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Golf Practice In The Winter

Are you tired of going into each new golf season with high expectations and then ending your season not reaching your goals? This is often followed by you promising yourself that you’re going to work hard during the winter on your grip, your swing plane, keeping your head still, blah, blah, blah. It seems as if every year around this time I get the same emails – “Marc, where I live I can’t play during the Winter, but I want to be ready for the Spring. What can I practice inside my house during the Winter?”

Working on your golf swing in your house without hitting golf balls or let me rephrase that by saying – without hitting golf balls and being able to see the flight of the golf ball – isn’t going to help you. Or worse – it could be the start of the infamous “Fiddling Disease!” Have you ever had “Fiddling Disease”?

“I’m working on sliding my left thumb over to the right about a 1/2 inch and extending it a little” – “I’m trying to come through impact with a straighter left knee so that I hit against a strong left side” – “I’m trying to block the water hazards out of my mind. If I can close my eyes and click my heels together three times and say there’s no water, there’s no water, there’s no water – I think it will stop the ball from going into the water.”

Listen – you and I know that once Spring weather comes around, you won’t spend as much time as you should on the practice putting green. You’re going to be either out on the golf course or hitting golf balls on the driving range. Now, I’m not saying that’s what you should be doing – I’m saying that that’s reality.

So use the time you have during the winter to do some putting practice. In our bi-weekly GMS Alumni Bulletin that we send out only to GMS Golfers – we asked everyone to email us if they wanted for us to send them a great putting drill/game they can use inside. The response was spectacular.

Now, we can’t offer the same drill here – but we do have another Putting Drill we’d like to offer you that will help you with your distance control. Because believe it or not – 3 putts are caused by not being able to control your distance more than they’re caused by directional problems. Additionally – making more 1 putts is based more on Distance Control than Directional Control – but that explanation will be left for my Instructors in our GMS 3-day Program.

So, if you’d like for us to email you a special Indoor Version of an excellent GMS Putting Drill that you could spend hours on this Winter – email us at IndoorPuttingDrill@default and put GIW in the subject line.

Spend your time on this drill during the Winter and your putting will improve dramatically. And if your putting improves – your scores improve!

The Monkey spends their Winter at a golf dome or heated driving range working on their Driver

The Player spends their Winter improving their scores by working on their putting stroke

Go ahead, be a Player!


Marc Solomon – Your Instructor For Life

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