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From PGA Professional Marc Solomon

Better Golf Through Mechanics Or Smoothness

There’s a fine line between focusing too much on one or the other. When a Golfer is too focused on his/her mechanics … the smoothness of your swing suffers. When you’re too focused on a smooth golf swing – your swing mechanics suffer.

So the question becomes: which is more important for you to see more consistency?


I have seen many Golfers that have great swing mechanics, yet aren’t able to bring it to the golf course. They swing well on the practice range – but on the golf course it often becomes a struggle.

On the range it looks like they would shoot 70 – on the golf course they lose 15 golf balls. The ability to swing the golf club well on the practice range doesn’t guarantee consistent swings on the golf course.


Solely working on smoothness isn’t the secret either. It’s like the Golfer that says he can make a great practice swing – but doesn’t hit the ball well in the actual shot. “I can make a great swing without a ball, but I can’t repeat it when the ball is there.”

Actually – your practice swing probably wasn’t as good as you thought. It might’ve felt nice because it was smooth… but that doesn’t mean your mechanics were correct.

Just because you can swing smooth without the golf ball in front of you – doesn’t mean that your club would’ve hit that “imaginary” ball close to the center of the club, with a straight club face, on a good swing path, and at the proper angle required.

So, although it may feel as though you made a good golf swing (because it felt smooth) – it doesn’t necessarily mean your swing mechanics were sound. You can’t make that determination without a golf ball showing you the results.

A smooth golf swing that doesn’t have good mechanics is just as inconsistent as a mechnically good swing that isn’t smooth. Both parts must be equal in order for you to be consistent.

Unfortunately, in most golf instruction – you learn all the swing mechanics of the backswing, then the mechanics of the downswing, followed by the follow-through. With little or no mention of how to make a smooth transition from one to the other.

Thus, most Golfers become overwhelmingly mechanical as they’re basically drowning in swing thoughts. Which is why many Golfers do well with saying “Tick Tock”. As it allows them to better blend mechanics and smoothness into each swing while on the golf course.

However, that Golfer also needs to practice on the range to improve their mechanics while working on swinging smoothly.

That’s why it’s important to focus on swing drills that are specifically designed to allow you to feel the movements flow from one position to the next in a seamless motion.

Remember, you’ll hit the golf ball your best when your swing mechanics and your ability to make a smooth golf swing become equal. Don’t be the Golfer that says – “Well, I first need to learn the swing mechanics before I worry about being smooth.” Because that’s the Golfer that will be saying the same thing 10 years from now.

Be the Golfer that works on both at the same time.

The Monkey is overly mechanical or not mechanical enough

The Player practices their mechanics and smoothness as one


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