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These Golfers Attended GMS Wanting To Break 90

“From A 22 To An 18 ... and More Consistent!”

My sister and I took your three day course in November 2011.  My goal was to get my handicap down into the teens.  It has been seven months now and I have accomplished my goal as my game is now more consistent.


My chipping has improved to the point that I can one putt. 


My handicap improved from a 22 to an 18 and when I have a bad day, my worst score is now 95 (whereas that used to be my best score).  My sister and I are thinking of taking your course again this fall.  I am still building on the drills you taught us.


Thanks a lot,

Maria C - Kissimmee, Florida
Attended Palm Coast, Florida - GMS Golf School Location on
November 18, 2011 to November 20, 2011

Email sent to GMS on June 4, 2012
"My Chipping Is Now 1,000 Times Better!"


I practiced the Riding Hands Drill as you suggested, and also concentrated on my Centre of Gravity.  Once I put those together, my chipping has come along fantastically.  This past weekend was a long weekend in Canada, so I travelled back to my hometown to golf with my buddies.  I got in three rounds, and my scores were 87, 87, 80.


Putting the scores aside, my chipping is now 1,000 times better than it usually is - I actually chipped in for a birdie on one hole!  The old Kevin still sometimes showed up, but for the most part, I felt way more comfortable over my chips and pitches.  Also, my putting was lights out - those hours I spent in my basement practicing putting to the Box are paying off! 


With respect to my last round (the 80), if I hadn't have gotten away from my PLAN, I could have easily been in the 70's.  Going to the 14th hole, I was 1 over par (yes, you read that right, 1 over par).  However, I think I started thinking too much about score and not enough about my PLAN, and ended up blowing up somewhat over the next five holes.  Lesson learned - don't worry about score, worry about the PLAN!! 


Your instruction is really paying off.  My playing partners noticed the difference, as did I. The things I learned in La Quinta makes me very anxious to get back on the course. 


Once again, thanks again for your help.

Kevin T - Alberta, Canada
Attended Golf Schools in Indian Wells, California by Golf Made Simple on
February 3, 2012 to February 5, 2012

Email sent to GMS on May 22, 2012
“Golf Has Come Alive For Me Again!”

Hi Alexandria - I attended the GMS course in La Quinta in January of this year. 


Where I live our golf season does not start until May, so after taking the course in January  I was a little skeptical that I would be able to retain what I had learnt. 


My goal after taking the course was to be able to shoot 83. A regular score for me last year was  90 - 115. Since GMS I have played 5 games and scored as follows: 97, 86, 91, 83, 82.


Before the GMS course I was a slicer, with a fade if I was lucky. Now most of my shots have a nice draw, much more controllable, but if my shot does go right it is not a really bad shot, it just fades to the right and I am not in near as much trouble as last year. 


Golf has come alive for me again as I can apply what I was taught at GMS and put it into action. When I do have a bad shot I can immediately examine what went wrong, fix it and make a great recovery shot. My planning and execution is way better and I am much more confident with my putting, as pars and birdies are becoming a regular thing on my scorecard.


So after having so much success in a very short period of time I thought I would drop you a line to say thank you for developing a course that is truly practical and easy to understand, unlike my email which is all over the place, but that's what excitement does to a person.


So here is a "BIG THANK YOU".

Mark B - Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
Attended Golf Schools in Indian Wells, California by Golf Made Simple on
January 23, 2012 to January 25, 2012

Email sent to GMS on May 15, 2012
"My First Round Was Below 90!"

Hi Marc,


I just wanted to tell you that my wife and I had a great time with GMS in Phoenix last month. James is a very good Instructor (I was a teacher myself, so I am extra critical) as he improved our golf swing technique.


I shot high 90's - low 100’s before I attended GMS and now my first round was below 90 (an 88) when I got back. I feel more and more comfortable each time I go play, so I'm sure this will not be the end!! I now know what I'm doing wrong and how to correct when I miss hit.


We will promote your program to everyone we know and be back again.



Ron S - Golden, BC, Canada
Attended on
April 23, 2012 to April 25, 2012

Email sent to GMS on May 9, 2012
“I Shot My Personal Best and I Also Had 9 Pars In A Row!”


Hope you’re doing well.  Just wanted to let you know what a great experience Preston and I had down in Palm Coast in February.

I am DEFINITELY making real progress in my understanding and feel for the game, in large part due to everything I learned at the GMS program. Hitting it crisper with more consistency.  I also understand now what is causing the fade/slice problem with the driver and am having some real success with straightening that out!

My most recent rounds were 86 (a personal best) and an 88.

I also played two nine hole rounds with my brother-in-law.  In the first one I had 9 pars in a row for an even par 36!  Prior to that, my best 9 hole score ever was a 41.

Practice is actually fun now because I have a much better understanding of the golf swing and what I’m supposed to be doing.

Thanks again, Hayden.  You’re a first rate professional.

Tick, Tock,

Kevin W - Charlotte, North Carolina
Attended Palm Coast, Florida - GMS Golf School Location on
February 3, 2012 to February 5, 2012

Email sent to GMS on May 1, 2012
"GMS Exceeded My Expectations!"

Marc -

I just returned home from a 3 day golf school at GMS. I want to compliment you for your thoroughness, focus and professionalism. The way GMS conducted the program was very well-organized and paced. Your Instructor's explanations were clear and sensible. Chris provided ongoing feedback and adjusted his instruction according to my individual progress.

I have had other golf instruction, but GMS exceeded my expectations by avoiding generalities and instead giving very specific, clear direction that solved certain problems that have been dogging me for years. When I returned home, I went to my local course and was amazed at how easy it was to produce crisp, well-aimed shots that would have been impossible for me before the program.

Thank you for your dedication and competence. Well done!
Ron S - Princeton, New Jersey
Attended GMS Golf Schools In Boca Raton, Florida on
March 23, 2012 to March 25, 2012

Email sent to GMS on March 27, 2012
"We Each Improved On The Spot!"

Hi Alex,


Just got back from our GMS class in La Quinta. Everything was perfect. My brother was totally surprised how much he loved GMS. The four of us thoroughly enjoyed the program and each feel we improved on the spot and that we've got a good framework for further improvement.


As with Alan last year, I can't say enough about Jeff. He was very personable, professional, clear, helpful, and oh yes, patient.


As a group, we liked it so much we're thinking of going to your Lake Tahoe location this summer for a 1.5 program.



Buzz S - Burlingame, California
Attended Golf Schools in Indian Wells, California by Golf Made Simple on
March 16, 2012 to March 18, 2012

Email sent to GMS on March 19, 2012
"I Added 25 to 50 Yards To My Drive!"

First off let me start by saying I had a great session in Tampa a week a go.  My main goal showing up was to get more distance out of my driver and I ended up adding 25 to 50 yards on my drive. I'm very pleased that Alan was able to work with me to achieve this result.

Since returning to cold Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I've been able to hit some golf balls, obviously indoors.  One of the golf pros who was working with me prior to my trip to Tampa noticed that my swing was much smoother, more fluid.


There was also another Pro who knew who I was and also commented that my swing seemed smoother.  This rhythm is one of the reasons my contact/consistency is much better than what it was before my lessons with GMS.  


In addition to the smoothness, the ball impact position on the iron club face has climbed up to grooves 3-6 from groves 1-2, I can hear the difference. 


My goal (until the snow melts) is to continue to work on ball contact using the Parallel Hands drill during swing rehearsals ... I actually can feel more control with my left arm ... and I want to get into the best impact position to help me achieve a consistent Monkey free golf season.


Thank you,


PS - there are a good number of Monkeys (ball beaters) at the indoor facility I'm currently using

Greg S - Ottawa, Canada
Attended Florida Golf Schools In Tampa - Golf Made Simple on
February 24, 2012 to February 26, 2012

Email sent to GMS on March 7, 2012
"For The First Time In 30 Years ... I Got It!"

Good Morning Alexandria ... My three day experience with GMS at Innisbrook was more than I had ever expected. My Instructor was knowledgeable with a great sense of humor and was able to teach golf skills in a way that "I Got It".

For the first time in 30 years ... I got it Alex. I have received many 30 minute golf lessons over the years that left me confused and disappointed with my efforts to play this game of golf.
Golf Made Simple has given me the tools to play better golf by teaching me to be a "Player" and not a "Monkey". I see the Monkeys every day on the practice range, practicing their strengths and not their weaknesses, but thanks to my GMS Instructor I just smile and say....."Tick Tock".
So thanks again GMS for making this game of golf fun and not frustrating!
Tony H. - Sarasota, Florida
Attended Florida Golf Schools In Tampa - Golf Made Simple on
February 17, 2012 to February 19, 2012

Email sent to GMS on March 7, 2012
“I Want You To Know How Much I Loved GMS!”

Dear Hayden, 

Thank you for the wonderful golf experience we had at GMS in Palm Coast.
The reason for this email is to share with you my great round on Thursday. I shot an 82. I had a 38 on the front nine with 7 pars. My tempo was good, my iron shots crisp, my wedges landed on the spots I picked on the green and I had many one putts.
I want you to know how much I loved Golf Made Simple. The principles are so logical and easy to understand. This was my 4th golf school and the best by far. I read the newsletter about spending as much time doing the drills as hitting balls so I will work to do that.
Have a great day,
JT L - Ocala, Florida
Attended Palm Coast, Florida - GMS Golf School Location on
January 9, 2012 to January 11, 2012

Email sent to GMS on February 5, 2012


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