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GMS Golf Schools - Instructor For Life Program

(Included With Your GMS Program)

"When You Succeed In Golf - We Succeed In Golf"

The GMS Golf Instructor For Life Program gives you exclusive access to:


Why each of these are important to your Golf Game:

Unlimited Telephone Lessons: basically, this means that GMS is always only a telephone call away! When you feel like you've lost that simple golf swing again, or your putting stroke is suffering, or your sand bunker play is off, etc., all you have to do is schedule an Instructor For Life (IFL) Telephone Lesson with our Lead GMS Instructor.

Our IFL Telephone Lessons have proven time and time again to be that extra needed advantage to really elevate your game. 

Maybe you need help remembering your PLAN and the many drills you should be practicing. Maybe you're considering whether to make an equipment change and you want to make sure you play with the best equipment for your golf swing. Whatever your golf lesson needs are, IFL will be there for you, every time, to help you improve your overall golf game. 

Many times, this aspect of the program is referred to as "HUGE!" because it says that GMS is more than just a one-time golf academy; it says we will always be there for YOU to continually improve your golf game.

Unlimited Email Correspondence: the unlimited email correspondence with Instructor For Life is very similar to the Telephone Lessons benefit. Send IFL an email about your golf game and you will receive a thorough response within 24 hours. This is one of quickest and most effective ways to stay focused with the help of an expert, so you can maintain that simple golf swing. Send your Instructor For Life a video of your golf swing and we will send our opinions back, as well as what drill you should start working on, etc. This program is much like your very own 24/7 golf academy on call! It is highly effective and has received fantastic response from our GMS Golfers located all around the world.

The GMS Golfer Player Page: another aspect of the Instructor For Life Program is that it allows you to continue your improvement via the GMS Player Page. We have taken our golf schools insights and drills and put them on a Player Page. The Player Page lists all the Swing Drills you will use in your GMS On-site Program, how to do the drills, and why you should continue to do each drill. It also includes all the Putting Drills that you will be using to improve and to smooth out your putting stroke. This will also be a place for your notes from your Green Reading session, and, let me assure you, our Green Reading Program goes way above and beyond just squatting down to see the contours of the green. The GMS Player Page also includes notes and drills from the sand bunker, as well as areas about the mental part of the game and pre-shot routine. It even includes sections about developing yourPLAN on the golf course.

Golfers are often surprised that we offer so many added benefits with GMS! We find that they often ask: "why do you do so much more than the other golf schools?" Because:

"When our Golfers succeed in golf - we succeed in golf!"

Therefore, it is definitely in our best interest for you to continually improve, so we will do anything we can to help you achieve your goals

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The Three Main Benefits Of Our Lifetime Commitment To Our Golfers:

  • We are always striving to give you the highest level of personal attention; both during your stay with us at Golf Made Simple, and when you are back home with a desire to continually improve your golf swing.

  • Your Golf Instructor has a genuine interest in your golf game so that you are always seeing and feeling improved results.

  • Knowing that you have long-term support always there for you, either virtual or hands on, is invaluable to any Golfer's peace of mind.

It seems so simple - yet it is so effective! We have Telephone Lessons with our Golfers everyday!

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