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Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

1. Butch Harmon Schools of Golf
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Go Ahead ... Be A Player

Named The 3rd Best Golf School In America By Men's Journal Magazine

1. Butch Harmon Schools of Golf
2. Dave Pelz Scoring Game School
3. Golf Made Simple Golf Schools

Evolution of a Golf – Go From a Frustrated Golfer to a Player

The Evolution of a Golfer
Go From a Frustrated Golfer to a Happy Player!

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Why is it that it seems like some people that begin to play golf pick-it-up right away? Then before you know it, they’re breaking 100, busting through 90 and in less than 2 years – they’re in the 80’s for a short spell before moving into the 70’s in year 3 or 4.

On the other hand – Why is it that some people begin to play golf, make some progress, but then get stuck and don’t improve from that point? They start off like most people learning the game, taking baby steps towards improving and then wham – they hit a wall and stay there for the next 5, 7, 10, 20 years.

Which group are you in?

7 out of every 8 Golfers are in the second category. You start off with high hopes and dreams of playing well. And you slowly make progress after taking a few golf lessons. At this point Golf is still exciting and you’re pumped-up to be out on the golf course, along with going to the driving range to practice your golf swing. You like that you’re seeing improvement – even though it may be slight, there’s some improvement.

At this point, some people will progress into the 80’s every once in a while – though most get stuck in the 90’s or 100’s. And thus two categories of Golfers are created – ‘The mid-90’s Golfer’ and ‘The Low 100’s Golfer’.

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It seems to me that once Golfers put these labels on themselves – they almost never lose that label. Is it because they don’t have the talent and ability to break through 90 into the 80’s or through 100 into the 90’s? Is the game just too hard and complicated that you can never do it? Is there not enough time to devote to your game on the practice range or enough time on the golf course?

I believe the answer for all three questions is: you do have enough talent – the game isn’t that hard and complicated – you don’t have to devote that much time to your game to see consistent improvement.

What happens to many Golfers is that you get so caught up in ‘the grip’ – in ‘getting your knees, hips and shoulders aligned’ – in ‘keeping your head still’ – that you make hitting the golf ball with a consistent swing, more complicated than it should be.

Have You Ever Heard of the Book – ‘Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff’?

Let’s go back to the Golfer that breezes through the 90’s, then the 80’s, and into the 70’s. How is this possible? No, taking Mulligans isn’t the answer! This is the Golfer that’s focused on striking the golf ball with a smooth golf swing. These Golfers aren’t concerned about all the details that the ‘mid 90’s Golfer’ and the Low 100’s Golfer’ are concerned about.

The Golfers that get stuck in the 90’s and 100’s often read Golf Digest and Golf Magazine or watch the Golf Channel and think that all this stuff they read or hear needs to be done to get into the 80’s and 70’s. They think this is the stuff the 70’s Golfer is thinking about on every golf swing. And that this is the stuff that the 70’s Golfer practices all the time.

Who do you think reads Golf Magazine more often – The ‘mid-90’s Golfer’ or the ‘70’s Golfer’? Who do you think is trying the tips on the Golf Channel more – The ‘Low 100’s Golfer’ or the ‘70’s Golfer’? Who do you think reads Tiger’s tips in Golf Digest more often – the ‘mid-90’s Golfer’ or the PGA Tour Pro?

Well, I can answer these questions very easily – Do you think Tiger would reveal his ‘secrets’ if he knew that other guys he was competing with were going to successfully use his ‘tips’ to improve and potentially beat him?

That’s how unimportant those ‘tips’ are. If they were so valuable – why would he (Ernie Els, Sergio Garcia, Annika Sorestam and others) give their ‘secrets’ away for some other Tour Pro that was competing against them every week to use to beat them?

That would be like Coca Cola giving their secret recipe to Pepsi. Or Warren Buffet telling every investor what he’s buying before he buys.

The Evolution of the Frustrated Golfer to the Happy Player begins with getting away from basing your Golf Swing on all the ‘tips’ you’ve read and heard throughout your ‘golf career’. You’ll start the Evolution of transforming into a Happy Player once you get away from the ‘Tip Mentality’ that keeps ‘mid-90’s Golfers’ as ‘mid-90’s Golfers’. You’ll start to see the transformation once you start to develop a PLAN and then stick with that PLAN!

Your PLAN goes beyond your strategy on the golf course. Your PLAN is your swing – Your PLAN is what you take to the golf course so you can swing with consistency – Your PLAN is what will help you go from a ‘mid-90’s Golfer’ or ‘Low 100’s Golfer’ into a ‘Bogey Golfer’; then into an ‘80’s Golfer’ and potentially a ‘70’s Golfer’.

If you want to read how one Golfer did it – click here to read how a Golfer like you went from a 16 handicap to a 3 handicap using his PLAN.

But, you’ve got to have a PLAN to improve like that as opposed to the Frustrated Golfer that relies on the mailman to bring them Golf Tips Magazine each month.

The Monkey relies on ‘Tips’ and ‘Secrets’ to improve their Golf Swing

The Player has a PLAN to improve their Golf Swing

Which do you rely on?


Marc Solomon

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