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Get Out Of The Sand Bunker In One Shot

What is it about the sand bunker shot that scares the pants off some Golfers?

Why is it that some Golfers can just hop in the sand, look at the target, wiggle their feet into the sand and get the ball out every time? Yet some Golfers go into the sand knowing what they exactly need to do, feel like they’re doing everything correctly – yet, the ball is often left in the sand or hit on a line drive over the green into perhaps another sand bunker?
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Do Not Swing Toe-up To Toe-up. Another GMS Video To Improve Your Golf Swing

Based on working with over 1,200 Golfers each year … one of the most taught golf tips that Golfers are working on is called “Toe-up to Toe-up”.

Unfortunately for people trying to improve their golf swing … “Toe-up to Toe-up” has been taught so often that it has been pretty much annointed as being as important as “keeping your head down” and “keeping your left arm straight”.
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Is Your Golf Swing As Consistent As Tiger Woods’ Swing?

Continuing from last week’s Golf Improvement Weekly about the length of your drives ….. Tiger Woods only hits a drive over 300 yards 24% of the time. Or in other words – only once in four drives. So if his drives over 300 yards can be considered his best drives – then 3 out of every 4 drives the ‘Best Player On The Planet’ hits would have to be classified as either average or below average for Tiger.
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The Consistent Habits Of The Inconsistent Golfer

There are a few characteristics of a consistent Player that all Golfers should be striving to achieve. For if you don’t know what it takes to be consistent … how will you ever make it there? As most Golfers just go out and do the same things over and over again, repeating the same mistakes in their approach to becoming consistent – they’re often left wondering why they never improve.
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Why Doesn’t Your Golf Swing Improve?

Why do some Golfers improve while others are stagnant for years? How is it possible that one Golfer that has been playing for 15 years has been a 21 handicap for 13 of those years and another Golfer that has been playing for 3 ½ years is already down to an 11 handicap. And the kicker is that they practiced just as much, they’re both in good shape, they both want to improve just as much as the other and they both have bought new equipment in the last couple of years.
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Do You Take Golf Tips From Strangers?

After the longest hiatus that Golf Improvement Weekly has ever seen (2 months) – we’re back. Just as it maybe a good thing for Golfers to take a break from the game every-once-in-a-while to refresh your brain – GIW needed to do the same. Although GMS had a record year in 2008, and 2009 is actually ahead of 2008 – it’s been a hectic 9 months (with 3 new GMS locations opening), along with everything else. So, we just needed a break from writing.
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Is Your Golf Swing Difficult

Why is it that Golf is often referred to as the most difficult sport to play?

Yes, golf is difficult if you want to score in the low 70‘s. Especially if you have only played for a few years, play only occasionally, spend more time working than working on your game, etc.

But it shouldn’t be a difficult game to play or to hit good golf shots. If it seems that you are struggling to improve … it may not be your fault.
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Do You Hate Blow-up Holes on the Golf Course?

What’s the percentage of time that you take out your 3 wood for your second shot on a Par 5 hole? If you’re like most Golfers, the answer could be 80% or higher. Though, the Players on the PGA Tour aren’t even close to that high of a percentage.

So why are you using your 3 wood more than the PGA Tour Player? And please don’t say because the PGA Tour Players hit their Driver so much farther than you – because they play a golf course that’s much longer than the course you play – so things balance out.
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Why Golf on TV is Hurting Your Game

Watching golf on TV is great especially if there’s a great match going on like they did last Sunday at the Honda Classic in South Florida. When a golf match gets down to the last few holes with a few Players around the lead you get to see all the great shots and all the shots that don’t go as great – or as the golfer watching on TV says when the Player goofs-up “Hey that looks like me, I could’ve done that.” But, because most of the time these Players that are in contention are in the “Zone” or as we like to say – they’re on a streak of good shots – you only see the best golfers at their very best. And in a way, this is unfortunate because it would actually help your game if you’re able to watch the best Players In The World struggle a little bit.
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Evolution of a Golf – Go From a Frustrated Golfer to a Player

The Evolution of a Golfer
Go From a Frustrated Golfer to a Happy Player!

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Why is it that it seems like some people that begin to play golf pick-it-up right away? Then before you know it, they’re breaking 100, busting through 90 and in less than 2 years – they’re in the 80’s for a short spell before moving into the 70’s in year 3 or 4.
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Better Golf Swings For Better Scores On Par 5’s

As we were reviewing some past articles from Golf Improvement Weekly, we came across this ‘gem’ from January 18th, 2005 about playing better on the Par 5’s. As many of the people reading this weren’t subscribers 3 years ago and I doubt the people who were subscribers would remember this article – we’re repeating it. Not because we’re lazy – but because it has some excellent points that’ll help you eliminate your ‘Blow-up Holes’.
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Why Henry Hates Golf – Have You Ever Met Henry?

“I hate this game! I hate it! Why do I play this stupid game? I quit – I’m never playing again!” Henry blasted himself.

I heard Henry as he was walking to his car and wondered why he was so down on himself. Henry is a hard worker, I see him standing on the practice range at least once a week hitting golf balls. I’ll be going to the first tee with a Golf Made Simple class to do our on-course Instruction and there will be Henry banging golf ball after golf ball on the practice range – one after another – “looking for the magic”.
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Scoring Better On The Par 5’s

Over 90% of the Golfers we see average more over par on the Par 5’s than on the Par 3’s or 4’s. While 100% of the PGA Tour Players average more under par on the Par 5’s than they do on the 3’s and 4’s.

Maybe there’s something we can learn from the best Players?

For example: Adam Scott’s average score on the Par 5’s is 4.4 strokes per hole. On the Par 4’s … his average is 4.03. And on Par 3’s is 3.17.
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Creating An Automatic Golf Swing

Why does it seem like some people are “naturally talented” at golf, while others “just can’t get it”? When the talented people first start to play … they soon begin to break 100 before busting through 90 into the 80’s.

On the other hand – some people feel as if “I can never get it!” These Golfers started off like most people learning the game, taking baby steps towards improving and then within two years they hit a wall and stay in that same scoring range for the next 5, 10, 20 years.
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Halfway Through Your Summer Golf Season

In many parts of the United States, Canada and Europe, you’re halfway through your summer Golf Season. You might only have a few months of good golf weather remaining until your golf clubs are put-a-way in the basement, garage or wherever you put them until spring.

So tell me (or tell yourself) – what have you accomplished so far this year on the golf course? Lower scores, more consistent ball striking, a better understanding of your golf swing, or did nothing get better? Hopefully the answers are one of the first three options as opposed to the last.
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Are You Chipping Like A Pro Or Like The Normal Golfer

How is it that the best Players in the world look relaxed when chipping? While the Golfers at your local course set-up with tense arms and a strained look on their face.

As the struggling Golfer is creating tension by trying to limit hand, wrist and body motion … the great Player uses hand and body motion for feel. Thus, many of the things you’re trying to eliminate in your chipping stroke could be causing you to become more inconsistent.
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Four Steps To Consistency On The Golf Course

One –stop Fidding by trying to add new things to your swing … you already have enough to think about. Everybody’s going to hit bad shots – hopefully not often, but it’ll happen.

This is where a Player has properly prepared by having a “go to drill” they use to regain the feel they have temporarily lost. This drill will help them to find their swing within two or three shots.
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Eliminate Your Golf Swing Checklist

Why is it that some people never seem to be able to “get” the golf swing? They try to improve, they take lessons, they hit golf balls … but they continue to struggle.

And then there are others that don’t seem to put nearly as much effort into improving … but they seem to swing smooth and hit a good ball whenever you see them play.

What’s the difference between these two Golfers?
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Why Is It Difficult To Shoot Your Lowest Score

As it often takes multiple opportunities to pass a Magic Number (for example: Phil Mickelson, Michelle Wie, Sergio Garcia, etc.) … it becomes a series of being so close, but then making a bad score on the 18th hole. Or after hitting your Driver great all day … out of nowhere, you start hitting it terrible on the 15th hole. Or needing to make a 6 foot putt on the last hole that just rolls across the edge of the cup without going in.
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Practicing Correctly At The Range For A Consistent Golf Swing

Every Golfer has the ability to make improvements each time they go to the golf course.

But unfortunately, the style of practice for the majority of Golfers doesn’t allow for this as their practice comes down to simply searching for a swing that produces a great shot – then trying to repeat it. But if the next one isn’t equally as great – you are off to find something else.
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Your Golf Game Has Good Habits & Bad Habits — What About Mediocre Habits?

Habits in Golf are usually classified as being good or bad. Have you ever heard of having a Mediocre Habit?

Mediocre Habits – this is like a gray area. You know that you have some Good Habits and you know have some Bad Habits – these are easy to spot because they’re black or white, they standout and that’s good. You can notice your Bad Habits and correct them and you can see your Good Habits and continue to profit from them. But it could be your Mediocre Habits that are killing your golf game.
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To Achieve Better Scores –‘ Sometimes You Need To Lose So The Can Learn How To Win’

‘Sometimes You Need To Lose So That You Can Learn How To Win’

It seems as though many Golfers get so close to shooting their best score ever, but then we ultimately, out of nowhere, do something to mess ourselves up on the last hole or two. Fortunately, this is a process that doesn’t need to be constantly repeating itself. There is a way to get over the hump so that you don’t “shoot yourself in the foot” on those last couple of holes.
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US Open – Pebble Beach – Tiger Woods –The Last Time The US Open Was In Pebble Beach – History Was Made

The Last Time The US Open Was In Pebble Beach -History Was Made! Who Will Make History In 2010?

As the US Open Golf Tournament returns this coming weekend, it should provide for interesting theater as there are a few big, boldfaced names involved: US Open – Pebble Beach – Tiger Woods. Three subjects – each alone is powerful enough to pique even the most casual golf fans interest. Yet, considering the history of those three names, when used together – there aren’t many things that have the potential of being more exciting.
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Why Can’t I Improve My Driver? — Are You Practicing It Like A Monkey Or A Player?

“Why Can’t I Improve My Driver?”

Are Your Practicing Like A Monkey Or A Player?

If I was a Golfer in the northern Hemisphere that mainly played during the months of April through October (while sneaking in a late fall or early spring round once-in-a-while), I’d have my focus primarily on hitting good tee shots more than anything else. I mean … c’mon, is there anything more fun and satisfying than hitting a great drive?
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Is Your Golf Swing Getting Better Or Worse? — Finding Your Golf Swing While On The Course

When’s the last time you said – “That’s the best round of golf I have ever played!”?

When’s the last time you said – “Oh, I stink. That was the worst round of golf I have ever played!”?

It’s my belief that the latter statement is said more often than the first statement. Which is a shame because you should be having fun on the golf course and making progress whenever you play. But judging from what we hear from a vast majority of Golfers – there are more Golfers playing worse than ever versus the number of Golfers that are playing better than ever. Maybe that’s why they’re calling GMS.

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Is Your Golf Swing Too Complicated — Strike The Golf Ball With An Effortless Swing

Is Your Golf Swing Too Complicated?

Strike The Golf Ball With An Effortless Swing!

The idea that golf needs to be as complicated as many Golfers are making it is a frustrating/confusing concept to me. Every week, I hear of a new, groundbreaking concept that someone has come up with that’ll help all Golfers to hit the golf ball farther and straighter. I’ve heard about new grips, swing plane concepts, weight transfer systems, along with stuff I don’t want to even mention that supposedly will make your swing automatic.

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Do You Have A Consistent Ball Flight?

Slicers and Hookers – get ready to be happy!

What is consistency? Consistency doesn’t mean that your golf swing has to be so perfect that you hit the golf ball straight every time you swing. Here’s a better way to understand what a consistent golf swing is really about — a consistent golf swing allows you to hit the golf ball in one direction about nine times out of ten swings. It’s being able to take one side of the golf course out of play (either the right side or the left side).

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Are You A Golf Score Addict?

Are You A Golf Score Addict? Many Golfers believe it’s a good thing to be thinking about score during their round, before a particular shot or during their swing. But unfortunately, it’s the worst thing you could be thinking about on the golf course. It would actually be better for you to be focused on what you’re going to have for dinner later that evening – than it would focusing on your score!
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Are You Full Of Golf Swing Tips

Believe me – when it comes to golf tips … we may not have heard it all, but we sure have heard a lot. Holy moly, we hear the same swing tips over and over from Golfers coming to see us when we ask them “what have you been working on in your swing?”

From “I’m trying to close my stance and put the ball farther back to draw the ball” to “I’m trying to get my swing more flat so that I stop coming over the top on my downswing”.

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