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The #4 Golf Swing Myth – You Need Perfect Alignment (Aim) To Hit The Golf Ball Straight

The #4 Golf Swing Myth … Perfect Alignment Of Your Feet
Swing Tips Like The Above Are Probably Making You An Even More Inconsistent Golfer!

Last week we showed the #5 Golf Swing Myth – related to having a “Baseball Swing” Golf Swing. This week the countdown continues with the #4 Golf Swing Myth

Alignment (or aiming) is often taught be telling the Golfer to aim parallel to their target. Where the Golfer needs to have their feet on a straight line just slightly left of the target (for a right hand Golfer). And that if your feet are aimed a little to the left or right … you don’t have a chance to hit the ball straight to the target.
This myth is untrue – you don’t need to be perfectly parallel to your target.
Watch this video to see how you can work on your aim and alignment based on your personal golf swing

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