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The #2 Golf Swing Myth – Your Grip Needs To Be Interlock or Overlap

The Grip Is Boring… But, Muy Importante!!!

”Where’d you learn how to grip the golf club?”
Are you using an interlock grip or overlap grip?

Most people are taught a golf grip by someone that has been playing golf since they were younger than a teenager. Yet, the majority of people taking these lessons are doing so after the age of 40.

There’s a huge difference when you learn and practice holding a golf club 1000’s of times before entering high school vs picking up a club when you’re closer to retirement than you are to your high school graduation!

The way you hold your hands on the club is an important catalyst towards how well you’ll hit the golf ball … however, it’s not about how many knuckles you see or where the v’s are pointing or blah, blah, blah.

It’s more about — ‘Am I in control of the golf club, yet not squeezing too tight?’ For many Golfers it’s an either/or proposition. Meaning – your golf swing is either out of control when you’re attempting to hit the ball long and straight or you’re squeezing your hands too tight in order to stay in control of the golf club.

What’s The Solution?!!

If you’re curious to see if you’re current grip is the ideal grip for you … you’ll surely help yourself by watching this week’s Golf Improvement Weekly Video:

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