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The Complex Golf Swing

One of the perks we receive at GMS is that we’re forwarded every email in hyperspace that has a reference to golf. Some are good, some are bad and some are excellent. I’ve now seen two excellent golf emails in the last 6 months.

The first was the JC Anderson email – this is an email that I think we received at least 72 times – but the video is so good, it was worth watching every time. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about – it’s the one that he gives a bunch of golf tips in rapid succession and then hits a trick shot. If you haven’t seen this video; just email us and we’ll forward it to you.

The second email has been sent to us a few times – I guess it hasn’t made it around as much as JC has. This one isn’t a video, but a sketch that has a Golfer’s notes scribbled over the paper. To view the sketch, click here

It’s almost cliché for Golfers to joke about all the swing thoughts they have to think about every time they swing. Some of these swing thoughts are done over-the-top to show the ridiculousness we put into hitting the golf ball. Though, I believe this sketch could be from a Golfer that really is trying to do all this stuff.

Take a look at the sketch and try to pick-out how many of these notes that you’re trying to do on each swing – or have tried in the past.

The Monkey will actually consider using some of these notes

The Player just keeps playing to their PLAN

Go Ahead, Be A Player!

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