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Wrists Or No Wrists When Chipping?

Should your wrists be used when chipping around the green? Most Golfers advocate not using any wrists – though some Golfers do encourage a limited use of the hands and wrists. So the question that many Golfers often ask themselves – “How should I do it? Wrists or no wrists?”

How Are You Out Of The Sand Bunker?

If there’s one place on the golf course that I have seen more people consistently struggle than anywhere else – it has to be the sand bunker. At GMS we have defined 4 Levels of Sand Bunker Players. And have found that once a Golfer knows their Level, understands why they’re at that Level and

Get Out Of The Sand Bunker In One Shot

What is it about the sand bunker shot that scares the pants off some Golfers? Why is it that some Golfers can just hop in the sand, look at the target, wiggle their feet into the sand and get the ball out every time? Yet some Golfers go into the sand knowing what they exactly

Are You Chipping Like A Pro Or Like The Normal Golfer

How is it that the best Players in the world look relaxed when chipping? While the Golfers at your local course set-up with tense arms and a strained look on their face. As the struggling Golfer is creating tension by trying to limit hand, wrist and body motion … the great Player uses hand and

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