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Have You Ever Lost It On The Golf Course?

Have You Ever Lost It On The Golf Course? The answer is Optimism. The question – What does every round of golf start with? How many holes on the golf course does your optimism last? Can you make it past the 15th hole without losing some optimism? Ok, ok – can you make it past

Should They Stay Or Should They Go!

If you had to choose which group of clubs you had to take out of your bag, which would you choose? Group A – Your 3, 4 and 5 irons or Group B – Your Pitching Wedge and Sand Wedge Which would you choose A or B? Now if you chose Group A, you’re without

Is Your Golf Game On A Bad Streak?

“BAD STREAK” You’re Not Alone. We all go through “Good Streaks” on the golf course and “Bad Streaks”. Even Tiger and Annika go through their share of “Bad Streaks”. So you shouldn’t feel too bad when you go through your own “Bad Streak”.

How Bad Are Your Bad Shots?

How many bad shots can you expect to hit during a round of golf? Or better yet – how many bad shots are you able to accept during a round of golf? And then to take it one step further – how many bad golf shots can you hit and still play your best round

Are You Golf One Or Golfer Two?

What is One Good Habit that Players do that you should try to copy so that you get better? Isn’t this an important question? Let me give you an example of what I mean. And as you read this example, see if you know anyone that has a similar approach to the game.

Is Your Golf Game In Season or Off Season?

The Question: When should you practice your golf so that you play your best in May, June, July and August? The Answer: For many Golfers, the next few months are the time you should be working to improve your golf game so that you’re ready for The Season. Unfortunately, many Golfers in the US, Canada

How Are Your 200 Yard Golf Shots?

‘Would You Be Happy Shooting An 83?’ Are you interested in shooting an 83? Well, if you’re a 6 handicap … probably not. However, if you currently score in the 90’s or 100’s … it probably sounds like a good goal to accomplish. As I’m always fascinated in new ways to describe to Golfers how

What Causes Inconsistency In Your Golf Swing?

Golf can be a crazy game. For a few holes you can be on top of the world. Then, all of a sudden you hit a bad shot and for the next 14 holes you feel like you have never swung a golf club before as everything feels wrong! “How can things go bad so

Can You Really Improve 9 Or More Strokes?

The Golfer’s age old question is “what is the simplest, most effective way for me to improve my golf scores.” It’s a brilliant question – so I’m going to give you a brilliant answer! Let’s start by talking about last week’s Nationwide Tour Event in Idaho – Hunter Haas won by scoring an impressive 4

How Are Your 200 Yard Golf Shots?

How many times do you expect to hit your golf ball onto the green from over 200 yards away? Well, before you read anymore, please say your answer aloud so that you’re committed to your answer throughout this article. It will come in handy as we go forward! Now, before we talk about the number

Do You Play Golf Like A Player?

Below are some questions that pertain to your golf game. By answering these questions we can find out what type of Golfer you are, what gets you motivated to play better and what aspect of your game you need to work on harder. Now some of these questions are a little outlandish and will never

Are You A Monkey On The Golf Course

Are you playing up to your potential on the golf course? Or are you still playing to the same level you were 3 years ago? A Player is constantly improving their game by using a “Results Based Approach” of having a PLAN to improve. A Monkey continues to stay frustrated with their golf game because

Golf Quotes That Make Me Cringe On The Golf Course

I’m sure you have heard at least one or two of the below quotes on the golf course recently. If so, please understand that you’ll usually hear these quotes coming from an above 90 Golfer rather than a below 80 Golfer. So if you hear a Golfer that happens to break 90 “every-once-in-a-while” say one

How often are you hitting your 3 wood each round of golf?

So my question for you this week is – “How often are you hitting your 3 wood each round of golf?” Nearly every Golfer that we see on the golf course is in the habit of using their 3 wood too often during a round of golf. In fact we believe that most Golfers could

Why Are You Using Your Weak Hand For Power?

“It’s all in your left arm. I need to stop using my right hand. My right hand is ruining my golf swing!” That’s all we hear from right-handed Golfers coming to see us. Everything these right-handed Golfers have told us is that the power comes from their left side. And the sad part is that

Does Poor Balance Cause Poor Golf Swings?

Would a Golfer with poor balance have a better or worse chance of having a consistent golf swing? The obvious answer seems to be that the Golfer that doesn’t have good balance would have a more inconsistent golf swing than the Golfer that employs good, solid balance. So if that’s true – why haven’t you

No One Is Safe After Making a Birdie!

Are you more likely to hit a bad tee shot after making a double bogey (or worse) on the previous hole? Or are you more likely to hit a bad tee shot after making a birdie on the previous hole? It is amazing how many Golfers I have seen make a great birdie (or miraculous

Scraping The Dirt For Golf Swing Improvement

Is it possible to continually get better and better every time you go to the golf course or driving range? Yes, I believe that every Golfer has the ability to make small improvements every time they go to the golf course. This is not to say that you have the ability to continually improve one

A Better Golf Swing Using Simple Improvements

There’s nothing like the expectation of standing on the tee feeling confident that you’re going to make a nice, smooth golf swing that produces a great drive down the middle of the fairway. Being able to watch the golf ball sail through the air as it splits the fairway is worth everything and anything! That’s

Are You Using Your Golf Swing Or Their Golf Swing?

As we move from August to September – it would be nice to hear that your golf scores continually improved throughout the summer. Which brings me to this question: “were you playing to improve each round or were you more focused on searching for your golf swing every time it was your shot?” It would

Golf – Believe It or Not!

I recently observed a situation you mightl be surprised to hear. In fact, many of you may not believe this story at all. On the golf course the other day, I was watching a mid 90’s to mid 100’s Golfer play a few holes. On the 1st hole (a Par 4), this Golfer was on

Make A Consistent, Effortless Golf Swing

Have you ever hit a golf shot that felt so good and effortless that you said to yourself – “that was perfect. Why can’t I consistently make that same golf swing everytime?” What’s the issue that’s standing in your way of an effortless golf swing and being able to say: “I hardly felt like I

Why Can’t I Improve!

Why is it that some Golfers improve so swiftly and some Golfers don’t improve as fast? How is it possible that we see a Golfer that struggles to break 100 and then within a few weeks, he/she is emailing us about shooting an 88? Yet, how is it possible that we also can get an

Are You Committed To Your Strengths?

The day has come for you to make a commitment to your Golf Game. The Player makes a commitment to “play to their Strengths and stay away from their Weaknesses!” The Monkey doesn’t even make an attempt to know what their Strengths and Weaknesses are! So what are your Strengths and Weaknesses? Most Golfers aren’t

How I Went From a 16 to a 3 Handicap – And How You Can To

You know, I give more credit to a 16 handicap that goes to a 3 handicap than I give to a Golfer that makes it to the PGA Tour. Don’t get me wrong – the PGA Tour Player is the greatest Golfer in the world. The skill level of this Player is off the charts.

How Do You Warm-up?

Your Warm-up to play golf can be such an over-looked aspect in how you play on the golf course. Many Golfers take it for granted how vital the process of warming-up can be to your results on the golf course. And although there are many types of Golfers that play many different styles of golf

Play To Your Strengths To Improve Your Scores

How Do You Play To Your Strengths? Click Here To Listen to The Audio Version of Golf Improvement Weekly It seems to me that we’ve gotten away from what we’re playing golf for. In our attempts to hit the golf ball better we have lost the art of strategy.

Try This Golf Swing

These days more is written about the golf swing than I can ever remember. It seems as if almost every year there’s a hot new golf swing that everybody is trying. Did you try one of these “new” golf swings this summer? Have you ever been involved in a conversation like the one below?

How to Become as Consistent as a PGA Tour Player

How can you become more consistent with your Golf Swing? What do you need to do to become more consistent? In order to become consistent – watch consistent people! And there’s nobody more consistent on the golf course than the Players on the PGA Tour!

Are You A Monkey Or A Player

Why do we call a frustrated Golfer a Monkey? It has nothing to do with one’s ability. It has to do with how a Golfer goes about learning. I’ve seen Monkey’s that shoot in the low 80’s and I’ve seen Players that are just starting to break 100. The difference is that the Monkey will

How To Practice Over The Winter

Are you sick and tired of going into each new golf season with high expectations and then ending your season not reaching your goals? Then you promise yourself that you’re going to work hard during the winter to work on your grip, your swing plane, keeping your head still. And every year around this time

Hard, Smooth or Easy – How Do You Swing Your Driver?

The thought of swinging too hard is enough to make even the best Golfer stop to take a deep breath. For as long as many of us can remember, it’s been beaten into our brains that swinging too hard is one of the 3 Golf Commandments never to betray. And so it is that whenever

One Plane Swing Or Two Plane Swing

I overheard a conversation the other day at the golf course where two Golfers were debating the importance of either a One Plane Golf Swing or a Two Plane Golf Swing. So when I hear Golf Conversations like this – I enjoy listening (at least for a couple minutes) to Golfers talk about such important

Why Henry Hates Golf’ Part IV: Finale

So we left off last week’s Why Henry Hates Golf speaking about how to get the golf ball up in the air. The common fallacy in golf is that you need to get underneath the golf ball to get it up in the air. And if you try to get underneath the golf ball –

Are You Practicing Your Core?

Can you improve your swing by working on it 100% of the time? Can you improve your swing even more by working on your swing 50% of the time and working on your body 50% of the time? There’s no doubt you’d find a lot more consistency splitting your time between practicing your swing and

Don’t Let Slow Play Affect Your Golf Game

More than a few Golfers have written to me asking if I could write an article on “how to keep my poise and play golf with very slow Golfers”. This seems to be an issue that affects a lot of Golfers and your ability to keep your rhythm going on the golf course. Let me

‘Why Henry Hates Golf’ Part III

With much awaited anticipation Golf Improvement Weekly has arrived in 2007. From Golf Made Simple, we wish all of our readers a very Happy and Healthy New Year. If you have not read the previous issues from December 2006, you may be asking yourself “Who is Henry?” Henry is a frustrated golfer and is in

Why Henry Hates Golf Part Two

Continuing from last weeks ‘Why Henry Hates Golf’ we left off with Henry saying to Marc that he is frustrated with his game and wants to become more consistent. Marc starts to speak about what the best players do to become more consistent and Henry is eagerly awaiting his answer. “Well Henry, first you’ll need

Does A Better PLAN or Better Ball Striking Produce Better Scores?

Why is it that on the first tee you can always tell who’s a Player and who’s struggling with inconsistency. I mean even before this Golfer swings to hit the golf ball – you can tell how good a shot they’re going to make. The Player just has this look about him/her – they reek

How To Hit the Golf Ball Farther

Hitting the golf ball farther should be a priority of yours. If you look at the top Golfers in the world – the majority of them hit the golf ball a good distance. The problem is that many Golfers continually hit bad golf shots because of their quest to hit the golf ball farther. For

Improve Your Golf By Watching John Daly

Can you improve your golf game by watching John Daly? Yes, you absolutely can. You just have to know what to look for. As much fun as it used to be to watch John Daly hit a golf ball – it’s sad to see him now. It doesn’t look as if he’s having a fun

Only A Small Percentage Of Golfers Will Improve

“Only A Small Percentage Of Golfers Will Improve” Why we call a frustrated Golfer a Monkey has nothing to do with one’s ability or the scores that you shoot. It has to do with how a Golfer goes about the learning and improvement process. I’ve seen Players that are just starting to break 100 and

How To Fix The Cause Of Golf Swing Problems

‘How To Fix The Cause Of Golf Swing Problems?’ All I want for Christmas is a …. Golf swing. Imagine if it was as easy as sending a letter to the North Pole. “Santa, all I want is a consistent golf game. I’ve been a good ___ (girl or boy, you fill in the blank).

Golfers Are Funny

‘I’m going to try to the Stack and Tilt. I’ve tried the 8 Step Swing, The X Factor, Slow and Low, Square to Square, along with every other new swing that has come out. ‘I’ve tried video analysis, I’ve tried Golf Tec, I’ve even tried getting down on my hands and knees to pray.

Why Henry Hates Golf

“I hate this game! I hate it! Why do I play this stupid game? I quit – I’m never playing again!” Henry blasted himself. I heard Henry as he was walking to his car and wondered why he was so down on himself. Henry is a hard worker, I see him at least once a

Your Golf Game – Would You Rather Hit Longer Drives Or Fewer Puts

Would You Rather hit the golf ball 300 yards and have 41 putts a round or Would You Rather hit the ball 200 yards and have 27 putts a round? Both the 300 yard drives and the 27 putts are great stats to have. Both signify that you have talent. But, it’s rare to have

The Best Way To Practice Your Golf Swing

If you’re looking to improve your golf game and understand how a Player practices (as opposed to how a struggling Golfer practices) – read the below paragraphs and fill in the blanks as they pertain to your golf game. Then below that section – we’ll explain how you can use your answers to improve your

The Best Golf Swing Ever Is Dead!

Golfers will go to great lengths to hit the golf ball better. Many Golfers have a tendency to believe just about anybody and everybody that promises to have a Theory on a better golf swing. And although in the back of your mind – you know that much of this stuff is too good to

Be A Master Of Your Golf Swing On The Golf Course

As it typical happens, the Golfer that hit the golf ball the best, won the Masters. Adam Scott led the field in hitting the most Greens in Regulation by hitting 55 out of the 72 greens … including 30 of 36 for the last two rounds!

Become Golfer Of The Year!

The story of the year in Golf just might be Zach Johnson. And his game might be a perfect blueprint for you to follow so that you can also have your game get to the next level. I don’t know much about Zach Johnson – but I do know that he’s having a career year

What Causes Compensations in Your Golf Swing?

The idea that golf needs to be as complicated as many Golfers are making it is a frustrating/confusing concept to me. Every week, I hear of a new, groundbreaking concept that someone has come up with that’ll help all Golfers to hit the golf ball farther and straighter. I’ve heard about new grips, swing plane

What Can Your Learn From A PGA Tour Player?

Stats are a great way for you to understand what your expectations should be on the golf course. And believe it or not, many Golfers expectations of what the range of scores that they should be scoring is far off. For example: once a Golfer scores a 95 for the first time, they usually expect

Video Analysis For Your Golf Swing

So the Golfer said to me – “I want to get my swing on video so I can see what I’m doing wrong. I want to compare my swing side by side to a PGA Tour Player’s swing to see what I need to correct.” And I said to myself – Here’s another Golfer that’s

How To Achieve Your Golf Goals

Would you be happy if you shot what might be your best score ever in an important event or tournament, then shot a disappointing score the next round? Would you celebrate or would you lament?

Can Your Golf Swing Hit A 300-Yard Drive?

Can Your Golf Swing Produce A 300 Yard Drive? Understanding the true distance you hit the golf ball might be one of the top 5 factors in improving your golf swing. Most Golfers have no idea what distance they hit the golf ball and because of that ….. well, bad things happen.

The Value Of Each Golf Swing On The Golf Course

When’s the last time you gave your golf game a thorough self assessment to find where you need to improve the most? Most Golfers can not give themselves an accurate assessment about their golf game because they do not diligently track what they do well and what they’re inconsistent with. They just go out on

The Golden Rules Of The Golf Swing

Has there ever been an athletic movement more over taught, with “to-do’s” and “not-to-do’s” … than the golf swing? These Golden Rules cause more confusion in the Golf swing than they help to correct.

Does Your Golf Score Affect Your Golf Swing?

Do you make better golf swings while thinking about what number shot you are about to play? Well, approximately 80% of Golfers are doing the same by thinking about score as they continually suffer from inconsistent golf swings. Thus, I hope you read our thoughts below so that you can find a better way to

Do You Want To Score 81 On The Golf Course?

Who would like to shoot 81 for 18 holes? Without a doubt, at least 8 out of every 10 Golfers would love this! If you’re one of the 8, the first thing you need to do is have the correct expectations as far as how well you need to hit the golf ball.

Create More Distance In Your Golf Swing

What’s the secret to getting more distance with your golf swing? How can a PGA or LPGA Tour Player hit the golf ball so far … yet make it look so effortless? What is their secret to more distance?

The Trick To Overcoming Bad Golf Shots

What’s the hardest thing in golf? While you may ask eight Golfers that question – you may receive eight different answers. Yet, the one answer always in the Top 2 will be … “Moving onto the next shot after a bad shot.”

Get Out Of The Sand Bunker In One Shot

What is it about the sand bunker shot that scares the pants off some Golfers? Why is it that some Golfers can just hop in the sand, look at the target, wiggle their feet into the sand and get the ball out every time? Yet some Golfers go into the sand knowing what they exactly

Fixing Your Slice Off The Tee Comes Down To Feeling Your Golf Swing

“Fixing Your Slice Off The Tee Comes Down To Feeling Your Golf Swing” If there’s one thing that haunts Golfers more than missing a 3-foot putt, it has to be slicing the ball off the tee. Fixing your slice can be a complicated task or it can be a simple solution – the choice is

Do Not Swing Toe-up To Toe-up. Another GMS Video To Improve Your Golf Swing

Based on working with over 1,200 Golfers each year … one of the most taught golf tips that Golfers are working on is called “Toe-up to Toe-up”. Unfortunately for people trying to improve their golf swing … “Toe-up to Toe-up” has been taught so often that it has been pretty much annointed as being as

How To Turn Bad Decisions Into Great Golf Swings!

Do you know how to caddie yourself into a good round of golf? The best Players in the world are much better than the rest of us with all facets of golf. Really, to compare ourselves to being anywhere close to as good as a PGA or LPGA Tour Player would be the same as

Simple Traits Of A Consistent Golfer

The frustrated Golfer is constantly trying to incorporate new swing tips into their golf swing. Although trying a new tip into your swing each time you go to the golf course is a consistent habit. Trying to implement the swing tip into your golf swing is not.

Make A PLAN For Better Golf

The end of the golf season often ends with most Golfers dreaming about how much better they want to next spring. Which means an inconsistent season is often ended with the thought of next year … “I’m going to do it. I’m going to work hard to finally improve my game.”

Is Your Golf Swing As Consistent As Tiger Woods’ Swing?

Continuing from last week’s Golf Improvement Weekly about the length of your drives ….. Tiger Woods only hits a drive over 300 yards 24% of the time. Or in other words – only once in four drives. So if his drives over 300 yards can be considered his best drives – then 3 out of

The Consistent Habits Of The Inconsistent Golfer

There are a few characteristics of a consistent Player that all Golfers should be striving to achieve. For if you don’t know what it takes to be consistent … how will you ever make it there? As most Golfers just go out and do the same things over and over again, repeating the same mistakes

How One Golfer Improved 17 Strokes! How Did He Do It?

Why do some Golfers improve while others are stagnant for years? I know of one Golfer that has been playing for 15 years and has been a 21 handicap for 13 of those years. I also know of another Golfer that first came to GMS 3 years ago as a 28 handicap and is already

Who Has A Better Golf Swing – Phil Mickelson Or Joe Durant?

Who would you rather play golf like – Phil Mickelson or Joe Durant? Now Joe Durant is a fine Player or he wouldn’t be on the PGA Tour – though I’m sure that Joe Durant wishes he could play like Mickelson. So unless you’re Joe Durant’s mother, I’m assuming you’d pick Mickelson.

The Complex Golf Swing

One of the perks we receive at GMS is that we’re forwarded every email in hyperspace that has a reference to golf. Some are good, some are bad and some are excellent. I’ve now seen two excellent golf emails in the last 6 months.

Why Doesn’t Your Golf Swing Improve?

Why do some Golfers improve while others are stagnant for years? How is it possible that one Golfer that has been playing for 15 years has been a 21 handicap for 13 of those years and another Golfer that has been playing for 3 ½ years is already down to an 11 handicap. And the

Get Your Golf Swing In Balance For More Consistency

Who is most likely to have a more consistent golf swing … a Golfer with good balance or a Golfer with poor balance? The obvious answer seems to be that the Golfer that has good balance will be more consistent. Now, why will the Golfer with poor balance be more inconsistent? Because the poor balance

Do You Try To Finish Your Golf Swing?

If you had to find one word that is the most important thought in your golf swing … what would it be? The reason I ask is because too many Golfers have too many thoughts in their head as they play. And as your mind is cluttered with two or three different ideas as you

Are You Really That Inconsistent On The Golf Course?

Believe it or not, the expectations of many Golfers of what their range of scores should be is far off. For example: once a Golfer scores a 95 for the first time, they usually expect to score 95 or better in each of their next 10 rounds. And when this doesn’t happen, there’s often a

Do You Take Golf Tips From Strangers?

After the longest hiatus that Golf Improvement Weekly has ever seen (2 months) – we’re back. Just as it maybe a good thing for Golfers to take a break from the game every-once-in-a-while to refresh your brain – GIW needed to do the same. Although GMS had a record year in 2008, and 2009 is

Inconsistent Habits of Your Golf Swing

There might not be anything that impresses me more about a Golfer than their ability to practice effectively. To be able to go the driving range with a Practice PLAN shows how serious a Golfer is towards improving. But the reality is that a Golfer that goes to hit golf balls as their sole method

Get Your Golf Swing On A Good Streak

If there’s one trait that the most successful Players have, it’s coming back after a bad hole. Often times the biggest disappointment a frustrated Golfer can have is a ‘good streak’ of 4 or 5 holes followed by the infamous triple bogey.

Who Do You Play Golf For?

As we were looking through Golf Improvement Weekly archives for a quote of the week, we came across a Classic GIW from 2006. As we read it – we couldn’t stop laughing at how true it is. So we want to present this GIW to you to read. This truly is a classic!

What’s Your PLAN On The Golf Course?

Your ball is in the trees again and you have a couple of options. You could “punch-out” sideways to the fairway or you could try to squeeze the ball between the two trees about 15 yards in front of you.

Classic Issue: I Want To Hit My Driver Better

Hitting your Driver is the greatest aspect of golf. There’s nothing I’d rather do more than be able to go on the golf course and hit my Driver. Walking to the tee of a Par 3 is a let down. Why even have Par 3’s? Let’s have only Par 4’s and Par 5’s so that

Is Your Golf Swing Difficult

Why is it that Golf is often referred to as the most difficult sport to play? Yes, golf is difficult if you want to score in the low 70‘s. Especially if you have only played for a few years, play only occasionally, spend more time working than working on your game, etc. But it shouldn’t

Do You Hate Blow-up Holes on the Golf Course?

What’s the percentage of time that you take out your 3 wood for your second shot on a Par 5 hole? If you’re like most Golfers, the answer could be 80% or higher. Though, the Players on the PGA Tour aren’t even close to that high of a percentage. So why are you using your

Why Golf on TV is Hurting Your Game

Watching golf on TV is great especially if there’s a great match going on like they did last Sunday at the Honda Classic in South Florida. When a golf match gets down to the last few holes with a few Players around the lead you get to see all the great shots and all the

Evolution of a Golf – Go From a Frustrated Golfer to a Player

The Evolution of a Golfer Go From a Frustrated Golfer to a Happy Player! Click Here To Listen to The Audio Version of Golf Improvement Weekly Why is it that it seems like some people that begin to play golf pick-it-up right away? Then before you know it, they’re breaking 100, busting through 90 and

A Consistent Swing Created With Swing Plane

Why is it that we constantly hear that the key to a consistent golf swing is all about your Swing Plane? “Why did I slice on that shot?” It was your swing plane. “Why did I hook on that shot?” It was your swing plane. “Why did I top the golf ball on that shot?”

Maximum, Repeatable Distance

What’s one of the major causes for Golfers hitting inconsistent tee shots? You all pretty much know the answer … it’s when you’re swinging too hard. But even though you’re constantly telling yourself to “swing easy” … we continually have bouts of swinging too hard.

Better Golf Swings For Better Scores On Par 5’s

As we were reviewing some past articles from Golf Improvement Weekly, we came across this ‘gem’ from January 18th, 2005 about playing better on the Par 5’s. As many of the people reading this weren’t subscribers 3 years ago and I doubt the people who were subscribers would remember this article – we’re repeating it.

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