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Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

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Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

1. Butch Harmon Schools of Golf
2. Dave Pelz Scoring Game School
3. Golf Made Simple Golf Schools

Get Your Golf Swing In Balance For More Consistency

Who is most likely to have a more consistent golf swing … a Golfer with good balance or a Golfer with poor balance?

The obvious answer seems to be that the Golfer that has good balance will be more consistent. Now, why will the Golfer with poor balance be more inconsistent? Because the poor balance causes you to have less control of your swing path, swing plane, etc.

So if it’s true that balance effects swing path and swing plane – why haven’t you worked on your balance?

Because trying to fix a swing path before fixing your balance is like trying to have an outside ice skating rink in Arizona … in July. The ice will never freeze … just like your swing path or swing plane will never be correct if your balance is the slightest bit off.

Most Golf Instruction is backwards as it’s based on fixing swing path before fixing shoulder turn and fixing shoulder turn before fixing balance. Most Instructors are trying to fix the “Effect” before they fix the “Cause”. This is because most Golf Instructors only look at the “Effect” of taking the club too far outside on the backswing.

So the Golfer is told: “You’re taking the club too far outside … you need to take the club more to the inside.” Thus, these Golfers are told to turn their shoulders more in their backswing so that the club moves towards the inside.

And to back this up, as you practice the shoulder turn on slow, half-swing, practice swings … you can see how the club moves more inside. However, if your balance is still a little off (maybe having a little too much weight on your heels) … you’re going to start compensating when you start to hit golf balls on your full golf swing.

What compensations could you start making?

Well, if you have too much weight on your heels while trying to make a shoulder turn to bring the club inside … you’ll most likely have to start leaning forward (on your toes) as the club gets higher than your hips. Because if your weight is on your heels and you turn your shoulders on the backswing … you’d fall on your butt.

So as the club is starting to get above your hips (and behind your body), you naturally have to rock your upper body forward (towards your toes) so that you stay somewhat balanced. Then, as you start your downswing (with too much weight on your toes), you”re going to have to rock back to your heels. Because leaving your weight on your toes with the weight of your arms and club moving in front of you … you’d fall on your face.

So you now have a golf swing where your body resembles a rocking chair. And that is why many Golfers often feel themselves moving too much in their golf swing. Thus causing you to top the golf ball sometimes, hit behind the golf ball sometimes, as well as hit good shots sometimes.

I guess “sometimes” is the definition of inconsistency.

Yet, when most Golf Instructors see these movements – they’re so concerned with swing path and swing plane … that’s all they try to correct. However, the swing path and swing plane might only be off because your balance was off.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve worked with that have told me they’ve been working on their swing path and/or swing plane for years. Yet haven’t been able to fix either of the two. However, in less than one day we have them fixed just by helping the Golfer understand his/her balance.

First fix your balance and you might just automatically fix your swing path and/or swing plane. If not automatic, at least you’re putting yourself in a balanced position that will allow you to start turning your shoulders without having to add even more compensations to your golf swing.

Remember ‘Compensations equal Inconsistency’. So the less compensations you have … the more consistent your golf swing becomes.

Unfortunately thousands of Golfers have to go through backwards Golf Instruction every year – never getting to the cause of the problem, only being told how to fix the effect. And that’s a big reason why so many Golfers never get better and swear to never to take another golf lesson again because they only get worse afterwards.

GMS looks for the Cause before we try to fix the Effects. Thank goodness for GMS!

The Monkey will continue to work on the effect by practicing taking the golf club to the inside without fixing the cause

The Player is always interested in fixing the cause because they know that if they fix the cause, they also fix the effect


Marc Solomon

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