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From PGA Professional Marc Solomon

More Compensations In Your Golf Swing

What are you currently working on in your golf swing? Many Golfers answer: “I’m trying to bring the club back more to the inside.”

What are you focusing on to be able to do that consistently? “I have to have my hands and right elbow come closer to my body … instead of away from my body.”

Does it help you to hit better shots? “Yes, when I do it correctly. But that’s only about half the time.”

What happens the other half of the time? “Well, honestly … I hit the worst shots I have ever hit.”

That’s the story of many Golfers that work on things in their swing whether it comes from a golf lesson or a video on Youtube. They sometimes “get it”, but they also just as much “don’t get it”.

Why? Why can’t you find better consistency when working on swing issues like the one referenced above?

Much of the reason is the way you’re taught to go about fixing the problem. For example – if you’re taking the club too far outside on the backswing … the solution isn’t to consciously try to bring the club back more to the inside. That would be basically just adding another compensation to a swing that is already overwhelmed with compensations.

Rather – it would be much more beneficial to focus on what was causing the club to go back incorrectly. Instead of repairing the issue with Duct Tape (trying to force the club more inside) … start by finding and permanently fixing the underlying problem.

In typical Golf Instruction – the Golfer is taught using a system (or style of teaching) that just covers up existing flaws with additional compensations. Referenced by a Golfer swinging outside and being told to consciously try to swing more to the inside.

Whereas using effective Golf Instruction – the Golfer is working on finding and fixing the root cause. And swinging too far outside isn’t a cause … it’s an effect of some other issue in your swing.

Once the root cause is uncovered … it’s amazing how swing issues (like taking the club too far outside) just start to automatically disappear without having to work on taking the club more to the inside.

Maybe the club is going too far outside on the backswing because your left side isn’t engaged … causing your arms to push the club outside. And maybe the left side isn’t able to be engaged because you have too much weight towards your heels.

This is just one of thousands of examples of how the golf swing resembles the “Domino Effect”. One thing influences another thing which influences another thing, etc.

Many of the incorrect swing movements you’re working on in your golf swing could be caused from one simple pre-movement technique where you just need a slight adjustment.

For example: if a 200 pound (90.7 kilograms) person had 1 pound (.45 kilograms) of weight a little too much towards their heels … your club could go too far outside on the back swing because your left side won’t be engaged. Now think about this: that 1 pound is basically .5% of your body weight. It’s very hard to feel if you’re .5% too much towards your heels as you’re standing up to hit your Driver on a 400 yard par 4.

However, if you’re as little as 1 pound off in your pre-movement … you’re going to be even more off during your swing movement as your body is going to have to counterbalance and compensate somewhere in your swing. Which often means that you’re creating an inconsistent swing path and ultimately … and inconsistent golf shot.

The Monkey is manufacturing movements to fix issues in their swing

The Player understands that you don’t try to fix your swing by adding compensations … the first step in fixing is finding the root cause

Go ahead, be a Player!


Marc Solomon – Your Instructor For Life


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