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Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

1. Butch Harmon Schools of Golf
2. Dave Pelz Scoring Game School
3. Golf Made Simple Golf Schools

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Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

1. Butch Harmon Schools of Golf
2. Dave Pelz Scoring Game School
3. Golf Made Simple Golf Schools

The Roller-Coaster Called Your Golf Swing …Are Your Looking For More Consistency?

Most Golfers that want to improve their golf swing often go on a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. Once they finally start to get a feeling of hitting the golf ball great … and getting close to the summit of golf swing perfection … out of nowhere, for no apparent reason, their golf swing starts to go downhill.

It gets to the point of you screaming – “I wish this ride would finally end. I need to get off this rollercoaster!”

The good news is that there is a process that can allow you to reach the top … but also limit how steep the decline is. Meaning as your golf swing is on a good streak … allowing yourself to keep it on that good streak for a longer period of time. Then, when old, bad habits start to creep in again … being able to recognize these bad habits before they become habit again.

Whereas most Golfers are riding a rollercoaster filled with inclines and steeper declines … the low single digit Golfer rides a rollercoaster that you would see in the kiddie park – they don’t see steep inclines and steeper declines – yes, there are some ups and downs … but they stay much more level throughout the ride.

How Do They Do It?

The key to playing better golf is being able to understand “your golf swing” so that you can make corrections after one bad shot … as opposed to going weeks or months before discovering what’s wrong with “your golf swing”.

Now, you must understand what I mean by “your golf swing”. This is not saying you must understand all the golf swing tips you read about in Golf Digest or see and hear about on the Golf Channel. And it is definitely not all the golf tips that you hear over and over and over from other struggling Golfers.

Each person has their own golf swing. It’s the golf swing that your body allows you to make … along with the golf swing you see in your mind. And once you find “your golf swing” … that’s when golf starts to become fun!

Although the likelihood of you finding “your golf swing” in a golf magazine or with a local Pro … well, you’ve probably tried that already. And how did that work for you?

As the typical Golfer often tries to seek help by taking a series of golf lessons from a local Golf Pro – most Golfers get worse. Which then has Golf Pro trying to cover-up their lack of coaching skills by using the infamous “But you’re going to have to get worse before you get better.”

But after getting a lot worse … without seeing “better” anywhere on the horizon … you decide golf lessons aren’t for you. So you now get a subscription to Golf Digest because they have golf swing tips from the best Golf Instructors in the world, as well as PGA Tour Players.

Yet, some of those golf tips work and some don’t. But as far as results … you’re still just as inconsistent as you always were.

So after some more time struggling with inconsistency – you say: “maybe I’ll try a different teacher and get another golf lesson.” But the same pattern happens again. As you approach your first golf lesson … there is hope and optimism … but it gets worse and worse as you finish the next 5 lessons of your 6 lesson series.

Which now brings you to the conclusion on your ability to improve: “It must just be me. I’ve taken all these golf lessons from Professionals. I’ve tried all the best techniques they write about in the Golf Magazines. Yet I can’t improve. Maybe I just don’t have the ability to become a good Golfer.”

However, you shouldn’t put the blame on yourself. The reason you didn’t improve during your attempts at golf lessons were more about your Instructor not being a good coach … rather than you not being a good student. That Instructor (like over 90% of Golf Instructors) is stuck to one method that he/she teaches to all his/her students. And yes — I know that every Instructor says they can adapt to their Golfers needs – but their actions and lack of results speak louder than their words.

If you watched that Instructor teach another Golfer … you’d hear them tell that other Golfer the exact same things they told you!

Basically when you go for a typical golf lesson – you’re at the mercy of that Instructor’s personal preferences of what they want to see in the golf swing. If his/her preferences match your abilities – you will succeed. But as it happens over 90% of the time – when they don’t match … you’ve just wasted your time, optimism and money again.

So in reality, you have a better chance of going into the convenience store, purchasing a scratch off lottery ticket, and scratching yourself into Warren Buffet … than you have of choosing a Golf Instructor that can teach you … “your golf swing”.

However, if you believe in the phrase “action speaks louder than words” – than GMS is the ‘King of Action’ as our results of improving over 1,100 Golfers in 2011 leads to a lot of words by our Golfers in the form of telling their friends and writing Testimonials. We didn’t have 1,100 Golfers in 1999 when I decided to leave the golf academy I was working for and start GMS … but each year we have grown because of one sole reason – OUR GOLFERS IMPROVE AND THEIR FRIENDS NOTICE!

So if you want to finally see improvement – you have two choices: keep scratching “lottery tickets” by going to random Golf Instructors that live near your home … or commit to GMS where the words of our Golfers confirm that we’re able to allow you to improve using “your golf swing”.

The Monkey has more ups and downs than the world’s tallest rollercoaster

The Player enjoys the consistency of the kids rollercoaster


Marc Solomon

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