Month: October 2016

Your Golf Swing With Your Driver

What is the secret to hitting your Driver? Or in other words – Why is it that some Golfers can calmly grip their Driver while standing next to the golf ball, set-up and make a great golf swing? While others have no confidence as soon as they get their Driver in their hands … as they start to develop a twitch with just the thought of having to hit their Driver on a narrow Par 5.
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“Why Henry Hates Golf” (Have You Ever Met Henry?)

“I hate this game! I hate it! Why do I play this stupid game? I quit – I’m never playing again!” Henry blasted himself.

I heard Henry as he was walking to his car and wondered why he was so down on himself. Henry is a hard worker, I see him standing on the practice range at least once a week hitting golf balls. I’ll be going to the first tee with a Golf Made Simple class to do our on-course Instruction and there will be Henry banging golf ball after golf ball on the practice range – one after another – “looking for the magic”.
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What Is Your Yard Per Pound Ratio?

Let’s hear it for Mark Wilson, the winner of the PGA Tour event a couple of weeks ago in Phoenix, Arizona. Here’s a guy that is 5’8” tall and weighs 145 pounds (1.52 meters and 65.7 kg) … yet he was bombing his Driver 301 yards (275 meters) in the 3rd round of the tournament!

This translates into 2.07 yards per pound (4.18 meters per kilo) with his drives! What’s your yard per pound rating with your Driver? Meaning, if you weigh 200 pounds and your average drive is 220 yards, your rating is: 1.1 yards per pound.
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Is Your Practice Influencing Your Golf Swing?

(Do You Practice In A Way That Negatively Effects Your Swing)

There might not be anything that impresses me more about a Golfer than their ability to practice effectively. To be able to go the driving range and/or practice area with a Practice PLAN to improve shows how serious a Golfer is towards improving. And I’m sorry if this offends you … but a Golfer that goes to just hit golf balls for the sake of trying to improve, is not serious about improving their golf swing!
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In Golf, Distance Is Important!

What can you do to hit the golf ball farther? The common issue many Golfers have is that they try to swing either their hands, arms, upper body, hips or legs harder, yet all this does for most Golfers is cause you to hit inconsistent golf shots.

The urge to hit the golf ball farther is not a new phenomenon. Golfers have wanted to hit the golf ball farther since the creation of the game. As the best selling golf magazines and the best selling golf clubs of this generation are always advertising: “Hit the golf ball 10 yards farther!” The best selling golf magazines and golf clubs back in the early 1900’s advertised using the exact same jargon.
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Better Golf Practice, Better Golf Swing!

When you go to practice your golf swing, are you just as happy walking off the range tee as you were when you first stepped on the range? Or are you like most Golfers – just more confused about your golf swing?

We have found that 9 out of 10 Golfers feel less confident about their golf swing after going to the driving range than when they first stepped on. Although the idea of going to the range was to improve your golf swing … Golfers usually walk off the range disappointed.
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52 Ways to Stop Your Slice

If there’s one thing that haunts most golfers more than missing a 3-foot putt, it has to be slicing the ball off the tee. So this week I have written 2-different articles – the first being 52 Ways to Stop Your Slice and the second being If You Understand What Causes A Slice You Wouldn’t Need 52 Ways To Stop A Slice! So consider this a bonus section to Golf Improvement Weekly.
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Can I Ask You a Golf Question?

Can I ask you a question? Do you want to hit the golf ball good? Do you want to hear people say to you – “Oh, you hit that ball good!”?

Now I must ask you – Does my poor English bother you?

Or did you not even notice that I should’ve asked – “May I ask you a question?” along with using word “well” as opposed to “good” in the next 2-sentences. Why do I ask this question? Because even though my English wasn’t proper in those questions, you would’ve probably answered my question without hesitation and without any problems. We could have a nice conversation about your golf game. Yet, on the golf course if your swing isn’t the “Proper Golf Swing” – you might always be trying to make it perfect. And perfection on the golf course isn’t necessary.
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Choke On the Golf Course

How many times have you been on the verge of playing your best round ever only to “Choke” on the last couple of holes? What happened? Why’d you do it?

This is kind of a loaded question because we’ve all done it. Everybody “Chokes”. Now the funny thing is that I’ll most likely get an email from someone saying “No Marc, I’ve never choked before. I’ve seen people do it, but I’ve never choked.” And if you’ve never “Choked” on the last couple of holes, you’ve never lived! “Choking” on the last couple of holes could be one of the best things you can do for your golf game.
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Finally, The 3rd Difference Between Golfers

So if you’ve been reading along the last couple of weeks, you’re probably waiting for the 3rd difference between the 2-golfers. If you’re 1 of the 117 or so new subscribers to Golf Improvement Weekly – let me fill you in on what’s been happening here: I know these 2-golfers that are going in almost opposite directions with their golf games. The first golfer is a 21-handicap that has been playing for 15-years and he’s been stuck as 21-handicap for 13 of those years. The second golfer has a completely different approach to the game and it shows. He’s been playing for 3 1/2 years and this past fall got down to an 11-handicap.
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So Why Such A Difference?

So last week we were trying to figure out why a Golfer I know that has been playing for 15 years has been a 21 handicap for 13 of those years and another golfer I know has been playing for 3 1/2 and this past October got down to an 11 handicap. And the kicker was that they practiced just as much, they’re both in good shape, they both want to improve just as much as the other and they have bought new equipment in the last couple of years.
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The Disappearing Golf Swing!

Have you ever played a round of golf where you were hitting the golf ball well and then all of a sudden you lost your golf swing?

We call that the Disappearing Golf Swing.

We often hear comments from frustrated Golfers that are just coming to see us such as: “I just lost my golf swing! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I was doing alright, playing my average game … and then I just lost it!”
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Where Does Power Come From In Your Golf Swing?

We all want to hit the golf ball farther so that we make the game easier. As there’s no doubt one of the main reasons that a PGA Tour Player can score better is because they hit the golf ball with more distance.

For example: if you played a golf course that’s 7,200 yards, and had as consistent a golf swing as the PGA Tour Player … though were limited to your current distance … he would squash you like a grape. Why? Because it would take that Player less strokes as they may only need to hit a 7 iron to some greens … when you’re hitting a hybrid.
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Who’s On The First Tee?

Why is it that on the fist tee you can always tell who’s a Player and who’s struggling with inconsistency. I mean even before this golfer swings to hit the golf ball – you can tell how good a shot they’re going to make. The Player just has this look about him/her – they reek of confidence that tells you that he’s/she’s a Player that’s going to hit a beautiful shot – to the point that even if you’re not in this Player’s group, you stop everything you’re doing just to watch them swing. Can you picture this scenario? And I’m not talking about how they dress. It has nothing to do with their clothes – but more to do with their actions.
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Long Driver or Short Game Wizard?

What’s more important to you – thinking of yourself as a Long Driver of the golf ball or a Short Game Wizard? I think this is a good question for you to ask yourself. Now the answer can’t be – “I want to be a combination of both.” For this question it has to be either one or the other. So which is it? Are you going to be the bigger hitter in the group or the golfer that can get the ball Up-n-Down from anywhere within 50-yards of the green.
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Hitting Fairways

In the last year we’ve had 73-golfers write on their Registration Evaluations that “in order to get lower scores, I need to hit the golf ball in the fairway more often.” That sounds like a reasonable request. It’s actually quite simple to help someone to hit their Driver in the fairway more often. We help people do it every week. And I’m not going out on a limb by saying – “Learning to hit the ball straighter is easy, what most people should be doing is learning to hit the golf ball more solid and thus gain distance!”
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See It, Feel It, Do It!

What’s happening on the golf course around the greens? It’s getting scary out there! When I go out on the golf course I see golfers walking up to play their short game shots with 4-different clubs in their hands and then having a brain melt-down trying to decide which club to use. You ever see anyone do that? It’s like time just stops and their standing over their ball in this purple haze trying to decide what to do.
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Short Term Memory Loss on The Golf Course

Have you ever been playing great golf where you were “even par” through 4-holes of golf, and then your buddy or playing partner slices their drive into the water. No big deal, right? Well, it shouldn’t be except that your golfing partner decides this golf ball is more valuable than his house and spends 10-minutes with his ball retriever trying to fish it out of the pond. And as you watch him pull-up 5 other golf balls, he still proceeds to try to find his ball, as your patience starts to wane.
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Let’s Play – Who’s the Monkey?

In each question below, I’ve written 2-statements, try to answer which statement was made by a “Player” and which was made by a “Monkey”.

In case you’ve forgotten, a Monkey is a golfer that’s never as consistent as they want to be, they’re always looking for the next hottest tip to try on the golf course and they’ve been taught to play golf using someone else’s strategy and swing, instead of their own. Thus, causing the Monkey to become frustrated by their inconsistency on the golf course because among other things, they always feel rushed because they feel they’re holding up the other golfers in their group.
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Easier Said than Done” or “Easier Done than Said

In golf these days there’s a lot of “Easier said than Done” claims being made (if you know what I mean). And it can be confusing when you’re constantly being flooded with advice on how to improve your scores. So you need to determine which products are going to help you and which are a waste of your valuable time and even worse – which are going to “mess you up.”
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How To Win Like Jim Furyk

Are you still working on “The Tour Putting Square”? Did you try it once or twice and have given up? Or maybe you’re not interested in improving your scores and haven’t even tried it.

Or worse – maybe you’ve taken a Monkey attitude by saying – “Well Marc, I really need to practice my Driver before I work on my putting.” And I agree, if you’re always in the trees – then you need to straighten out your Driver. Though how many times in the last 2 months have you made bogey, double bogey or worse from the fairway?
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Make An Impact With Your Golf Swing

The last word any Golfer wants to say on the golf course is four letters long and starts with an “F” … as in “FORE!”

Because this most likely means you hit a bad shot towards another Golfer.

Listen, there is nothing to be embarrassed about when hitting these shots … we all hit them. I’ve seen PGA and LPGA Tour Players yell “FORE” because of a wayward shot. It really does happen to us all.
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Let’s Talk About Your Golf Swing

We always talk to Golfers that come to see us and ask them “what are you currently working on in your golf swing?” After a brief pause we often get an answer that goes something like this: “I’m working on trying to take the club more on an inside path on the way back. To do this I need to keep my right elbow in closer to my body while turning my shoulders and shifting my weight.”

Now, if that is not already too much to think about … the Golfer often continues by saying: “and I also have been told that I need to keep my left arm straight as I go back because I often bend it too much.”
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Desperate Golfers Often Search For Problem Solving Golf Tips

There are several actions a struggling Golfer can try in their attempt to find their golf swing … or as we like to say: “Getting out of your Bad Streak and moving into Improvement Mode.”

Unfortunately for these Golfers … many of the techniques they use prolong the Bad Streak or sink them even deeper. As it can be said about a Golfer with a struggling golf swing: “A Desperate Golfer often searches for problem solving golf tips which leads to a chronically Frustrated Golfer!”
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The Never’s (Negative Tendencies) Of Your Golf Game

I will never go to the driving range to work on my golf swing without a Practice PLAN based on using specific drills and/or practice techniques after every 5 or 6 shots.

Golfers often have the worst practice habits when they go to the driving range. I cringe to call what most Golfers do as practice. Remember, the hitting of the golf ball isn’t practice. The drill is practice. The hitting of the golf ball is just telling you what drill you will need to practice before hitting your next 6 golf balls.
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Do You Have The Consistent Habits Of An Inconsistent Golfer?

There are certain characteristics that a consistent Player uses that all Golfers should be focused on. As the frustrated Golfer consistently goes out and repeats the same mistakes in their approach to becoming consistent – they’re often left wondering why they are inconsistent.

We often find that the frustrated Golfer is constantly implementing new swing tips. And because these Golfers are consistently trying different things in their golf swing – it’s no wonder they are consistently inconsistent.
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Are You An Unsecure Golfer?

The building of a golf swing that will allow a Golfer to improve their consistency should be done one step at a time. Unfortunately many Golfers are not willing to accept the one step at a time process – they’re only satisfied when everything “clicks at the same time”. Yet trying to do too much at one time with your golf swing would probably give you the same results as a pile of money being invested in the stock market on October 9th, 2007. Meaning, you aren’t doing so well with what you invested in either venture.
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Your Best Summer of Golf Ever!

Do you want to have your best summer of Golf ever? Then repeat after me – say it out loud so it means more than just it saying to yourself:

“Going ahead from this day forward – I solemnly swear to work on my golf game with the specific goal of improvement. Not a minute of my time will have anything to do with just mindlessly hitting golf ball after golf ball. My game is too important for me to fall into that bad habit.
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Golf Lessons & Golf Grips?

We recently had a Golfer come to see us that was in a state of confusion about their golf game. And it seems that some of the prior golf lessons that he had, had brought him to the point that he was close to quitting golf. This Golfer had taken lessons every year for the last 4 years (obviously not with GMS) with the hope of improving and had yet improved. “I’ve been to 4 different Instructors and have been told to hold the golf club 4 different ways. Apparently, each Instructor I went to didn’t hold the previous Instructor’s lesson in high regards.”
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How To Overcome Bad Golf Shots

What’s the hardest thing in golf? While you may ask eight different Golfers that question – you may receive eight different answers. Yet, the one answer that will always be in their Top 2 will be … “Moving onto the next shot after a bad shot.”

Hitting a terrible golf shot might be the most frustrating aspect of playing golf – however, it’s something that every Golfer will experience at least once a round. So although you don’t want to have the mindset that you’re expecting to hit a bad shot – you shouldn’t be surprised when it does happen. Yet, as much as you know that you’ll eventually hit a terrible shot – we all find it extremely difficult to not allow it to bother us.
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How To Play With Slow Golfers

More than a few Golfers have written to me asking if I could write an article on “how to keep my poise and play golf with very slow Golfers”. This seems to be an issue that affects a lot of Golfers and your ability to keep your rhythm going on the golf course.

Let me start by telling you a story about my golf game the other day. Unfortunately, I don’t play as much golf as you probably think I do. So when I do have a chance to play – it’s a special treat. Then add the fact that I was going to meet an old friend I hadn’t seen in over a year and that I was also playing at my all-time favorite golf course … well, you can then understand my disappointment being paired up with Mr. Coors Light.
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Come on, tell me – Who’s Your Caddie?

Come on, tell me – Who’s Your Caddie? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a Golfer tell me that they played better when they’ve had a chance to play 18 holes with a Caddie. Why is this? And how can you incorporate these same strategies and techniques into your game all the time?

Is it because they’re cleaning your clubs after each shot, raking your bunkers or even carrying your clubs? That may be a small influence. Or can it be that after a couple of holes of watching you play, they know more about your game and your abilities than you may know about yourself?
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How To Stop Your Slice

Why is it that 7 out of 8 Golfers that aren’t happy with their Driver have the ‘problem’ of slicing the golf ball? It’s a dilemma that causes many Golfers to go to the extremes and often swallow any dignity they have by trying some crazy looking Golf Tips on the driving range as others often look at you and wonder – “What is he/she doing over there?”
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How Straight Is Straight?

How straight is straight? How straight can you hit your golf ball off the tee with your Driver? How straight should you hit it?

Is there anyone in the world who can hit the ball perfectly straight?

The constant cry of the Golfer is that they want to hit the golf ball straighter. For the Monkey – if their tee shot curves more than 10 yards, they’re complaining that they’re not hitting it straight enough. Yet, the Player expects for their tee shot to curve at least 10 yards.
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Golf On Television May Be Hurting Your Golf Swing

Watching golf on TV is fun especially if there’s a great match on television. When a golf match gets down to the last few holes with a few Players around the lead, you get to see many fantastic shots.

But, because most of the time these Players in contention are in the “Zone” or as we like to say – they’re on a Good Streak – you only see the best Golfers playing at their very best. And in a way, this is unfortunate because it would actually help your game if you’re able to watch the other Golfers in the tournament that are having more of a struggle.
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I Want To Hit My Driver!

Hitting your Driver is the greatest aspect of golf. There’s nothing I’d rather do more than be able to go on the golf course and hit my Driver. Walking to the tee of a Par 3 is a let down. Why even have Par 3’s? Let’s have only Par 4’s and Par 5’s so that we can hit Driver all the time!

And it’s a shame that there are Golfers out there that are afraid to pick up their Driver. “Oh, I can’t hit my Driver. I miss every fairway. So I just use my 3 wood.”

That’s no way to play golf!
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Your Golf Swing – Five Years From Today

Five years from now, will your golf swing be better than it is today? The answer to that question may lie in the answer of this next question. Is you golf swing much better now that it was five years ago?

My hope is that you can say – “Yes, my golf swing is much better than it was five years ago.” Unfortunately, many Golfers can’t say that with a serious face. So what happened, or should I say – What didn’t happen over the last five years to allow you to improve?
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Maybe Tiger Should Try The Tilt And Stack?

Regardless of whether you’re thinking about your golf game or Tiger Woods’ golf game – it’s all about realistic expectations. So since Tiger is a hot topic right now – let’s talk some Tiger.

There’s so much babble out there about “What’s wrong with Tiger? Why didn’t he win at the Masters or the Players Championship? What’s wrong with his golf swing? Why isn’t he making any putts?”
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Why You Need Drills and Games

How do you practice trying to improve your game? And when you do practice, how do you track if you’re getting better? Do you rely on if you’re feeling like you’re improving? Or do you track your results?

Sure, I know that’s a loaded question because they’re might be 1 out of every 255 Golfers reading this that does track their results when practicing. And that’s a problem!
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Would You Rather…?

Below are some questions that pertain to your golf game. By answering these questions we can find out what type of Golfer you are, what gets you motivated to play better and what aspect of your game you need to work on harder.

Now some of these questions are a little outlandish and will never happen on the golf course – but take these questions in stride and have FUN with them.
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How Many Holes Out Of 18 Do You Try To Make Par?

If you’re like every Golfer trying to break 90 consistently, you’re trying to make Par on all 18 holes. And the fact is you shouldn’t try to make Par on any hole.

Now I absolutely know that someone is now saying – “Marc, what do you want me to do? Play for bogey on every hole.” Not at all! You should never play for Bogey. Or someone is saying – “Oh, now I get it, you want us to play for Birdie every hole.” Not at all! You should never play for Birdie either.
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That’s What Friends And Golf Buddies Are For

Here’s the scenario – You’re playing the best golf of your life after 4 holes of golf. Then on the 5th hole you hit a Drive that you’re not 100% happy with, though it’s still in play and you accept it as being OK and it doesn’t bother you too much.

But apparently it bothers your golfing buddy enough that you didn’t hit it perfect because they look at you and say – “You know, you didn’t finish your swing on that shot as well as you have been on the first 4 holes. You really need to follow-through better.”
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How To Continue Your Improvement

Do you know somebody who’s not practicing with the same attention to their Drills – somebody who has slowly crept back into the Monkey Syndrome of hitting golf ball after golf ball on the range trying to find something consistent? As we get towards the end of August an interesting thing starts to happen to Golfers – they start to move away from the practice routines they coveted back in May and move back into just hitting golf balls like the Monkey.
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Tiger – Tiger – Tiger

There’s that word again – perfection. Though as good, or should I say great, or maybe invincible as Tiger is – he’s far from perfect! Nobody in this game is perfect. Yet, we still hear every week Golfers that write to us or tell us how inconsistent they are. And again, we need to know what are the standards for consistency and inconsistency. So when you say – ‘I’m too inconsistent’ – what are you basing this on? What standard of excellence are you comparing your desire to hit the ball well in your quest to break 90 or 100?
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Want To Get Worse? Then Video Analysis Is For You!

I challenge you to find anyone that has improved their score 5 or more strokes after having their swing video analyzed. Yes, I challenge you!

What’s all the talk of getting your golf swing on video? Do you think it really helps your golf game? Video analysis started picking up steam in the early 1990’s and I was also caught with the bug back then. But I started seeing a disturbing trend after a few years – Although we could view the video in super slow motion, pausing at every point in the swing, comparing your swing to a comparable sized PGA or LPGA Tour Player – we started to see more confused Golfers and worse scores!
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How To Hit Your Fairway Woods

How often do you have the dilemma of hitting your Irons well, but not hitting your Driver or Fairway Woods well? A Golfer said to me the other day that he needs to work specifically on his Fairway Woods. And I believe that if he did hit his fairway woods better, that his scores would improve dramatically. So the next step has to be – how do we work on his Fairway Woods?

Do we go to the practice facility and practice hitting his 5-wood over and over until he hits it better? Do we have him hit a few shots with his Fairway Wood, then go over a drill for him to practice for five or ten minutes, then go back to hitting with his 5 wood?
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At Least We Have Golf!

The golf course may be the one place that we can all congregate and be on the same side – supporting to each other after bad shots and cheering one another after fabulous drives. It’s the place that a Democrat can give a pat on the back to a Republican and a Republican can high-5 a Democrat. It’s the place that Conservatives can say “Alright, awesome shot – that was fantastic” to a Liberal and a Liberal can say “it was a pleasure to play with you” to a Conservative.

On the golf course it’s ‘all for one and one for all’ – enjoyable golf is a bipartisan initiative.
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How To Hit Your Driver

Your Driver might just be the most important club in your bag. If you’re hitting it badly – you’re most likely not having a fun time on the golf course. Or to put it in even sharper terms – When you’re not hitting your Driver well – Golf Stinks!

So how do you hit your Driver better? Ahh, there’s probably been a million articles written about this subject!
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5 Reasons You’re Not Playing Golf As Well As You Want To

Number One – Perfection. Most Golfers would deny it, but we’re all trying to be perfect out on the golf course. You may say – ‘I know I can’t hit every shot perfect’. But how many times have you hit an OK shot onto the green from 125 yards away and complained because you were on the opposite side of the green as the flag? You should use this Green in Regulation to build confidence. You should be making your PLAN to make your putt – yet you’re complaining about hitting a Green in Regulation.
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Are Double Bogeys In Your PLAN?

It’s so easy to lose your focus and PLAN after making a Double or Triple bogey on the golf course. For most Golfers, a Double or Triple is often followed on the next hole with another Double or Triple. And that’s precisely why you constantly hear Golfers saying things like – “Ohh, I could’ve broken 90, but I had a 3 hole stretch where I went Double, Triple, Double. If I could’ve just limited those to Bogey’s, I’d have scored in the 80’s!”
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A Master’s PLAN

The Masters is a good place to find ideas you can use to improve your golf game. The golf course plays tough; you have a grouping of the best Players in the world gathered together and they’re playing under more pressure than probably any other golf tournament!

One of the great aspects of watching the Masters on television is the number of cameras in the best possible positions – not just to see where the Players hit their balls, but you get to see them PLAN their shots.
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Should They Stay Or Should They Go!

If you had to choose which group of clubs you had to take out of your bag, which would you choose? Group A – Your 3, 4 and 5 irons or Group B – Your Pitching Wedge and Sand Wedge

Which would you choose A or B?

Now if you chose Group A, you’re without the services of three clubs that’ll give you distance to get down the fairway and also give you the chance to hit the green from far away. These clubs are often referred to as Long Irons. And to many Golfers, their whole experience on the golf course is determined by “how I hit my Long Irons today”.
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How Bad Are Your Bad Shots?

How many bad shots can you expect to hit during a round of golf? Or better yet – how many bad shots are you able to accept during a round of golf? And then to take it one step further – how many bad golf shots can you hit and still play your best round of golf ever?

Have you ever thought about that?

Are the answers one or two? Or are they as high as ten, twenty or fifty?

It all really depends on what level of Golfer you are, but it also depends on what you consider a bad shot.
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Is Your Golf Game In Season or Off Season?

The Question: When should you practice your golf so that you play your best in May, June, July and August?

The Answer: For many Golfers, the next few months are the time you should be working to improve your golf game so that you’re ready for The Season. Unfortunately, many Golfers in the US, Canada and Europe don’t use this time effectively.

If you’re waiting for your season to start – you’re waiting too long. Players split their golf into two seasons – The Season and the Off Season. Monkeys unfortunately have just one season – The Season.
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How Are Your 200 Yard Golf Shots?

‘Would You Be Happy Shooting An 83?’

Are you interested in shooting an 83? Well, if you’re a 6 handicap … probably not. However, if you currently score in the 90’s or 100’s … it probably sounds like a good goal to accomplish.

As I’m always fascinated in new ways to describe to Golfers how they can improve their game/score – I believe in an old phrase that a very successful individual once said to me: “To be successful, study successful people and do what they do.”
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What Causes Inconsistency In Your Golf Swing?

Golf can be a crazy game. For a few holes you can be on top of the world. Then, all of a sudden you hit a bad shot and for the next 14 holes you feel like you have never swung a golf club before as everything feels wrong! “How can things go bad so fast?”

Or the opposite can happen. You’re playing terrible and then all of a sudden, something “pops” into your head – you try it and its magic. You now feel as if you’re just a few good rounds away from playing on the PGA Tour. “Why can’t I always swing like that?”
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Can You Really Improve 9 Or More Strokes?

The Golfer’s age old question is “what is the simplest, most effective way for me to improve my golf scores.” It’s a brilliant question – so I’m going to give you a brilliant answer!

Let’s start by talking about last week’s Nationwide Tour Event in Idaho – Hunter Haas won by scoring an impressive 4 round score of 21 under par. These 4 rounds included a 2nd round 64. So, I’d like to focus on his 64 as it could help you to understand how you could also start to improve your scores.
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How Are Your 200 Yard Golf Shots?

How many times do you expect to hit your golf ball onto the green from over 200 yards away? Well, before you read anymore, please say your answer aloud so that you’re committed to your answer throughout this article. It will come in handy as we go forward!

Now, before we talk about the number you selected according to the question above, let’s see how the best in the world do from over 200 yards away. On the PGA Tour, they rank the top 180 Golfers for each statistical category, so to make this simple, I’m going to give you the stat for the 90th ranked PGA Tour Player as far as how far their golf ball ends away from the hole on shots from 200 to 225 yards away.
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Are You A Monkey On The Golf Course

Are you playing up to your potential on the golf course? Or are you still playing to the same level you were 3 years ago? A Player is constantly improving their game by using a “Results Based Approach” of having a PLAN to improve. A Monkey continues to stay frustrated with their golf game because they’re continually listening to the advice of other Golfers that struggle. We refer to this as using a “Theories And Assumptions Based Approach”.
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How often are you hitting your 3 wood each round of golf?

So my question for you this week is – “How often are you hitting your 3 wood each round of golf?”

Nearly every Golfer that we see on the golf course is in the habit of using their 3 wood too often during a round of golf. In fact we believe that most Golfers could improve anywhere between 3 to 7 strokes by leaving their 3 wood at home! Now there are some Golfers that hit their 3 wood well … however, there are millions upon millions of Golfers that don’t.
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Why Are You Using Your Weak Hand For Power?

“It’s all in your left arm. I need to stop using my right hand. My right hand is ruining my golf swing!” That’s all we hear from right-handed Golfers coming to see us. Everything these right-handed Golfers have told us is that the power comes from their left side. And the sad part is that a right handed Golfer saying they’re using too much right hand is a statement that is way off-base and just underlines and boldfaces why Golfers continue to struggle.
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Does Poor Balance Cause Poor Golf Swings?

Would a Golfer with poor balance have a better or worse chance of having a consistent golf swing?

The obvious answer seems to be that the Golfer that doesn’t have good balance would have a more inconsistent golf swing than the Golfer that employs good, solid balance. So if that’s true – why haven’t you worked on your balance? If true – should you be spending your time working on your swing path and swing plane or should you be working on your balance skills? Could poor balance be causing your swing path, swing plane and clubface issues?
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