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Why Henry Hates Golf – Have You Ever Met Henry?

“I hate this game! I hate it! Why do I play this stupid game? I quit – I’m never playing again!” Henry blasted himself. I heard Henry as he was walking to his car and wondered why he was so down on himself. Henry is a hard worker, I see him standing on the practice

Scoring Better On The Par 5’s

Over 90% of the Golfers we see average more over par on the Par 5’s than on the Par 3’s or 4’s. While 100% of the PGA Tour Players average more under par on the Par 5’s than they do on the 3’s and 4’s. Maybe there’s something we can learn from the best Players?

Creating An Automatic Golf Swing

Why does it seem like some people are “naturally talented” at golf, while others “just can’t get it”? When the talented people first start to play … they soon begin to break 100 before busting through 90 into the 80’s. On the other hand – some people feel as if “I can never get it!”

Halfway Through Your Summer Golf Season

In many parts of the United States, Canada and Europe, you’re halfway through your summer Golf Season. You might only have a few months of good golf weather remaining until your golf clubs are put-a-way in the basement, garage or wherever you put them until spring. So tell me (or tell yourself) – what have

Are You Chipping Like A Pro Or Like The Normal Golfer

How is it that the best Players in the world look relaxed when chipping? While the Golfers at your local course set-up with tense arms and a strained look on their face. As the struggling Golfer is creating tension by trying to limit hand, wrist and body motion … the great Player uses hand and

Four Steps To Consistency On The Golf Course

One –stop Fidding by trying to add new things to your swing … you already have enough to think about. Everybody’s going to hit bad shots – hopefully not often, but it’ll happen. This is where a Player has properly prepared by having a “go to drill” they use to regain the feel they have

Eliminate Your Golf Swing Checklist

Why is it that some people never seem to be able to “get” the golf swing? They try to improve, they take lessons, they hit golf balls … but they continue to struggle. And then there are others that don’t seem to put nearly as much effort into improving … but they seem to swing

Your Answers Determine Your Scores

By answering the questions below, you can find out what type of Golfer you represent: If you had to hit a wedge from 50 yards to a green surrounded by water – would you rather have that area: 40 yards wide and only 10 yards in depth (front to back) OR 40 yards in depth

You’re Probably Not Playing Your Best Golf If You …

Before you read each statement below, please repeat the phrase – “You’re probably not playing your best golf if you”: ….. go to warm-up at the driving range with just your Driver before playing. Could you ever imagine Rory warming up for a round at the Masters by just hitting his Driver?

Practice? Are We Talking About Practice?

Who is thinking more during each golf swing – the Golfer that’s hitting good shots or the Golfer not hitting the ball well? There’s no doubt that the Golfer that’s struggling starts to think a little more about their golf swing than the Golfer that’s hitting it well. And as the struggling Golfer starts to

Why Is It Difficult To Shoot Your Lowest Score

As it often takes multiple opportunities to pass a Magic Number (for example: Phil Mickelson, Michelle Wie, Sergio Garcia, etc.) … it becomes a series of being so close, but then making a bad score on the 18th hole. Or after hitting your Driver great all day … out of nowhere, you start hitting it

The Best Way To Fix Your Leaky Golf Swing

Not being able to hit the ball well on the golf course is like being seasick 100 miles out in the ocean … as you have 4 hours of frustration and agony ahead of you before getting off that rocky boat. So the question for the Golfer wanting to become more consistent is: ‘What do

Practicing Correctly At The Range For A Consistent Golf Swing

Every Golfer has the ability to make improvements each time they go to the golf course. But unfortunately, the style of practice for the majority of Golfers doesn’t allow for this as their practice comes down to simply searching for a swing that produces a great shot – then trying to repeat it. But if

How Do You Know If You’re Practicing Effectively?

Do You Improve Your Golf Swing When Practicing? Are you the Golfer that goes to the driving range to hit a bucket of golf balls so that you can work on your golf swing? You know, hit a few irons, hit a lot of drivers, try a few new things in your golf swing.

Too Much Rightside In Your Golf Swing?

Is Your Right Side Messing You Up? Often times we hear right handed Golfers say that they have a problem of using too much of their right side in their golf swing. Left-handed Golfers – just reverse everything I’m saying. I’m sure you’re used to doing that when reading about golf.

Have Fun With Your Driver

How Important Is It To Hit Your Driver Better? Just about every time you play 18 holes … you have 14 chances to hit a great drive. The question is: how many times out of those 14 chances are you satisfied with the results?

Do You Have A Consistent Ball Flight?

Slicers and Hookers – get ready to be happy! What is consistency? Consistency doesn’t mean that your golf swing has to be so perfect that you hit the golf ball straight every time you swing. Here’s a better way to understand what a consistent golf swing is really about — a consistent golf swing allows

Are You A Golf Score Addict?

Are You A Golf Score Addict? Many Golfers believe it’s a good thing to be thinking about score during their round, before a particular shot or during their swing. But unfortunately, it’s the worst thing you could be thinking about on the golf course. It would actually be better for you to be focused on

Does A Smooth Swing Help With Consistency?

Are you more focused on making a smooth golf swing or having the proper swing mechanics? There’s a fine line between focusing too much on one or the other. When a Golfer is too focused on his/her mechanics … the smoothness of your swing suffers. When you’re too focused on a smooth golf swing –

Are You Full Of Golf Swing Tips

Believe me – when it comes to golf tips … we may not have heard it all, but we sure have heard a lot. Holy moly, we hear the same swing tips over and over from Golfers coming to see us when we ask them “what have you been working on in your swing?” From

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