get the golf ball up in the air to the person qualifying to become a PGA Professional. And what makes

Happiness Is A Smooth Golf Swing

How can golf look so easy when the PGA Tour Players play … but be so difficult for the regular Golfer? As the Tour Player looks as if he/she is hardly swinging the golf club — the golf ball goes a mile. Yet when regular Golfers go to hit a golf ball, it looks as

A Simple Formula For A Consistent Golf Swing

How can a good practice session promote a consistent swing? Unfortunately, a vast majority of Golfers rarely experience a successful practice session. As the hitting of golf ball after golf ball is just more time spent stacking new compensations on top of already engrained compensations.

How To Make A Consistent, Effortless Golf Swing

Have you ever hit a golf shot that felt so good and effortless that you said to yourself – “that was perfect?” If so, then I bet the next words out of your mouth were most likely – “why can’t I do that every time?” So the question must be – “why?” Why can’t you

Why Not A Consistent Golf Swing On The Course?

“Why? Why? Why? – Why did I hit that shot? What was I thinking?!” Have you heard that before? Well … who hasn’t let that pass through their lips after making a big mistake that might leave you with a snowman (an 8) on the scorecard? It’s like – “where was my brain?”

An Inconsistent Golf Swing Is Like Riding A Roller Coaster!

Most Golfers that want to improve their golf swing often go on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. Once they finally start to get a feeling of hitting the golf ball great … and getting close to the summit of golf swing perfection … out of nowhere, for no apparent reason, their golf

Do You Have The Consistent Habits Of An Inconsistent Golfer?

There are certain characteristics that a consistent Player uses that all Golfers should be focused on. As the frustrated Golfer consistently goes out and repeats the same mistakes in their approach to becoming consistent – they’re often left wondering why they are inconsistent. We often find that the frustrated Golfer is constantly implementing new swing

What Causes Inconsistency In Your Golf Swing?

Golf can be a crazy game. For a few holes you can be on top of the world. Then, all of a sudden you hit a bad shot and for the next 14 holes you feel like you have never swung a golf club before as everything feels wrong! “How can things go bad so

Make A Consistent, Effortless Golf Swing

Have you ever hit a golf shot that felt so good and effortless that you said to yourself – “that was perfect. Why can’t I consistently make that same golf swing everytime?” What’s the issue that’s standing in your way of an effortless golf swing and being able to say: “I hardly felt like I

Simple Traits Of A Consistent Golfer

The frustrated Golfer is constantly trying to incorporate new swing tips into their golf swing. Although trying a new tip into your swing each time you go to the golf course is a consistent habit. Trying to implement the swing tip into your golf swing is not.

The Consistent Habits Of The Inconsistent Golfer

There are a few characteristics of a consistent Player that all Golfers should be striving to achieve. For if you don’t know what it takes to be consistent … how will you ever make it there? As most Golfers just go out and do the same things over and over again, repeating the same mistakes

Get Your Golf Swing In Balance For More Consistency

Who is most likely to have a more consistent golf swing … a Golfer with good balance or a Golfer with poor balance? The obvious answer seems to be that the Golfer that has good balance will be more consistent. Now, why will the Golfer with poor balance be more inconsistent? Because the poor balance

Are You Really That Inconsistent On The Golf Course?

Believe it or not, the expectations of many Golfers of what their range of scores should be is far off. For example: once a Golfer scores a 95 for the first time, they usually expect to score 95 or better in each of their next 10 rounds. And when this doesn’t happen, there’s often a

A Consistent Swing Created With Swing Plane

Why is it that we constantly hear that the key to a consistent golf swing is all about your Swing Plane? “Why did I slice on that shot?” It was your swing plane. “Why did I hook on that shot?” It was your swing plane. “Why did I top the golf ball on that shot?”

Creating An Automatic Golf Swing

Why does it seem like some people are “naturally talented” at golf, while others “just can’t get it”? When the talented people first start to play … they soon begin to break 100 before busting through 90 into the 80’s. On the other hand – some people feel as if “I can never get it!”

Four Steps To Consistency On The Golf Course

One –stop Fidding by trying to add new things to your swing … you already have enough to think about. Everybody’s going to hit bad shots – hopefully not often, but it’ll happen. This is where a Player has properly prepared by having a “go to drill” they use to regain the feel they have

Does A Smooth Swing Help With Consistency?

Are you more focused on making a smooth golf swing or having the proper swing mechanics? There’s a fine line between focusing too much on one or the other. When a Golfer is too focused on his/her mechanics … the smoothness of your swing suffers. When you’re too focused on a smooth golf swing –

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