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Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

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Go Ahead ... Be A Player

Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

1. Butch Harmon Schools of Golf
2. Dave Pelz Scoring Game School
3. Golf Made Simple Golf Schools

Hit The Golf Ball Farther With Your Driver

Everybody wants more distance with their Driver. How can you get more distance?

The old joke goes that if you want more distance with your Driver – move to Denver, Colorado. Where the air is thin and you get an extra 10% on your drives because of it.

Yet, that’s not reality for most of us – plus the golf course architects have gotten smarter lately by making the golf courses out there – 10% longer. So the old joke doesn’t work anymore – it all equals out in Denver nowadays.

What can you do to hit your Driver farther?

You can learn to speed up your golf swing. The faster your golf club is moving as it hits the golf ball – the more potential you have of hitting the golf ball farther. Please note that I say ‘potential’ because faster club head speed doesn’t guarantee farther golf shots.

You can learn how to hit closer to the center of the club face on your golf club. The closer the golf ball makes contact with the center of the club face – the farther the golf ball will travel. To see for yourself, you can do the test by bouncing a golf ball on different areas of the club face of a Driver and see how high it bounces from each spot.

You can change the characteristics of the Driver you use. Meaning you can purchase a Driver with a longer shaft, more or less loft, or one that’s more forgiving than your current Driver.

All three of these Result Based Approaches can and will help you to hit your Driver farther.

Now you must decide which to work on because you shouldn’t work on all 3 at once. That’s just too much to do at one time. Jack of all trades – Master of none. Become a Master of one before you try to become a Master of all.

Or in other words – You might be able to multi-task in the office, but you can’t multi-task with your golf swing!

So which one will you work on first? That’s up to you to decide. Though if you’re going to do it on your own – be careful. Because I know many Golfers that have tried to work on increasing the distance they hit the golf ball that have botched up their golf swing beyond belief. You must do it correctly or there are consequences.

Swing speed isn’t just about swinging harder. Yet most Golfers that try to hit their Driver farther on a long par 4 or Par 5 – usually try to swing harder (most of the time with poor results). And along those same lines – more club head speed isn’t about trying to swing the club head faster. There’s more that goes into increasing your club head speed than those two thoughts.

Saying that, even if you did increase your club head speed, but you’re not hitting the golf ball closer to the center of the club face more consistently – increased swing speed isn’t going to help that much. Actually, increased club head speed without better control over your club head will create worse golf shots.

The first thing you should really be working on is improving your Centerness of Hit.

This is how GMS does it: GMS Level 1 is about Centerness of Hit. Learning to control your golf swing so that you hit the center of the club face more often. GMS Level 1.5 is about continuing to improve the consistency of hitting closer to the center of the club face by reviewing and perfecting Level 1 drills, along with adding more advanced drills to increase your feel of the golf swing. GMS Level 2 is about further improving the results you see in your golf swing by helping you to increase club head speed (while maintaining and increasing your control of the club head) which is possible because of the improvements you made in GMS Level 1 and GMS Level 1.5.

Why does this process work so effectively?

Let me answer that by describing what the normal Golfer does to improve. They try to work on everything at once. They try to turn their shoulders more, they try to turn their hips faster, they try to shift their weight with more aggression, they try to increase the lag of their club head on the downswing, they try to swing harder on their follow-through. They try kooky Theories like trying to decide between a one plane golf swing and a two plane golf swing; they then get so confused while working on which plane or planes to swing on, that frustration carries them over to trying something called a stack and tilt. A stack and what?

Frustration can be the greatest motivator for a Golfer to try something new and there’s not a better merchant of the latest, most outrageous swing Theories than the golf magazines that prey on the weak.

Bad Golfers are like sheep – they flock together on the driving range and have conversations such as – “What are ewe working on?” “Oh, I’m working on trying to bah, bah, bah as I bah, bah, bah.”

There’s no PLAN in any of the above. It’s like these Golfers use the ‘throw it all against the wall and see what works’ Theory. No wonder so many Golfers never improve – even after taking the typical run of the mill golf lesson. Because regardless of all the Theories and Assumptions they attempt, there’s still never any consistency or there’s the once in a while magic you get from that lesson that sticks around for two weeks and then mysteriously disappears just as fast.

GMS has so many Golfers that instantly see success and because of the PLAN we use – that success continues and their improvement will actually accelerate once they get back home!

Or you can be like 98% of the Golfers that are playing golf that haven’t improved their handicap in 5 years because they either have given up trying to improve because of frustration or are still jumping from tip to tip and from one plane swing to two plane swing to stack and tilt to who knows what’s next.

The Monkey wants more distance and will try anything to achieve it

The Player wants more distance also, though they focus on a PLAN that’s based on proven Results

Go ahead, be a Player!


Marc Solomon – Your Instructor For Life

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