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These Golfers Attended GMS Wanting To Break 90

"My Golf Handicap Index Before GMS Was 18.5 - Now 14.8!"
My wife and I attended your golf school in Santa Barbara in June.

My handicap index before GMS was 18.5 - now 14.8. I am dramatically playing  better on all shots. Your drills to make good contact including Parallel Hands and Left hand/Right hand drills were the keys.

I am also thinking better around the course.

I actually shot my age in a small tournament here in Moraga in August. This recent 81 was preceded with another 81 in Sunday play the weekend before.

Thank you. Thank you.

John G - Moraga, California
Attended on
June 4, 2012 to June 6, 2012

Email sent to GMS on October 23, 2012
"I Have Added A Considerable Amount Of Distance And Accuracy To My Golf Shots!"

It's been about a month since I attended GMS at Lansdowne Golf Resort, so I figured I would check in and let you know how I'm playing. GREAT!!!

I have been really working on staying connected and it's been paying dividends.  My swing tempo is also much better, although I still get quick every now and again, but staying connected and not allowing my arms to speed ahead of my body has added a considerable amount of distance and accuracy to my golf shots. 

My centerness of hit has improved dramatically and I'm using my length of swing to control short irons and get closer and closer to pins. 

Before attending I was shooting high 80's most rounds to low 90‘s on a 6,600 yard course.  My last 5 rounds have been 81, 85, 80, 81, 82.  With a few more one putts I'm in the 70s.  Also, my driver has become much more accurate and I'm able to turn it right to left as I wanted.  Thanks so much for your terrific instruction.  Talk to you soon.

Geoffrey L - Long Island City, New York
Attended Washington DC - Virginia Golf School on
August 17, 2012 to August 19, 2012

Email sent to GMS on September 12, 2012
"39 - The First Time I've Broken 40 For 9 Holes!"
I hope all is well with you -
Just checking in to let you know the golf swing drills are still working.  I'm consistently scoring between 85 and 89 every round.  Last week I played after having went several days without practicing or doing the drills.  Front nine wasn’t great, but got back to "tick tock" and scored a 39 on the back!
That's the first time I've ever broken 40 on nine holes!
I find that my handicap is now at 14.  From where I was before, that's awesome!  Thanks again!
I'm thinking I might take GMS Level 1.5 next spring.
Randy C - St. Charles, Missouri
Attended Palm Coast, Florida - GMS Golf School Location on
July 2, 2012 to July 4, 2012

Email sent to GMS on August 27, 2012
"I Improved 8 Golf Strokes And Won My Club Championship!"
Dear Hayden,
I just wanted to thank you as I am nearing the end of my league season. Since I have attended Golf Made Simple, my handicap has improved 8 points since April. I anticipate it will continue to reduce as I become more confident with my swing.
The improvement is a result of the teaching ability of GMS. I hope to attend your school again this winter. Friends who have played with me in the past are all talking about visiting your school to better their game as well.
I would highly recommend your school to all.
P.S. I won the club championship in my flight this season!
Cindy V - Roselle Park, New Jersey
Attended Palm Coast, Florida - GMS Golf School Location on
February 23, 2012 to February 25, 2012

Email sent to GMS on August 15, 2012
"I Have Shot As Low As 87 In Two Rounds!"
Marc - My golf game continues to improve. I have been scoring consistently in the low 90's where before I was glad to score 98!
Have shot as low as 87 in two rounds.
Have noticed more confidence on my drives...when I do make a mistake I immediately realize I did not turn thru the ball.
Have taken two strokes off my handicap ... I will start seeing a bigger drop soon I had so
many high numbers have been told it will take a few rounds for it to drop.
Thanks for everything....hope to keep in touch with you. You have made a difference. Even when I don't execute I know where I need to be.
Wonzie G - Clinton, Maryland
Attended Washington DC - Virginia Golf School on
July 20, 2012 to July 22, 2012

Email sent to GMS on August 13, 2012
"From a 20 Handicap To A 12 Handicap!"

Hello Alex,

If anyone of your potential clients has a doubt about the GMS program, do not hesitate to share the following with them: 

I took the GMS 3 day program in Florida in January 2012.  

My objective was to reduce my handicap by 5 to 6 strokes. 33 games after the GMS program, I reduced my handicap from a 20 to a 12.

What I consider the most important lessons from what I have learned in the GMS program is:

- The difference between: how to practice before a golf game versus how to practice to improve my golf game when I do not intend to play golf immediately after my practice.

- How to manage my golf game.  I would say that half of my handicap improvement is directly related to this issue.

In other words, it was a good investment in time and money.

Best Regards,

Rene L - Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada
Attended GMS Golf Schools In Boca Raton, Florida on
January 30, 2012 to February 1, 2012

Email sent to GMS on August 3, 2012
"A Level Of Accuracy I Can't Remember Ever Experiencing!"
I just wanted to take a moment to say what a real pleasure it was for me to spend three great days under the tutelage of GMS at Lansdowne earlier this week. Though the weather was hot, Steve kept me supplied with lots of cold water and a like amount of great information about my golf swing.
I found Steve to be conscientious, positive, engaging, punctual and adept at getting the GMS concepts across to me.
By day three – yesterday – I found myself hitting my drives very solid and with a level of accuracy that I can’t remember ever experiencing. Further, my shots to the green were hit with a newfound confidence and most were actually finding their target, something I was finding quite elusive prior to GMS. 
Thank you for developing a great program and for having an excellent instructor like Steve to deliver it. I have no doubt that this class will dramatically affect the quality of my game going forward. I do plan to be back for 1.5 in the not-too-distant future.
All the best,
Tom W - Great Falls, Virginia
Attended Washington DC - Virginia Golf School on
July 17, 2012 to July 19, 2012

Email sent to GMS on July 20, 2012
"I Shot My Best Golf Score Ever, Won Ladies Invitational, Was Handicap Champion & Match Play Champion!"



It's been awhile since we have been to GMS, but I am doing more than ok.


My handicap has improved to a 21 and I shot an 85 in April which was my best golf score ever ... during our Ladies Invitational and I won over overall low net.


Last year, my first year with the ladies group, I was the handicap champion, and I won the match play championship.


I still make my plan, still do my tic tock. I have all the GMS drills printed off.



Sandy R - Trenton, Florida
Attended Orlando, Florida - GMS Golf School on April 12, 2010
Email sent to GMS on July 16, 2012
"Played A Round Of Golf With My Friend And He Could Not Believe How Much Better!"

Hi Marc,


Wanted to send you an email and let you know how pleased I was with my 3 Days at GMS.  I learned a lot and I will be reviewing and working the drills you taught us.


I did play a round of golf yesterday with a friend of mine and he could not believe how much better my putting was as I did not leave any putts short.


My chipping was excellent and I did hit out of the sand very well because of the sand drill.


I look forward to improving my golf game and seeing GMS next year for another three days.

Dan K - Jamesville, Wisconsin
Attended Lake Geneva, Wisconsin - GMS Golf School Location on
June 22, 2012 to June 24, 2012

Email sent to GMS on June 26, 2012
"I Now Know How To Practice Golf!"

Hi Steve,


Before any more time passes I want to tell you that I enjoyed my time with you on June 8 and 9.  I was thinking of you and the group on Sunday the 10th wishing I was out there on the practice range with you.


I appreciate your teaching techniques, patience and positive reinforcement.


I have been working on the golf swing drills and played Sunday.  I now know how to practice golf.  My short game and putting is already much improved and I expect it will get better.  


Best wishes for your continued success.



Jerry L - Hagerstown, Maryland
Attended Washington DC - Virginia Golf School on
June 8, 2012 to June 9, 2012

Email sent to GMS on June 19, 2012


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