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These Golfers Attended GMS Wanting To Break 90

“Your Instructor is FANTASTIC - My Score Improved By 10 Strokes!!!”

I Would Recommend GMS To Anyone Wanting To Improve Their Golf!"

Last week I attended a 3 day GMS session at Landsdowne Resort in Leesburg, VA.  Your Instructor, Hayden, is FANTASTIC!!!  I have been practicing what I learned and today when I played golf, my score improved by 10 strokes.  As I continue to work on my game, I feel confident that I will be able to trim another 5 to 10 strokes off of my score.
I would recommend Golf Made Simple to anyone wanting to improve their golf game. I will be back for the next level of play.  I can’t help but continually think about the monkey and TICK TOCK!
Kathy D – Haymarket, Virginia
Attended Washington DC - Virginia Golf School on July 26, 2011
Email sent to GMS on August 11, 2011
"My Ball Striking Is Greatly Improved!"

“You Have A Smooth Swing!”



Just a brief note to confirm that I enjoyed my time in St Augustine this spring.  Hayden helped me to better understand one of my most troubling swing flaws and gave me the support, drills and instruction to correct it.

The result has been that my ball striking is greatly improved.

Along with that, several of the people at my club have commented to me how easy and controlled my swing is. I was pleased, but really didn’t give it much thought until yesterday when I was practicing at the range and a complete stranger came up to me and said “you hit the ball well and you have such a smooth swing.”

The true benefit of "Tick Tock" hit home.  Thanks to you and Hayden for all the help.

Michael W – New Brunswick, Canada
Attended Palm Coast, Florida - GMS Golf School Location on May 5, 2011
Email sent to GMS on July 14, 2011
"We Have Both Gotten Significantly Better!"

“My Handicap Has Improved From A 22 To A 13!”


A year and a half ago, my wife and I attended GMS at your Phoenix location. We both became instant fans and improved. 6 months ago, my wife went back to take the course again. The bottom line here is that we have both gotten significantly better as a result of attending GMS.

My handicap has improved from a 22 to a 13 and trending lower. Yesterday I shot a 76, which I have now done 3 times. A really good day for me is now in the 70's; a bad day - 86 or 87. Not bad for a former 22 handicap.

My wife shot a 91 yesterday and a 93 a couple of weeks ago. While her average may be right around 100, she is getting better all the time. Today she even birdied a par 5.

At any rate, we tell lots of people about how good GMS is and how helpful it could be for lots of folks. Don't know if you've gotten any more business from it, but at least as true believers, we try.

Thanks so much for a great school and for improving our golf game. It's a lot more fun now.


Jim & Diana S – Chandler, Arizona
Attended on February 5, 2011
Email sent to GMS on June 29, 2011
“I Shot The Round Of My Life, A 75!”

"Thanks For Keeping It Simple!"



I have been a 12-15 handicap golfer for the last few years with my best round of 79 at my course in North Conway. I attended the GMS school for the 2nd time with my wife Toni to introduce our 14 year old son to the planning and skill drills from GMS.

This past Saturday I shot the round of my life, a 75.

Thanks for keeping it simple and “Tick Tock”. All of us are playing better golf and having fun.

Ray B - Boxford, Massachusetts
Attended Palm Coast, Florida - GMS Golf School Location on April 18, 2011
Email sent to GMS on June 20, 2011
“Champions Of The Pinehurst Member – Guest!”

"A Dream So Impossible!"


Good morning Hayden,

A dream so impossible that it has never actually been dreamed (by me) has unexpectedly become actuality! As one of your students, I thought you might enjoy reading this anecdote of golf-life-affirmation.
Last week I played as the guest of my friend and frequent golfing partner, Don T, who is a member of Pinehurst #7.

We played well in our flighted matches going undefeated and winning the flight. Then on Saturday afternoon the 7 flight-winning teams went to a playoff that lasted 5 more holes with one or two teams being eliminated at each hole. We found ourselves still standing with just one other team on the tee of the par five 18th hole. The championship went to the team that won that hole

On that deciding hole of the Championship Match, there were a couple of hundred members that went wild when my playing partner, Don, stepped up and cooly sank a putt for birdie and the championship that I never dared dream was possible. The roar of the crowd took me back 58 years to the occasion when I scored my first touchdown in high school football. What a thrill then and now! I believe I can live out the balance of my life content about gratifying athletic endeavors -- one at age 15, the other at 73. I've had 2 holes-in-one since taking up this game, and while both have been thrilling -- nothing else compares to the thrill of this win.
At the banquet that night the head pro talked about this last shoot-out hole, saying it was the best played finale he'd ever seen in the event. Don and I truly appreciated the warm applause as we received our traditional Putterboy trophies.

Chris S – Pinehurst, North Carolina
Attended GMS Golf Schools In Boca Raton, Florida on February 22, 2010
Email sent to GMS on June 9, 2011
“GMS Is By Far The Best Golf Tuition Ever!”

"Much More Confidence In Improving My Golf Game!"


Hi Alex,

I've just got back from my trip and wanted to thank you for all your help in organising it for me.

GMS is by far the best golf tuition that I have ever been part of. Scott was so easy to get on with and explained everything perfectly, a real credit to your company.

I went over with the sole purpose of learning how to improve my chipping around the greens and have come home with a full understanding of my game.

I now know why I've made a good shot and why I've made a bad shot which gives me so much more confidence in improving my golf game, and can now practice with a purpose.

Can't wait to get on the range.

Thanks again,

Dave G – Newtownabbey, Ireland
Attended Alicante, Spain - GMS Golf School Location on May 30, 2011
Email sent to GMS on June 2, 2011
“The Class Was Fantastic - I Learned Sooo Much, It Was Incredible!”

"I Will Highly Recommed The Golf School!"


I want to thank Marc, Hayden and both Alex’s for all of your concerns and help with my GMS experience.  

I just finished my classes in Virginia yesterday.  I was a tired puppy…  but that just means Hayden knows how to teach golf in your system and get the max out of each golfer!  The class was fantastic!  I learned sooo much, it was incredible.

I am positive that just the putting lessons will reap great gains in my scores.  Hayden was more than helpful in my specific issues and I appreciate his encouragement and patience.  I know that the tips and advice he gave me will carry forward for years to come.

I will definitely look into GMS 1.5.  I think that it will be well worth the effort based on my experience with Hayden.

Thanks again for the opportunity to take the class.  I would love to help you fill any unfilled spots in the Virginia location.  I will highly recommend the GMS school!  I look forward to many great years of golf the GMS way!  


Darrin M – Mt. Airy, Maryland
Attended Washington DC - Virginia Golf School on May 24, 2011
Email sent to GMS on May 27, 2011
“I Have Never Hit So Many Good Shots In My Life!”

"You Made The Golf Swing So Simple And Repeatable!"



Hello there Alex and Alex,

I just returned home safely from my weekend spent with James and your GMS program.  I couldn’t wait to get to my laptop and tell you both just how happy, amazed, ecstatic, thrilled, and am more than 100% satisfied with my experience.

James was amazing and the things he taught, your program, were unbelievable.   You made the golf swing so simple and repeatable.  I had high hopes that it would help my swing but way, way, way, underestimated how well the results would be just after the first day.

I thought I had a decent swing, but I never had the consistency I thought I should.  I realize with James’ amazing tutelage and your fine program that I was way off.  


I had major problems that of course I didn’t know about until James showed with the help of your drills, when he grasped my shoulders and brought my club back for me; everything just clicked.   I get the swing, I get the drills, I get the concepts, I get your program and I am loving it.

I have never hit so many good shots in my life and never have been this comfortable with how to perform my golf swing. I can’t stress enough how amazing James was with his instruction and the knowledge to answer any and all questions we had.   So thank you for the great program and providing a great instructor.

Very sincerely yours,

Mike H - Hazel Green, Wisconsin
Attended on February 4, 2011
Email sent to GMS on February 7, 2011
“From Averaging Around 90 To Scoring A 75!”

"I Beat My Best Score By 10 Strokes!"


Marc – It’s Danny from April of 2010.  I had to let you know I had a 75, on January 30th. I beat my best score (before attending GMS) by 10 strokes. You sure helped my game!

Hope you are fine, and I am sure you’re helping a lot of people like me. Talk to you later, thanks again,

Danny M - Boiling Springs, South Carolina
Attended Palm Coast, Florida - GMS Golf School Location on April 9, 2010
Email sent to GMS on January 30, 2011
“I Shot A 42 For 9 Holes!”

"I Had A Great Time!"



Just a quick note to thank you for all your hard work, energy, patience and professionalism last week.  I had a great time and learned a lot about my golf swing and game and how I have to uncover it.  I will continue to work on it and remember your gentle reminders.

On Sunday, I went out after our 9 holes of On-course Instruction, played the back 9 holes and shot a 42!  The next day I also had a beautiful round at World Woods. I enjoyed it immensely, which is the important part!

You're a great guy with a great attitude that will take you far in your professional and personal life.  You are a true gentleman and a credit to your profession.  Not many pros would run down the middle of the fairway to catch each student’s shot and offer a compliment or reminder what they could do to improve.  I will not soon forget that energy and helpfulness.



Mark K - Hamlin, New York
Attended Florida Golf Schools In Tampa - Golf Made Simple on January 21, 2011
Email sent to GMS on January 26, 2011


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